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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a glorious day!

You know how sometimes you have a "day" that you didn't expect? A day that was full of surprises and gifts of all sorts? A day where the sun was shining the sky was full of birds and balloons? Today was one of those days!!!

I awakened to the sound of Canadian Geese sharing their migration song as they flapped and honkend their way across the sky. They are glorious and I look forward to their song every year!

I started early in my studio and finished a crown, that I hope is what Jana had in mind for a topper for our first "tree" of the season. I had great fun making it! I also worked on a bit of "kitchy" Christmas items, that I will post soon and also worked on finishing up a "Boo!" banner, that I hope will work either in Joyworks or for Deb and the Funky Junk Gals.

But,,,,,,,BUT, the best thing was coming home on a beautiful day after crafting and glittering and finding a package from my dear new friend Lulu- of Coastal Sisters-whom I know many of you have gotten to know a bit as well. Well, we did a swap because neither of us wanted to charge the other for the things we wanted! Lovely earrings for a dear friend of mine Rebecca, who is TOTALLY into mermaids, and I made Lulu a crown for her guest room. Instead of swapping "coinage" we swapped, what "wompum?" Isn't that what the native Americans did? Anyway, it was more like, I'll give you mine if you give me yours!!! Well, I love her to pieces, and apparently it's mutual, because I got the most fun stuff EVER today! Jewelry, jewelry and MORE jewelry along with a wonderful Rose pin and a bar of french milled soap packaged so beautifully that I don't know when I'll open it.

Oh yeah,,,,pssst Gifts for Jana and Clarice! I'll bring them in to the show tomorrow!!!

I'm hoping to get Lulu (Coastalsisters) to come and visit us all soon! She's thinking about it! Send her YOUR best invite if your a local!!I want her to feel welcome in Washington!!

Shortly before posting this, the night sky held two hot air balloons, perusing our little community! Ahhhh! Life is good, Enjoy!!

Savoring the day, friends and life, Hope you did too!


  1. The crown is perfect!...we needed something special to sit in the chair on top.
    Love it and can't wait to see it...

  2. Shell, I got the first tree done and yes the crown would of been nice to have. I'll fit it in as it is perfect. Great job.

  3. I am overjoyed with my package my dear! You are too good to me!! My crown is just exquisite! I love all my little goodies too!

    It's hot as the devil here and so humid. Back in the pool tomorrow for the last swim. It's time to close it up since the leaves are falling.

    Thank you again sweetie. You are a jewel :)