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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Life and crafting in Snohomish Continues. . . .

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Happy New Year to All! Absent for a bit!

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Mine was a bit unconventional this year with no family at home, BUT as mentioned before, I have the BEST friends in the whole world! I have always felt blessed with good friends, but this year, I felt especially blessed!

I heard from friends I hadn't heard from in years, and I had invites galore from co-workers and neighbors. I got surprise phone calls (my old friend Mary and my New friend Lulu) AND goodies and handmade gifts (Thanks Deb for the wonderful embellished monogrammed coaster AND, your beautiful PINK Jam)galore! Thank you one and all, it truly was Golden!

My son Andrew got back today from Virginia (and none the worse from the roll over accident) and we have Chelsea (his gf) coming in on New Years Eve for two weeks, and a housefull for a Ham dinner here on New Years Day!

My best to ALL of you for a wonderful beginning to the new year! 2010??? Geesh! I doubt I'll blog until around the 12th, when Chelsea heads back East ....

Hugs and Love and a VERY Happy NEW YEAR to you all!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thanking God, they are OK! Tell someone you love them!

My son Andrew called me today from Virginia, initially asking if I was "okay"-was I feeling better after being sneezy/wheezy feverish the last couple of days?

At any rate, Andrew finally related that he and his girlfriend Chelsea, were in a serious accident earlier this week. They "rolled" in the car and the car was totalled.. But,they were both OKAY!

Now, this is the kid/young man that had TWO tours in the Marines in Iraq. This is the guy that had to hang up the phone one time urgently because they were under mortar fire...."Mom, I gotta go." Click......

I know that he was in danger then, but I also know the dangers of automobile accidents, having been widowed (my husband, Karl, the pilot) coming home after flying in his little plane to meet his fate (our fate?) on a busy stretch of Highway 9 near the Arlington airport.

So today, I reiterate, an important reminder to me primarily from the loss of my husband, and apparently as well from my son after we spoke about the incident today, that I truly believe it is SO important to tell the people you love and care for that you DO love and care for them. It sounds so simple, and yet, my husband Karl's last words to me on the phone prior to the accident, was that he loved me. And I try and tell folks in my life that I LOVE THEM,,,,,even though it's awkward for some. I think it's important. I don't want to hold back, I want NO regrets!

So,,,,Love and I DO mean love to YOU and yours, thanks for being part of my life and have a wonderful holiday, a joy filled new year! And, I hope you take the time to tell someone, if not all the people in your life what they mean to you!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Sick and Tired of being sick and tired!


Saturday at Joyworks I think I sneezed more in 8 hours than I ever have in my life. (Allergies,, , at least I thought!)

Then I woke up around 4:00am Sunday morning from some bizarre fever dreams and realized it WASN'T allegies after all. I've been "one" with either the bed or the couch for the last two days and I truly am SICK and TIRED of being sick and tired. There are only SO many books you can read after your nap(s) and only so many Hallmark movies you can watch (and I don't advise it, If you were/are as plugged up as I am anyway and THEN crying at the end- either happy OR sad tears...just something you might want to consider)

I wanted to attend a concert tonight at Belle Chapel-the Historic Church/turned Wedding Chapel, where I used to help out my friend Laura when she owned it. Now owned by a lovey family that have the equivalent talents and cute factor of the "Von Trapp Family Singers" aka Sound of Music Family. The St Marie's are SO talented and their son Andrew who is truly a self-taught piano virtuoso married his sweetheart and my family friend Lauren. (They, the newlywed couple, not the whole rest of the family, live in Nashville now and are as pianist and vocalist repectively,pursuing their musical and vocal dreams.

So here I sit-the perfect candidate for either a Cold or Flu commercial and stew!

Hot bath, warm tea and bed for me! Stay healthy all!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Parlour Tour AND Joyworks Party!

Yesterday was Hopping! Woke up to snow gently falling and thinking, OH NO!
Day of the Parlour Tour AND the Joyworks Christmas Party in the evening.
Fortunately the flakes were few and everything went off without a hitch!

My dear friends Zoe and Kelly helped me welcome the masses (not sure of the counts, probably a couple hundred or so people) some of whom I knew and many out of towners. It was fun to see what people commented on-a little bit of everything! It was a busy 4 hours!

Ahhhh, A breather, a glass of wine with Jana and THEN on to the Joyworks party which was a blast! Kay's home was wonderful, everything so special!
We feasted on Cornish game hens (whose glaze set the smoke detector off at one point, but no harm done.) It just added to the fun when the smoke detector went off! Dinner was awesome!

We played our usual dice game and for a while everyone played "nice" and then the "stealing" began! All is fair in Love and Dice! I managed to hold on to Jana's, and I think Kay cheated because she "hid" her gift from our gaze! (Sneaky!) Jana said Amy would probably go for mine, and she did, because of the polka dot paperchain I put on the outside! Amy got a little "bonus" too, in the sweatshirt "extrodinaire" that we keep embellishing and passing off to some unsuspecting coworker! Enjoy Amy,,,would be cute with Tights and boots on YOU!! : )

Clarice gave us all wonderful goodie bags with treasures old and new! "Lots of 30's" in there too for our 30th year....30 nickels, 30 dollars, and her original receipt books and dough art! Not to mention an old Beanie baby for all! Too fun!

We all chipped in and bought Clarice a pearl embellished long chain and earrings to commemorate the year and a new handbag!

And we finished off the evening with Jill's wonderful almond/cranberry/pair torte and a peppermint cordial from Sandi!!! Wowza!

Fun night ladies! Thanks to all! Here's a quick Slideshow of the Eve

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pics of House Slideshow and Comments

Last night (Friday) was the Parlour Tour Preview. It's an opportunity for all of us involved in the Tour (Selling the Tickets, helping out, Shops like Joyworks, etc, and extended members of the Historical Society to Preview the Homes actually on the Tour on Sunday. This, followed by a Social Event after the Preview for all of us......

It was a FANTASTIC evening! The homes were over the top in their decorations, their archetecture, everything! The wrap up at Karen and Warner's house was fantastic and the food was great! I did NOT take my camera on the preview for various reasons, but I would HIGHLY recommend anyone interested in visting the various homes,,,it was extrordinary, and my dear friend and co-worker Penny was instrumental in lining up the participants.

If you can, visit ALL the homes. And, if I get links to the others I will most definetly post them in the near future!

I think my house was the smallest on the Tour. But here is a slideshow of my little 90 yo bungalow. I'm sorry but some of the pics got cropped, even though I submitted them in their full format,,,,,,but at least you get the idea, and I hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays and I will post more pics of the actual tour, if warranted, after tomorrow,,,,,and Jana and I, I am sure will both have pics/blogs of our extravaganza Joyworks company party tomorrow night!!!

Again, the pics were "chopped" a bit, but I hope you enjoy the slideshow of my little house!!
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Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White Trash Christmas and Aloha!

I had to post my SPAM "Chirstmas Tree" from last year on my header. . . it just makes me laugh! Last year, my wonderful articulate, tasteful friend Zoe and I hosted an ornament swap party at my house. Now I KNEW going into this that everything she does is meticulous and gorgeous.......So I decided that I'd "carve" a Spam Christmas tree for an appetizer for our functions,,,,,complete with green olives with the red centers, or COURSE!  I also had a can of spray cheese on hand to totally send her over the edge,,,,,but the Tree did the trick! Merely for the shock value, mind you! But it was good for laughs at the party!!! Now if you WANT to create your own:

TWO Cans of Spam-stack together and hold in place with a toothpick
A jar of Green olives With the Pimentos!-Cut in half and adhered with MORE toothpicks!
Serve with Saltines,,,,,,(No gourmet crackers were harmed in this preparations!

"Bone Appetite"

(almost ready for the Palour Tour on Sunday, although it would be a BIG help if it wasn't so friggen cold that I don't want to leave the comfort of my down throw and brave the elements!!) Oh,,,,,and NOW they are talkin' SNOW?????????

Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby it's COLD outside!

Okay, so I'm sitting in my house wearing long johns under my clothes top AND bottom and the thickest socks I own. It's so chilly sitting here in the office my fingers feel like popcicles ready to break.. Oh YEAH and trying to craft in my studio (in the old drafty basement today was a challenge, although I got a few things done).

The house is getting there for the Parlour Tour. I'm just tweaking this and that and so I finally had time to do some crafting and finish a crown I'd promised for my dear friend Lulu for her new turquoise decor on the landing of her gorgeous old home. She hasn't seen it yet, but here it is... I had it almost done, but it wasn't quite what I wanted and then it came to me during one of my many hormonal/insomniac epiphanies at about 3:00am,,,,,anyone else familiar with those??? Anyone?    So I took one of my vintage Ballerinas that I use on cake toppers and birthday hats and cut her in two!!! I then proceeded to sculp a mermaid tail out of paper clay/glue/glitter,,,voila! She looks a bit like Bette Midler though with that red hair!!!

So,anyway,,,I worked down in the basement for a couple of hours after I thought I could tolerate getting by with my space heater down there and when I came up to check on some guys doing yard cleanup for me, I found a package!!! Lulu's sister Lisa, sent me the CUTEST Mermaid pic for my hot pink and green bathroom! The pictures don't do it justice, because I kept getting glare off my light fixture,,,but I LOVE IT!

I tried to buy one from the Coastal sisters shop but everytime I tried to talk to her about doing custom colors and size for me and/or payment, she ignored me!How rude-NOT!  So,,,I thought I might not ever get one of her darlin' Sea Maidens and then today...TA DA,,,,I got a box in the post that she drew the cutest Mermaid on, I think I may have to cut THAT out and put it down in the studio....Too cute!!!

(You can go to to see more of Lisa's and Lulu's lovely creations-artwork, blog banners, faux cakes, gorgeous jewelry, and more!) Thanks Lisa, SO MUCH!

 And Lulu your aqua crown will go in the mail on Monday!!!

The warm Southern climate sounds pretty darn good, Ya'll!!
Hugs and love,


Monday, November 30, 2009


Okay, this is SO not fun! I'm having major problems with my left shoulder. HOW do you decorate/craft/FUNCTION when you can't move an arm??? Well, I'm here to tell you you DON'T function well. AND,,, you don't get much done!
Swell, less than two weeks to the Parlour Tour and I am seriously dysfunctional. Couldn't find a new massage therapist that would take me today and my previous "miracle worker" left her profession to have and raise and infant (the NERVE!)

So, here I sit and can't even type without pain....Ack! Okay, tomorrow is a new day. . .


(Me and my shoulder are going to try and scramble up an easy dinner for my Monday Nite Madness for Andrew and roomie Frank. The are So going to do the dishes!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amazing Little Mouse,,,,Clarice you might want to skip this one....

When my mother passed away almost two years ago, I "inherited" her Kitty,"Tuxie." She's a slight little Tuxedo-the runt of the litter of a ferral momma kitty, more skittish than any cat I've ever had,but finally adjusted to sharing her lair with a HUGE Golden Retriever (Kodi) and a Black lab that loves her to pieces, amazingly. Tuxie, was also a fierce hunter-always bringing my Mom "presents." Lovely.

When she first came to live in my household however, she must have protested the move and the other occupants (human AND animal) so her hunting stopped for quite some time. But once she adapted to the new environment (and ME) she started bringing me "presents" in ernest, much to my dismay!

Now, being an animal lover, and also knowing the nature of cats, I had a hard time with this. I know she was trying to please, but OH, how my heart wrenched for those cute little birds. The other varmits,,,not so much, but still!

And then ....On Sunday night I went to bed and the Golden (hey, I'm single, okay??) weasled his usual way onto the bed, but when I looked for my Black Lab she was MIA and there was activity under my bedskirt. I didn't think too much about it but it was a bit odd for Shadow to be under there. So,,,,when I got up, She-Shadow the Lab, was still under the bedskirt and I heard squeaks which I originally qualified as a dog toy! BUT after a brief investigation I discovered Shadow was sharing this skirted enclosure with none less than a mouse!!!

I rallied the "troops" from the back cottage (aka my Son Andy and roomie Frank) and Frank captured the mouse and although I shuddered, he showed it to me in a box and it truly was a cute little thing. I told him to take it outside and "set it free" IF it survived. (I'll pause here to say that the mouse showed NO battle scars, but it was WET-it appeared Shadow, in her interest may have lavished it with doggie kisses (her tongue)but hadn't apparently harmed it.

So, Frank took the mouse out and as I was leaving on an errand he was sitting on the lawn and rubbing the little creature and I inquired as to whether or not he was doing "mousy" CPR...... Well, eventually he left the mouse alone,and told me he thought it would survive.......

Okay,,,,,Day two, or I'll say Morning two, I kid you NOT-I'm watching the Today Show and Tuxie (the huntress) comes in to the livingroom and starts acting strange and before I know it, she's chasing a MOUSE around the room- Again!!!! I go get Andrew in the backhouse and he comes and rescues the thing from behind my bedroom door! It is STILL apparently okay. Come ON!!!

Andrew takes the mouse and releases it in the Alley, apparently unscathed. Well, I NEVER!!! This brings a whole new meaning to the term "Mighty Mouse." And although I'd prefer that these escapades never happend,,,,I'm rooting for that little creature of God!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Reflections post AND Slideshow

I have a "Reflections post" about life and times at Joyworks, but also, scroll down to previous post for the slideshow of our Gala-30th Anniversary and stay tuned to for the Professional/real deal photos!!


Reflections on Joyworks

Today, Saturday, all of us working and fellow employees that stopped by, had reflections on our Celebration last night. Lots of smiles and recollections about the Event and towards our wonderful customers, our fellow coworkers and our beloved boss/friend/counselor, muse-TRULY-although she waves the praise in various directions, Clarice.

Clarice always contributes the sucess of the shop to the whole team, and I suppose that IS and always has been true. But without her creative nature, her business sense/cents, Joyworks would NOT be what it is today. And as I've said before, we are NOT just coworkers-we are a fantastic family of women that love and respect each other. We respect our differences-the efficient and neat and the creative and messy. We support each other in spite of those differences and the bond to one another is strong.

I have to take a moment to recognize Gordy-Clarice's wonderful husband who although, not part of the selling team has been instrumental (out of public view for the most part). Gordy climbs the high ladders and changes our bulbs, hauls stuff to recycling, mows around the shop, drives in on Snowy days to pick Clarice up, helps with our annual inventory and ALWAYS has a joke or a story. And,,,,a quick kiss goodbye for his wife. What a love story! (P.S. Gordy,,,,no coat for the wife THIS Year! just a hint!)

Jana and I were closing the shop up tonight (I was punch drunk from lack of sleep-okay STILL am, but I like to write,talk, so you can tell me, just shut up Shell at any time!) And I suppose Jana punch drunk too, but she's a bit younger and her focus is always on "what's next?") Anyway, She said, something to the effect that she didn't know how to elaborate/pontificate on the Celebration last night, laughed and said, "Shell, I'll just send them to your site and YOU write about it." Well, big job, because I can't say enough about our store, the crew, the WONDERFUL cutomers and again, Clarice, who started it all. But, I will pontificate briefly on HOW I ended up at Joyworks,,,,and lead you to the present. And yes, it has been a "Present."

I've lived in Snohomish about as long as Joyworks has been in existence. Although, as I recall I think I first stumbled into the store some 10 years after they opened here in town. Although living in town, I commuted to various stores and positions while working for Nordstrom. (I started as Employee 2950, in 1974). Eventually I worked into Buying and Management and then left the company in the late 80's and worked in Advertising (While Jana was apparently working just a few blocks away from me in Bellevue.)

Anyway, I stumbled into this DARLING shop one day in my home town. (I had done most of my shopping in Malls or big Cities prior to this) And low and behold, I came across this unique shop AND one of my Classmates from High School worked there. Well, I shopped for a few years, was burning out on the stress of corporate life and my friend, fellow Classmate "Debbie McIntyre" aka Deb Wood said, "we need some help on weekends, why don't you ask Clarice for a job?"

Well, now, again, I worked for some high rollers and Fortune 500 companies and all I thought was,,,,Will she want me? Because I knew that this WAS THE PLACE I REALLY WANTED to work. I wanted the position SO bad and I was So nervous (I used to sign regular orders with the likes of Boeing, Microsoft, etc. in advertising) I was so NERVOUS about getting this position at JOYWORKS and really, really wanted to work there. I presented my resume. And they all kind of laughed. (Did anyone else EVER do that??)

But I got the job. No,,,,I got the family. I got the friends. I got the hometown community involvement that I had never had previously. I got the surrogate families, the counselors, and yep,,,the best friends and coworkers you could ask for!!

And,,,,some 10 years later I still have it! Silly? Lord no. I couldn't be prouder to be involved with a group of women and work in our great little community and have our "regulars" our "semi-regulars" and our "annual" shoppers.

It's not called Joyworks without reason. We gain great Joy from our customers, our coworkers and environment.

So, now you have heard MY Joyworks Story...And I KNOW there are many to be told. I wish all my coworkers would post theirs, I'm sure there is a lot to be shared.

That said, I have to say that all of us missed "our" Jill last night. She SHOULD have been there, but was actually diagnosed and has been extremely ill with the swine flu. She did SO much to help get the shop ready for the event and thanks go out to her sister Chris, who drove up from Oregon to help us last night. "Thanks Chris, you are a trooper!"

And as mentioned, all the former (not oldies but goodies and dear) employees that were in attendence,,,,,Cass, Deb, Cathy, Rita "Sal", Janie dear,, Deborah Nash, Chris M. It was SO AWESOME to have you all there,,we need to all get together more often!!

Special Thanks to: Kelly Rae Roberts for her appearance last night, Wendy Perez for her WONDERFUL appetizers and deserts-you were FLAWLESS GF!!
Elise Marie Photography who will portray the event RIGHT (excuse my novice pics) and I'll humbly shove my camera back into my purse! Peterb>b>, our sign maker extrodinaire, for donating all his cute little signs to our event........

I'm sure ALL of us Joyworks Gals want to thank EACH and every person that stopped by, but the list,,,,thank heavens would be endless. So THANK YOU to all that helped, all that participated, all that were there in spirit and all that will continue to make Joyworks the BEST EVER!

(Clarice, Jana, Amy, Kay, Jill,Sandi, Luanne, Moi, Rita, Penny, et. al)
Love to you all! Thanks for sharing our Celebration~~

Slideshow and a word on our 30th Anniversary Party Tonight!

We had an AWESOME time tonight at the Joyworks 30th Anniversary,,,,,It's late, I'm tired and I'll just leave you with the slideshow and save any additional commentary for tomorrow night or Sunday morning. Hey,,,,,I'm an novice at the photograpy and the posting, but I hope you enjoy! It was SO FUN to see everyone,,,,all our great customers, "shop" neighbors and most of all, all our old,,well I don't mean OLD, but fellow co workers that came!!

Jana had a photographer there, so I'm sure her pics will be much better than mine,,,,,but I thought I'd share a bit of tonight! Hope you enjoy!!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glittering my heart out!

I've been working on my own little giveaway at the Joyworks Anniversary Gala/extravaganza/party/soiree on Friday night.

Just a little something something to give people who attend our event. Forget my studio in the basement-this is ALL OUT crafting wars and I will take NO prisoners. I'm folding/glue gunning/pasting/glittering via my coffee table. You try and make 100 of something for a giveaway and the craft studio just doesn't cut it, at least not mine. I can go down there and make a few things,,,,,you know, a crown a birthday box, even a dozen or so Christmas decorations and that's fine. But when your thinking/doing in mass quantities, at least in MY studio,,,,,that is not so fun. I glued/glittered/punched while watching the Today Show and Ellen and then again Oprah later on......maybe I need a TV in my Studio downstairs,,,or then again, I cannot imagine trying to DO 100 or so things again for anything.....Thank you Lord that we, at Joyworks wont have another milestone or mega event for a while!!!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Lots of Tears today and some gratitude

Any of you that follow my blog or talk to me much, know that I have a new "long distance" dear  bestest friend and fellow blogger, Lulu. Her hubby aka "The Commander," Rick is just short of retirement from the Army. Well, Lulu emailed me this week to ask for some cooking tips for my White Chicken Chili, because she doesn't do much cooking,,,,the Commander does. But she wanted to surprise him with it when he came home from training some troops in Texas.......yep Texas.

Now here's the clincher,,,,,Rick (aka the Commander) had a rough flight getting there, including a flat tire delay on the airplane and then arriving to no heat in his accomodations......His dear wife, (Lulu) concerned about his mood after such a scenario wanted to cook for him when he came home. (I told her to put on a cute apron and he'd be "toast" anyway, even if the White Chicken Chili was a disaster) And that I'd "talk" her through it while making.

I "spaced." Okay,,,,didn't think of Rick being at the scene of the Shootings,,,,didn't think of Lulu wringing her hands/heart......And then it dawned on me this morning that HE WAS THERE!!! I hadn't spoken or emailed her since the Chili overview and then today I thought, OMG ,,,,,,,,Lulu's hubby was/is there!!! 

I felt SO deeply for those families and commrades in Texas. Nothing like sending your son (Mine) off to Iraq in the Marines a couple times to bond you with those that serve and those that love those who serve......

And now this,,,,,senseless, unreal and to think that I had a link to someone there. Rick (Lulu's hubby extrodinaire) is okay..and I give thanks for that. My heart goes out to ALL those families and friends affected by this horrific event.

I watched this story today,  and part of the memorial for our fallen Police officer in Seattle,and thought of of the woman that was memorialized today in Snohomish for her community and youth service.

I think it's important that we take every opportunity to those that serve our Country, our Cities and our communities and the families behind these individuals.

Hugs, and take time to thank a service man or woman, a soldier or a community leader today!

Again, saying thanks that Lulu's hubby is SAFE!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Workin' my buns off!!

I have taken on another position/profession. (Would this be the second OR third with my crafting? --

Working as a Commercial Real Estate assistant to my dear friend Laura -helping with Market analysis and sales.. I will initially be focusing on two larger buildings/sites she has in the works and helping  target investors/and potential tennants. ...I worked in corporate Advertising and Marketing for years,,,,,,,apparently I need to get back in the saddle to help bring the right businesses into our community.....I LIKE this business plan and think it makes great sense for us in Snohomish.That is my primary reason for helping to market, show and promote these  properties- I believe in the vision and think it will be very beneficial to our community.

So that said, I'm juggling Commercial Real Estate, my job at Joyworks on the weekends and Crafting WHEN it fits in,,,,,,,an interesting mix! Cerebral, Social and Creativie,,,life is good!! I just need to learn how to make time for all the various aspects!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ready for the Masses tomorrow!!

My son Andy carved one of the pumpkins,,,,oooh, scarey scarey Devil! And I bought about a hundred bucks worth of candy for the little gremlins.....I mean dears! So we are set!

If you live OR work in Snohomish and you want to stop by for something other than a sweet treat, come on in for a cup/bowl of White Chicken Chili, Spiced Cider (or as my kids used to call it "Spiced Spider") and all the acoutrements,,,albeit casual because of the trick or treat crowd!!!

Hope everyone has a Spooktacular Halloween!!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wow! This has been a REALLY special month.....

Okay, so here's the deal, I figure the payback for my month of extravagance and indulgence means I need to:

A) Work on Taxes
B) Schedule at least one Root Canal an perhaps a deep gum scraping.......
C) Clean out the fridge and closets/ especially those caverns that have remained the same for 10 years or more.....
D) Think of all the other mundane and anxiety producing tasks that I have put off or have "filed" away.

Because-This has been SUCH a great Month! Birthday gatherings/ visits-Shopping trips, times spent with Old and New friends. I mean I am feeling guilty because of all the joy in my life. Ever feel that way? It's like you are on cloud nine and stop and think, "Okay, this is really really good, but if it's this good now, what is going to befall me in the near future??? Silly, I know. And Hey!, I'm an optimist,,,,but I think we've all felt that way when life just felt SO good!!

I got a belated birthday present from my bestest new long distance  friend  and blogging  dear, Lulu today! She is a whoot and a  love and she and I relate SO well,,,,,,I think her friendship may be my "bestest" present this year,,,This whole blogging thing and meeting like minds,,,,,It's amazing! So anyway, today I got such an awesome package from her,,,after she has been SO sick and taking care of family and her Craft orders and all......She is amazing!!!! There are pictures above of some of her hand crafted items and her "Marie" faux cupcakes, I will be showcase soon, because where in the heck and WHAT in the heck did I do with all my footed cake plates??? And she sent me awesomely scented candles and the cutest "Cake Day" (that's what I am calling Birthdays from here out!) 3-D Birthday card- which features tons of active Cats and dogs,,,,,which of course we both have and probably started our bond in the first place!
Well,,,,a "Luluism," She's been busy as a cat in a litterbox!!  Thank you my dear, SO much, from the bottom of my heart!

Now again today, I was REALLY REALLY bad!! I went to Molbaks----SO much more than a nursery and as those of you that live close you'll be nodding your heads,,,,,,,It's a GOOD and BAD place.....There is SO much eye candy and Kelly  and I made a good dent (after breaking for a while in the FABULOUS Cafe' for Quiche and Salad that was to DIE for!!! I'm not showing all our "loot," as mine is going to be on the home tour but I took a fun pic of Kell-Bell in her Elfin hat and of our Polka Dot Trees,,,,,,,,I am SO going OVER the TOP this year!!!

Wonderful mixed media bannerr from Lulu! (I LOVE CROWS!)
Again,,,,,the wonderful package from Lulu w/ all her goodies and a day with Kell,,,,,,I don't think life gets much better,,,,,,,,Hope you enjoy the pics!!!

Kell Bell sporting her Elfin hat,,,,,,,,how CUTE!! And here are the cute pom-pom trees she and I bought!

 I absolutely LOVE this "Paris" Banner Lulu made me! And the Candles she sent took me "back" to Europe!!

I love this banner on my French cabinet!!!

Life is Good, and I'm so BLESSED to have such good friends!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Nite Madness at Moms! Too funny!

Well, as some of you may, or may not know, my Son Andrew and his friend/roomie have moved into my little rental cottage in back.

They both come "up front" to my house periodically for various finds/favors and FOOD!! So,,,a couple of weeks ago I decided to create an event that I would HOPE would put a damper on their attempting to forrage through my kitchn or expecting regular meals from moi,,,,,,SO, I told them we would have "Monday nite Madness/Mayhem" at "Moms." I would provide them dinner and they MAY get a cooking lesson or two in the works,,,,they clean up and take the "hounds for a walk.

It's worked well,,,,,for the most part. Although they still pop over to my house for TP, a pan, my pepper mill, etc. ,,,,,But they are learning. . .

Here are some fun pics of the "manly men" helping and learning in the kitchen,,,enjoying the "fruits" of the labor and some doggie play time..How CUTE do they look in their aprons??? Only REAL men can wear ruffles and florals and still get the job done!!!

Funky Junk Finds

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As you can tell, if you watch the slideshow, I really had FUN shopping at Funky Junk and in Sumner! Thanks again, in part to Dani who taught me how to bargain a bit! And thanks to the helpers on the bus freeing our hands so we could peruse further and faster!

I'd love to see what some of the other bus gang found! The bounty was plentiful!

I didn't buy much in Sumner, other than a few vintage Christmas finds and some lovely papers and ribbons at a GREAT Stamping store called "paper Muse." What a gorgeous shop! It's probably a GOOD thing that it's not closer to home, I could do some serious damage in there, baby! I think by the time I was done in there, I'd pretty well reached sensory overload!!!

Dani's wonderful Chocolate Chip cookies helped with my stamina though, mid afternoon!

Time to put some of these new goodies to good use!! The way it is raining here today, it's a good day to hunker down and GLITTER!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Slideshow of our Funky Junk Bus trip Today

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Come Junk with me roadtr
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I had an awesome time today on Timi's "Come Junk with us" Bus to Puyallup
(for out of Staters that is pronounced "pew" "al" "up." Where we hit the Funky Junk extravaganza in the morning and then headed to Sumner, WA after lunch. It was SUCH a beautiful day! The weather and colors were gorgeous and Mt. Ranier was spectacular enroute!

Timi did an awesome job! We had prizes and discounts and wonderful goodies and Starbucks coffee and gifts and maps and "helpers" to take our buys to the bus for us, and, and, and.........I cannot truly give her enough praise for her organizational and yet FUN aspects of our trip!

We all were 30 something in number and her hubby Jay followed along with a truck for major puchases.......

The vendors and booths at Funky Junk were awesome! Good prices, great selection, gave us LOTS of discounts and freebies!!!

I found SOooooooo many fun things that I will post about that entirely separately tomorrow or Monday. But it was truly a Banner day at the Show and in the cute little town of Sumner! They rolled out the red carpet for "Timi and her girls."

I hope you enjoy(ed) the slideshow and think about "Junkin'" on Timi's buses in the future!!


(PS...I just have to say that I had a lovely day exploring it all with my friend Dani. And I'm Annie "left" the Cherub lamps for me-because she knew I would like them. And I don't know who bought all the Madonnas Annie, you or Mary, but I SO need to buy one from you Girls to keep that dang Jehovah Witness lady off my porch!!! Those Snohomish Girls,,,,,gotta love em! Where's my Madonna? We can negotiate,,,,,my Angel lamps for a Madonna!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is there such a thing as a Burlap Headache???

I'm headed to the Funky Junk Show this Saturday via Timi's, "Junk Sisters" Bus-Girlfriend and shopping extravaganza and I've been crafting a little "freebie" to put in her gift bags for the "JUNK Queens."

I won't disclose my little gift, other than to say that it involves burlap, of which I cut QUITE a bit today! And I've had a sinus headache ever since,,,I'm thinkin' it's all the fibers from the burlap. Ackk! Okay,,but they WILL be funky, and hopefully fun!

I'm still tweaking a crown for Anita (almost done, promise!) Working on some Christmas crafts, ordered name tags graphics for the "bus," nametags,FINISHED "the pink bus" for breast cancer auction, yadda, yadda! Busy day, but I'd like to think I'm making SOME headway!!!

Enjoy your week! Hugs,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A few more Joyworks Party Pics

A few more Party Pics,,,,,,,,

I had to laugh at this picture, Jill, usually THE MOST photogenic of all us us looks like she's struggling to decide how much pumpkin roll each of us gets. Rita, looking on, looks quite concerned about portion control......

For God sake, would someone PLEASE tell me to push my glasses up! These aren't readers Shell, they are PROGRESSIVE!!! I need to work on the old Lady factor if I'm going to remain 50!

Fun Day! I'll spare you all some of the other photos,,,,,and you'll Thank me!


Fantastic Party at Joyworks Today!!

Rita (from Joyworks)and I share a "Birthday Week." Mine is the 14th and her's is the 21st, we're born exactly a week apart, And, amazingly we're both STILL 50! So, for the last several years, we've been blessed to share our Joyworks party. And what an extravaganza it was THIS year! My heavens!

Lunch (Always a treat from Clarice) was an awesome "build your own Taco Salad". And Jill, our in-house pastry chef made a wonderful Pumpkin cheesecake Roll for dessert. YUMMY!!!

The gifts and flowers were gorgeous (you GUYS!!!!) Jana made me the "Studio" sign above and I LOVE IT!! Now I have to fix up the studio to live up to the signage!!

Sandy made me a darling little spiral notebook with a darling angel on the front and lots of fun papers and little "catch all" envelopes inside! Waaaaay Cute.

Now Jill, We all know that she is the organizer, the wonderful baker and so much more, but her Sweater Squash that she made me is just too darn cute! And her little sweater pumpkins!! Darlin'! I think she may have found a new crating niche'!

All the gifts were SO lovely and SO thoughtful but most of all, it was a great day to spend with some of the Best Gals I know!!!

Love and Hugs and thanks SO much you guys from Me AND RITA!


PS,,,,I know our dear Luanne doesn't read blogs so much, but you were dearly missed today and are in our hearts, thoughts and Prayers.

PPSS,,,Thanks to all my wonderful other friends for making yesterday so incredible-wonderful phone calls from near and far, visits, hugs and cards, dinners and deserts! Even a bottle of wine from Thomas at the Gas Station! Geesh! I don't mean to gush but, I am SO blessed!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tomorrow is MY cake day ,,,,,as my dear Lulu would say!

Hi all! Tomorrow, Wednesday is my Birthday, or "Cake day" as my dear friend Lulu would call it. It's not a "notable" year,,,,,,,I'm not 50, I'm not 60 , I'm somewhere in between, and that is OK!!!!

So, If you live in the area, you can stop by at 7:30pm and have either a drink, or a yummy dessert at Collector's Choice here in Snohomish! My treat! It's my Birthday and I get to do what I want!!!

Or,Thursday, Rita Sima, one of my Joyworks partner's and I will have our joint party, complements of Clarice, and the Joyworks gals for the both of us. (Our birthday's are a week apart to the YEAR and I'll have you know we'll both be 50 AGAIN!! (We're going to KEEP doing it until we get it right! Or, I guess, till we turn 60!!)

Hugs and loves, truly to all my Joyworks and Snohomish friends, and IF you want to stop by Collectors Choice tomorrow around 7:30, I'm springing for a drink or dessert!

Shell (Dang, hot flashes, insomnian and joint pains,,,,am I REALLY 53???)

Monday, October 12, 2009

BDay Lunch with the Alligator Hunter, Helen

Today I had lunch with my dear friend Zoe, (former coworker at Nordstrom and mom's helper) and all of our dear friend, the wonderful Helen.

Zoe and I took Helen out to lunch at the lovely Cabbage Patch restaraunt, to celebrate her 90th birthday. Oh my Lord (or in Lulu and friend's case, My Lawd)She is a whoot! She's 4ft somethin' now and cute as a bugs ear. A Catholic by birth and bestest friend to my mother "Lynn" who was a professed athiest -although I will attest to the fact that her "tune" changed and I prayed with her in the last hours of her life....... and I WILL attest that I never knew anyone more charitable, more forgiving, accepting and loving to ALL and I mean ALL, than my mother......

So, Helen,Child Alligator Huntress in the depression in the Everglades, God bless her, had her biggest concern today in talking in her afterlife with my mother about THEIR soap, Guiding Light and it being cancelled, and Helen didn't really know who was with whom at the end and she didn't have my mom around anymore,- a friendship that formed, no less, in their 80's,in the Foyer at Safeway. Yeah, they were cute together. I don't know who took it harder when my mother died at 90, me or Helen.

Helen was just plain upset that mom would leave her, I mean the NERVE of my mother...
Mom was there today too, I just felt it. And I held back the tears and felt the love of one woman for another. And Helen was SO sure she'd get to see and talk to Mom again soon.

I left laughing and hugging dear little Helen.

I've got SO many good friends,neighbors and coworkers that I love like family, I feel truly blessed. And, I have such a strong connection to this community. Today though,I gave myself a mental kick in the behind to spend more time with Helen, to learn as much as I can about what she has learned from life. To try and apply those lessons a bit more to my own. And to "see" her and my mom laughing together someday (not YET, Helen said) in the afterlife.

We all need to stop and spend time with our elders. Listen to their stories, their truths, their insights. I think it makes us better people. And, if we're lucky, our children, grandchildren and the likes will maybe take time to listen to us.

Hugs to you and yours, especially those that just WISH we would listen to their stories,,,,,,,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A "Golden" kind of a Day!

This is my favorite time of year, and it was truly a "Golden" Day, in more ways than one! Once again, the day was gorgeous. As I ran around town I saw bushes and trees that have burst forth in color from the crisp morning and evening air and although distressing the plants, provides such wonderful colors! Indeed, Golden and spectacular!

It was also "Golden" because my Golden Retriever Kodi went to the vet today, a new office here in Snohomish. I'd heard wonderful things about this guy and because my previous Vet retired and the clinic was further away, I thought I'd try this new one to treat "The Code Man's" hotspots. (He's a purebred and doesn't want to talk about the unsightly bare spot above his "exit only" sign,,,,,aka his rump! So we went and saw the new vet and Kodi fell in love. And well, I did too, I mean in an animal lover kind of a way. This guy HAS Golden's and Kodi couldn't stop wagging, even when he got his cortisone shot-he wagged the whole time and gave appreciative sniffs on the way out. BIG fun! Man, I wish I got that excited when I went to the doc!!!

This afternoon while headed for the grocery store (And I've commented before that my car has a mind of it's own and doesn't always drive me directly there) I stopped at Kusler's Pharmacy and Gifts where I also used to work PT to see my dear friend Zoe (who herself is pretty Golden, come to think of it!) And low and behold, Janet (Kusler) and her partner Mary Pat have two new Golden Retriever pups that were up in the offices in their Kennel (of which they will be outgrowing VERY soon) and I had a love fest with these adorable new golden fluff balls.

And, in closing, shortly before this post I enjoyed several more flocks of Canadian Geese winging their way across the Golden Sky.

I think before the night is through I may just need to get out the glitter and well, spread a little more gold!!!

Although tomorrow may have to be a "Black" kind of a Day, because my Black Lab Shadow was pretty bent when she had to stay home while Kodi got a car ride and his breath smelled of doggie treats when we got back home!

Hugs and love,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coastal Sister's Giveaway, Ends at 7:00pm tonight!

Stop by today and comment on my friend Lulu's blog to enter to win one of her GORGEOUS faux Cakes!!! Contest ends at 7:00pm East Coast time, so enter soon!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Timi's Bus,Funky Junk Show & Save your Ta-Tas Event

Okay- so here is the scoop as I understand it! Timi is running another busload of gals to a FUNKY JUNK event being held in Sumner on the 24th of October. You can click on her "Come Junk with US" Icon in my sidebar.

Funky Junk is being held on the 24th of October in Sumner, WA. It is a wonderful event filled with Antiques, Flea Market Finds and handcrafts. socializing, splended eats and well, SHOPPING!! I was unable to attend last time, but my good friend Deb Bock of Garden Party was kind enough to take some of my items and display and sell them in her booth. GREAT SUCESS, as my son would say. I will specifically post a Funky Junk link and Deb's link in my sidebar as well tomorrow. (I'm not so swift on the links, but I'm learning!!!!)

Funky Junk is having an Auction as well, on the 23rd of October (Eve of event) with proceeds going to "Save your Ta-Tas." Breast Cancer awareness. Most of us know survivors/sufferers and unfortunately victims of this disease. This is such a GOOD cause and so important, I will be donating time and merch for this event!

Check out the sidebar for Timi's FUN and Fantastic Magical Extravaganza BUS and plan to have a GREAT "girl time." Make your reservations to save,,and I'll have follow up links soon for Funky Junk sisters and Save your Ta-Tas info.

Please feel free to contact me/Timi/or Funky Junk Sisters about any donations for the auction. We will make sure it is forwarded properly!


( I will donate in memory of my friend Wendy, who lost the battle, and to ALL my survivor friends and co-workers! Love you DEARLY!!!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a glorious day!

You know how sometimes you have a "day" that you didn't expect? A day that was full of surprises and gifts of all sorts? A day where the sun was shining the sky was full of birds and balloons? Today was one of those days!!!

I awakened to the sound of Canadian Geese sharing their migration song as they flapped and honkend their way across the sky. They are glorious and I look forward to their song every year!

I started early in my studio and finished a crown, that I hope is what Jana had in mind for a topper for our first "tree" of the season. I had great fun making it! I also worked on a bit of "kitchy" Christmas items, that I will post soon and also worked on finishing up a "Boo!" banner, that I hope will work either in Joyworks or for Deb and the Funky Junk Gals.

But,,,,,,,BUT, the best thing was coming home on a beautiful day after crafting and glittering and finding a package from my dear new friend Lulu- of Coastal Sisters-whom I know many of you have gotten to know a bit as well. Well, we did a swap because neither of us wanted to charge the other for the things we wanted! Lovely earrings for a dear friend of mine Rebecca, who is TOTALLY into mermaids, and I made Lulu a crown for her guest room. Instead of swapping "coinage" we swapped, what "wompum?" Isn't that what the native Americans did? Anyway, it was more like, I'll give you mine if you give me yours!!! Well, I love her to pieces, and apparently it's mutual, because I got the most fun stuff EVER today! Jewelry, jewelry and MORE jewelry along with a wonderful Rose pin and a bar of french milled soap packaged so beautifully that I don't know when I'll open it.

Oh yeah,,,,pssst Gifts for Jana and Clarice! I'll bring them in to the show tomorrow!!!

I'm hoping to get Lulu (Coastalsisters) to come and visit us all soon! She's thinking about it! Send her YOUR best invite if your a local!!I want her to feel welcome in Washington!!

Shortly before posting this, the night sky held two hot air balloons, perusing our little community! Ahhhh! Life is good, Enjoy!!

Savoring the day, friends and life, Hope you did too!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wonderful Wedding in Spite of the Weather!!

Yesterday afternoon one of my son Andrew's lifelong friends Nathaniel married a wonderful young lady by the name of Meaghan.

There wedding was held at Tazier Farms in Stanwood. The setting was gorgeous, in fact everything and everyone was. Only problem-we had a brief stint of TRUE Washington weather! The ceremony, held outside was a bit soggy, but lovely. Truly I don't know if I have ever seen a more beautiful bride!!

I sat next to my dear neighbors Bill and Barbara Bates. They are such a delight and have been married for over 50 years. Afterwards we made our way to the dining tent and had a truly wonderful dinner.

I didn't cry during the wedding but when various family members got up and gave toasts I lost it! Truly dear!

And although I made the "kids" a cake topper,which was displayed, they had opted for pie from Snohomish Pie company. I wondered how that was all going to go with berry filling and all, but they opted out of the usual "feeding" routine! Thank heavens!

I'll post a few photos above, but please feel free to visit my facebook site for a slideshow!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here kitty kitty! Tubby where are you?

My son Andy was off work today and we spent the majority of the afternoon (I'd planned on working in the studio) in search of his roommates cat-Tubby,who has recently left the confines of an apartment and has been missing on and off, even prior to the guys moving to my little cottage in back. Apparently Frank (Andy's roomie) saw his former next door neighbor feeding his cat and has subsequently said that he took said cat (Tubby) to a shelter. What the???

So. Frank being out of town,,Andy and I went to local shelters in search of Tubby (Hey, I am a sucker for animals, so everything else went the wayside.) No Tubby and a hefty donation to PAWS, the non-kill shelter and I found myself back home early evening, angry/frustrated and saddened. If I ever win the lottery, I'm buying a remote property and adopting them ALL!!

Accccckkkkkk I have so much to do in the studio! I have to make a Bday crown TOMMORROW for a birthday THURSDAY, finish a crown for a dear friend (you know who are and whom I love) finish my giveaway prize for the lovely Anita and, and, and!!!!
Show in a couple of weeks, Vendor display the whole month of November. This ALL started with one cake topper!

I made a decision last week, now that I have my house back to myself to move my "studio" back home soon,,,so I can work at whatever hours I want. It's tough when you get creative or inspired at 10:00pm and the glue gun, paper, whatever are 6 blocks away! I have my space back, so back home I come!!! After I finish,,,,,,x,y and z and maybe I can do a, b and c while I'm enroute!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall is here My somewhat "famous" White Chicken Chili Recipe.....

This morning was one of those "could go either way" kind of days in Washington. Although the weatherman said it wasn't going to rain, it looked pretty "iffy" to me. So, I decided to make soup, I love soup. Below is my recipe for White Chicken Chili.

I once made my White Chicken Chili for about 50 members of a sailing club for my dear friend Laura and her group. Originally I got it from another friend after she had served it, so it's not officially mine, other than that I added Garbanzo Beans to the mix for a twist. Laura called it "Shells famous White Chicken Chili" in her sailing news letter, so I'll take partial credit!

Great for a Crisp Day!! ( I make this on Halloween night and invite friends to stop in and have a bowl) You are welcome to stop by too!!! Or serve it for your own crowd anytime!

I am not an exacting Chef, I think part of the fun is making it a bit different each time!

Tablespoon or so cooking oil.
1 large onion /diced.
1 or 2 green peppers.
Garlic to taste: I use about 4 large segments smashed to smithereens.

Cook above until very lightly browned in a large soup pot. Then add:

3-4 cans Great Northern Beans (un-drained)
1 can Garbanzo Beans (drain these)
2 cans Chicken broth
approx 3 cups chopped cooked boneless chicken (I just use breasts, but your call And sometimes I cheat and just buy the pre-cooked Deli breasts or a whole deli chicken-a bit more $$$ but a time saver!)
1 small can green chilies
about 1/4 teaspoon Chili powder (your call, how spicy do YOU and your family like it?)
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves (Weird huh? But it adds a certain something!)
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
1/4 teaspoon pepper (white if you have it, otherwise fresh ground black works fine)

Simmer for about 3 hours.

HERE IS the Killer-it tastes fine without this BUT, prior to serving add 3 cups shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese. (I know, I know, but this truly makes it!)

Serve with Corn chips/salsa/ sour cream, whatevva!! But tasty just on it's own!

My family (and friends) fav! Bon Appetite!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Celebrated 9-9-9 in Snohomish Today!

I really planned on getting a lot done today! But, instead, I had a lot of FUN!! My dear friend Laura called me to go have lunch and we had a great time catching up -since we see each other often 2 weeks was a LONG time!!

After lunch, I THOUGHT I was headed for the grocery store, but instead the car just headed down the hill to Annie's on First. That darned car! I swear it has a mind of it's own!
Well, I always, always always find something at Annie's. She and Mary have "my number," I swear!! I found a couple of fun birds (shown in the picture above)- a quail and a pheasant, I think. But they look really fun with a vase I found at an estate sale and some vintage Italian candlesticks I bought awhile back. I think it all looks pretty cute on the runner I found at Pier 1 a couple weeks ago! I'm liking it all on my dining table! Annie and Mary always have fun new stuff!! (

Before I left, I ran into the wonderful Penny, our newest addition to the Joyworks crew doing her Historical society duties-for the home Tour (Sept 20th). After giving Eddie, Annies adorable Yorkie his due, I headed a few doors down to.......

see Kimberly at Faded Elegance. (Hey, I was having a good hair day and sporting my new Tribal sweater, a girl has to take advantage!) Kimberly is having an even on the 19th, "Girls night Out, complete with massages and chocolate martinis! I'm going to try and swing in, if the wedding I have up north on Saturday doesn't run too late!
(For details on Kimberly's event, go to!

Okay,,,time to make dinner for the guys! I've been trying to take advantage of the Farmer's Market here on Thursdays and use that to help create dinner for my son Andy and his roomie Frank, while incorporating a cooking lesson or two into the mix. Frank leaves for biz tomorrow though in Oregon, so we're doing something impromptu tonight. (Okay, the salad will be fresh and we'll make our own garlic bread, but the Entree' is Stouffers, can you BEAT the price/prep on their lasagna?)

Happy 9-9-9! Hugs

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday, Empty Nest Contest, etc.

I tried to post last nite repeatedly, but I could never actually send my post. My computer/internet/blogspot whatever just froze at the final sending!

Anyway, I drew a name out of a bowl (no hat was handy) and the lovely Anita of won the drawing for my empty nest giveaway!!!!

Anita's blog is lovely. She's a Franchophile of sorts, teaches French, is finishing her Master's degree and has a gorgeous blog complete with beautiful graphics/pics/music and muse! I highly recommend you stopping by to see it for yourself!!!

As for the prize, I'm still comprising it, because, if any of you have actually been following my activities of late, it's been a bit hectic around here!! So Anita, my dear, it will arrive shortly.

I haven't been able to even get to the studio with Andy moving/cleaning the back cottage/his having transmission troubles (me no car for 4 days) So,,,,enough already back to the workshop tomorrow to finish some projects and fulfill orders, finish gifts and giveaways for friends !

Bring on the Rain,,,,,I'm ready to settle in and Glitter to my hearts content!!!

Hugs and thanks to all that commented. I'll have another giveaway in Late October or early November,,,,,,Angel related!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Feathering His Nest!

Well, we got the house back in shape today and Andy is moving his things into his new home! It's CLEAN and tidy and except for some of the pink paint, ready to go! (Real men can live with a bit of pink for a bit!)

It's fun to watch him move things in that were just previously in storage when he moved home. In spite of his former Marine status, he really does have an "eye" for design/color/form.

And,,,slowly but surely, I'm getting my space back!!! Not quite ready to do my "naked" dance....but getting close!! (There are certain things you can ONLY do when you KNOW you are alone!)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm exhausticated!!!

Not my usual Blog post....

Andy and I spent the last 8 hours hauling/bagging, cleaning and shaking our heads at the absolute chaos/filth in my rental cottage in back. I cannot imagine that anyone could be that dirty or live in that mess! And she'd only been there 6 months.

I'll spare you all the details...because it wasn't pretty. Let's just say we found drug paraphernalia and it wasn't for Marijuana. Thankfully they weren't actually "cooking" the stuff back there, smoking it and apparently "shooting" the stuff. You give someone a break because they are down in their luck and you can be taken advantage of,,as I was in this case. But I haven't/won't harden my heart, because I think there are STILL people that need a hand up. That said, I'll be a little less naive the next time about the legalities of things. But for now, I don't have to worry because THIS time it will be my son and his good friend.

Where did my happy little community go? WAIT, I think we reclaimed it.I'm feeling the weight lifting. I love this town and I love my neighborhood. And although feeling violated and used, I feel extreme relief that this negativity is gone.

Tired mentally and physically, but by tomorrow night, Andy and I will have it clean as a whistle and bright and shiny. No more tenants,,,,just Andy and Frank. Thank you Jesus.


PS,,,,Sorry, this isn't a very upbeat post. And I AM an UPbeat person as most of you know. But sometimes you have to live with the hand you've been dealt.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Empty Nest and Giveaway!!!

My darling, sweet, protective, artistic, former Marine has been living with me for about the last six months. I love him dearly. He left home all too early the first time at the age of 18 after joining the Marine Corps. I thought I was going to lose my mind! You love them, you raise them, you nuture them, you try instill in them good values and life skills, and then poof! They leave you. They are gone!! One day they are your precious child and the next they are literally taken away by a Marine recruiter to serve their country.

I cannot lie. I wanted to inflict bodily harm on the recruiter, who literally took my son away. No matter where my pride and patriotism stood, I could not fathom someone taking my boy-child away to potentially be killed in the line of duty. And serve and fight he did. Two tours in Iraq when my world seemed to stop and I felt as helpless as a human being could in protecting their child from harm.

Fast forward. He came home safe. He came home unscathed. I thanked God and breathed for the first time in 4 years. I AM so proud of what he did. I AM SO proud to call him my son. A patriot, a servant to his country and my flesh and blood.

Now, that said, and as you can see, I love this young man with all my heart and soul, he's been living with me again. I've loved it. I've re-adapted. I look at the "Shotgun News" magazine on the coffee table placed atop my Romantic Homes.
I've overlooked the milk carton on the kitchen counter, the multitude of towels on the bathroom floor, the guestroom looking like it was hit by a tornado ,,,because you love them, and you are SO relieved that they are happy and healthy and home. You take a deep breath, and step over said-clutter.

I have SO enjoyed having him home. His letting his proverbial hair down and spending this brief time with me. I wouldn't trade this time for anything!!!!!! And yet, I am SO doing the party dance to have my space back and let HIM create his own!! It's only a door away,,,he's moving with his bud Frankie to my cottage behind me and starting back to college next month,,,,SO,,,he get's his space and I get mine back! Thank you Lord!! Bring on the party dance!!!

If you've made it this far in my ranting, please share your "emtpy nest" story. It can be one of having an empty nest, leaving the nest, what you think you'll feel WHEN your nest is empty, or having said nest full again. I'll be giving away a "nest related prize" next friday. Just post your story to my comments to enter and I'll create a random drawing.

Next week, I'll begin "re-feathering" my next with new decor and insights!


The following photos can also be deleted from Blogger. This will remove them from all the posts where they appear. Please check any that you wish to delete.
(It may take up to 24 hours for them to be removed).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The ADD thang,,,,,,,Artists Delusional Denial.....

Today was one of THOSE days! I worked on a bunch of stuff, including setting up and Etsy account, working a a crown for my dear new friend Lulu, working on some Halloween items-such as a "Boo!" Banner, and some Christmas houses- but I finished NOTHING! Nadda, nix, no. I looked around the studio at the various projects I had going and thought if anyone walked in it would look like I was on some designer class of pharmacuticals,,,

There was glitter and paper and ribbon and tinsel and paint and brushes everywhere!!!! Ackkk! I think some of it is good,,I think some of it has potential,,,and I think some of it will end up in the trash heap......It was one of those weird days.

Last night was great fun. I made dinner for Andy's buddy and future housemate. Dinner was good- I made them Steak Oscar (Steak with crab and Hollandaise) with sides of baked potatoes and broccolli and mixed green salad. I used the good china. The pic above is of Frank enjoying his meal wearing the crown Chelsea (my son Andy's GF and I made LAST week-tongue in cheek for Andrew's 25th) Heavy on Camo with a bit of bling to make it funny. My camera was dead when we went to show Andy in the crown,,,,but at least we got Frank!!! "Bon Fete Francious!"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fall is approaching

This week when I popped in to Joyworks, the girls were changing the displays to reflect a more Autumnal theme. Then again, I was jazzing up some witches hats for Halloween to sell, so I guess we all thinking along the same lines.

THEN, this morning, while heading for my workshop I walked through my first spiderweb or the season (great) and tonight, while feeding the hounds in the mudroom I heard the first honking of geese preparing themselves for their upcoming migration.

We have TRULY had Summer in Washington this year, complete with a run on AC units and heat index warnings. I started to feel like I was living in another State. The grey, cooler day today was a reminder that my feet are still planted on Snohomish terra firma.

That said, I had a lot of fun making the Witches Hats shown above. This is my model and Muse, Marla, she is much more photogenic than I am and always a good sport. You can see individual photos at my other blog, which just shows my custom crafting items.

Looking forward to a fun weekend working at Joyworks and seeing all the new displays and arrivals!!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy Day!!!

Here are a few projects that I completed today- this and that.

This morning I ordered a few more (we'll leave it at that) things for several projects. I screwed up on one order (ordering an inch of some Vintage garland) and had to call the Vendor and change it. I'd done business with her before and thought the prices and selection on her craft stuff was great!!!! We had a nice chat while correcting my order and I just wanted to share her website.

It's called Silver Crow Creations or
Annie is a great gal and she and her husband work out of their home (a remodeled church in PA.) She has TONS of :

German Buillion Threads (in awesome colors)
Vintage hard to finds
Rubber Stamps
Oh man, there site is huge, but the findings are great and so are her prices. I could keep her to myself,,,but I know as a small business they are struggling too! So check it out!! (I'm not getting anything for this, but I'd love it if you told her I sent you, just to know "we ARE all in this together.)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

New sidebar slideshow!

Although the photos are far from perfect, I had fun doing my first slideshow for this site AND my other site

Go to the sidebar at left and click on PLAY to see some fun photos of family/crafts/events and my animal housemates!!!! YOU may be amongst the photos!!

Not quite accurate on the photos zoom/clarity or editing, but I had fun anyway, and am learning!!!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photos,,,,please enlarge!!

I'm still trying to get all this blogger technology down......I hope that you can click on any of my photos/images as I can to get "the bigger picture." Please click with you mouse on any of my images and they should refine/enlarge........

Hopefully, if you are new to blogging,,,,,,,this will work on other blogsites as well,,,,so you get the "big picture!"


Jill's 50th,,,,,,Part Deux

So, Jill arrived at her 50th party, to a beautiful venue and a lovely meal consisting of:
Various appetizers
Shrimp Coctails
Herb Seasoned Chicken Skewers (Sandi)
Home made to die for rolls (Luanne)
Seasoned Spinach and strawberry Salad (ala Clarice)
Pasta Salad (Moi)
And Glorious Fruit and dip from Kay,,

It was awesome!

We had a brief respite while Jill opened her gifts (Including both thongs and pink "big girl panties" from an anonymous giver........)

We had great laughs and then as our food SLIGHTLY settled, Amy brought out cupcakes extrodinare from our friend Lisa at "New York Cupcakes" Redmond, WA AND homemade coconut ice cream Created by Rita using Jill's mother's recipe. completed with toasted fresh coconut,,,,,,,,,OMG,,,,,I think we were all in a coma, when all was said and eaten/done!!!! I tried to Blog a bit when I came home,,,,but come on!!! This was Uber extravaganza!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the photos!