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Friday, November 6, 2009

Lots of Tears today and some gratitude

Any of you that follow my blog or talk to me much, know that I have a new "long distance" dear  bestest friend and fellow blogger, Lulu. Her hubby aka "The Commander," Rick is just short of retirement from the Army. Well, Lulu emailed me this week to ask for some cooking tips for my White Chicken Chili, because she doesn't do much cooking,,,,the Commander does. But she wanted to surprise him with it when he came home from training some troops in Texas.......yep Texas.

Now here's the clincher,,,,,Rick (aka the Commander) had a rough flight getting there, including a flat tire delay on the airplane and then arriving to no heat in his accomodations......His dear wife, (Lulu) concerned about his mood after such a scenario wanted to cook for him when he came home. (I told her to put on a cute apron and he'd be "toast" anyway, even if the White Chicken Chili was a disaster) And that I'd "talk" her through it while making.

I "spaced." Okay,,,,didn't think of Rick being at the scene of the Shootings,,,,didn't think of Lulu wringing her hands/heart......And then it dawned on me this morning that HE WAS THERE!!! I hadn't spoken or emailed her since the Chili overview and then today I thought, OMG ,,,,,,,,Lulu's hubby was/is there!!! 

I felt SO deeply for those families and commrades in Texas. Nothing like sending your son (Mine) off to Iraq in the Marines a couple times to bond you with those that serve and those that love those who serve......

And now this,,,,,senseless, unreal and to think that I had a link to someone there. Rick (Lulu's hubby extrodinaire) is okay..and I give thanks for that. My heart goes out to ALL those families and friends affected by this horrific event.

I watched this story today,  and part of the memorial for our fallen Police officer in Seattle,and thought of of the woman that was memorialized today in Snohomish for her community and youth service.

I think it's important that we take every opportunity to those that serve our Country, our Cities and our communities and the families behind these individuals.

Hugs, and take time to thank a service man or woman, a soldier or a community leader today!

Again, saying thanks that Lulu's hubby is SAFE!!!


  1. I have tears in my eyes after reading this posting. Do you know how special you are to me? You are so sweet. He is sitting here with his head on my shoulder napping and has not left me side since he's been home. I have never been so glad to see anyone in my life. The chicken chili turned out wonderful thanks to your wonderful recipe.

    Love you dear one,

    p.s. He can snore all he wants to tonight!

  2. sniff, sob I'm just SO glad that Rick is home safe!!!!

    You are both so dear to me!!!

    Love and SUCH big hugs!!


  3. Laughing and smiles,,,,,,,I just read the Chili comment,,,,,,that was an afterthought! I just wanted you both to be SAFE and healthy!


  4. We are in such delicate times. I learned a long time ago that we cannot take our friends and families for granted. You just never know. Our nephew is a paramedic with the fire department in Killeen, TX. He was there at the carnage. My heart just aches so much for everyone involved in this. Many lives were changed forever yesterday.
    Hugs, Sue

  5. Amen sista! Lulu is friend of mine too and I would hate to think of something going wrong, but thank god he's home probably cooking and enjoying his crazy