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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Timi's Bus,Funky Junk Show & Save your Ta-Tas Event

Okay- so here is the scoop as I understand it! Timi is running another busload of gals to a FUNKY JUNK event being held in Sumner on the 24th of October. You can click on her "Come Junk with US" Icon in my sidebar.

Funky Junk is being held on the 24th of October in Sumner, WA. It is a wonderful event filled with Antiques, Flea Market Finds and handcrafts. socializing, splended eats and well, SHOPPING!! I was unable to attend last time, but my good friend Deb Bock of Garden Party was kind enough to take some of my items and display and sell them in her booth. GREAT SUCESS, as my son would say. I will specifically post a Funky Junk link and Deb's link in my sidebar as well tomorrow. (I'm not so swift on the links, but I'm learning!!!!)

Funky Junk is having an Auction as well, on the 23rd of October (Eve of event) with proceeds going to "Save your Ta-Tas." Breast Cancer awareness. Most of us know survivors/sufferers and unfortunately victims of this disease. This is such a GOOD cause and so important, I will be donating time and merch for this event!

Check out the sidebar for Timi's FUN and Fantastic Magical Extravaganza BUS and plan to have a GREAT "girl time." Make your reservations to save,,and I'll have follow up links soon for Funky Junk sisters and Save your Ta-Tas info.

Please feel free to contact me/Timi/or Funky Junk Sisters about any donations for the auction. We will make sure it is forwarded properly!


( I will donate in memory of my friend Wendy, who lost the battle, and to ALL my survivor friends and co-workers! Love you DEARLY!!!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a glorious day!

You know how sometimes you have a "day" that you didn't expect? A day that was full of surprises and gifts of all sorts? A day where the sun was shining the sky was full of birds and balloons? Today was one of those days!!!

I awakened to the sound of Canadian Geese sharing their migration song as they flapped and honkend their way across the sky. They are glorious and I look forward to their song every year!

I started early in my studio and finished a crown, that I hope is what Jana had in mind for a topper for our first "tree" of the season. I had great fun making it! I also worked on a bit of "kitchy" Christmas items, that I will post soon and also worked on finishing up a "Boo!" banner, that I hope will work either in Joyworks or for Deb and the Funky Junk Gals.

But,,,,,,,BUT, the best thing was coming home on a beautiful day after crafting and glittering and finding a package from my dear new friend Lulu- of Coastal Sisters-whom I know many of you have gotten to know a bit as well. Well, we did a swap because neither of us wanted to charge the other for the things we wanted! Lovely earrings for a dear friend of mine Rebecca, who is TOTALLY into mermaids, and I made Lulu a crown for her guest room. Instead of swapping "coinage" we swapped, what "wompum?" Isn't that what the native Americans did? Anyway, it was more like, I'll give you mine if you give me yours!!! Well, I love her to pieces, and apparently it's mutual, because I got the most fun stuff EVER today! Jewelry, jewelry and MORE jewelry along with a wonderful Rose pin and a bar of french milled soap packaged so beautifully that I don't know when I'll open it.

Oh yeah,,,,pssst Gifts for Jana and Clarice! I'll bring them in to the show tomorrow!!!

I'm hoping to get Lulu (Coastalsisters) to come and visit us all soon! She's thinking about it! Send her YOUR best invite if your a local!!I want her to feel welcome in Washington!!

Shortly before posting this, the night sky held two hot air balloons, perusing our little community! Ahhhh! Life is good, Enjoy!!

Savoring the day, friends and life, Hope you did too!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wonderful Wedding in Spite of the Weather!!

Yesterday afternoon one of my son Andrew's lifelong friends Nathaniel married a wonderful young lady by the name of Meaghan.

There wedding was held at Tazier Farms in Stanwood. The setting was gorgeous, in fact everything and everyone was. Only problem-we had a brief stint of TRUE Washington weather! The ceremony, held outside was a bit soggy, but lovely. Truly I don't know if I have ever seen a more beautiful bride!!

I sat next to my dear neighbors Bill and Barbara Bates. They are such a delight and have been married for over 50 years. Afterwards we made our way to the dining tent and had a truly wonderful dinner.

I didn't cry during the wedding but when various family members got up and gave toasts I lost it! Truly dear!

And although I made the "kids" a cake topper,which was displayed, they had opted for pie from Snohomish Pie company. I wondered how that was all going to go with berry filling and all, but they opted out of the usual "feeding" routine! Thank heavens!

I'll post a few photos above, but please feel free to visit my facebook site for a slideshow!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here kitty kitty! Tubby where are you?

My son Andy was off work today and we spent the majority of the afternoon (I'd planned on working in the studio) in search of his roommates cat-Tubby,who has recently left the confines of an apartment and has been missing on and off, even prior to the guys moving to my little cottage in back. Apparently Frank (Andy's roomie) saw his former next door neighbor feeding his cat and has subsequently said that he took said cat (Tubby) to a shelter. What the???

So. Frank being out of town,,Andy and I went to local shelters in search of Tubby (Hey, I am a sucker for animals, so everything else went the wayside.) No Tubby and a hefty donation to PAWS, the non-kill shelter and I found myself back home early evening, angry/frustrated and saddened. If I ever win the lottery, I'm buying a remote property and adopting them ALL!!

Accccckkkkkk I have so much to do in the studio! I have to make a Bday crown TOMMORROW for a birthday THURSDAY, finish a crown for a dear friend (you know who are and whom I love) finish my giveaway prize for the lovely Anita and, and, and!!!!
Show in a couple of weeks, Vendor display the whole month of November. This ALL started with one cake topper!

I made a decision last week, now that I have my house back to myself to move my "studio" back home soon,,,so I can work at whatever hours I want. It's tough when you get creative or inspired at 10:00pm and the glue gun, paper, whatever are 6 blocks away! I have my space back, so back home I come!!! After I finish,,,,,,x,y and z and maybe I can do a, b and c while I'm enroute!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall is here My somewhat "famous" White Chicken Chili Recipe.....

This morning was one of those "could go either way" kind of days in Washington. Although the weatherman said it wasn't going to rain, it looked pretty "iffy" to me. So, I decided to make soup, I love soup. Below is my recipe for White Chicken Chili.

I once made my White Chicken Chili for about 50 members of a sailing club for my dear friend Laura and her group. Originally I got it from another friend after she had served it, so it's not officially mine, other than that I added Garbanzo Beans to the mix for a twist. Laura called it "Shells famous White Chicken Chili" in her sailing news letter, so I'll take partial credit!

Great for a Crisp Day!! ( I make this on Halloween night and invite friends to stop in and have a bowl) You are welcome to stop by too!!! Or serve it for your own crowd anytime!

I am not an exacting Chef, I think part of the fun is making it a bit different each time!

Tablespoon or so cooking oil.
1 large onion /diced.
1 or 2 green peppers.
Garlic to taste: I use about 4 large segments smashed to smithereens.

Cook above until very lightly browned in a large soup pot. Then add:

3-4 cans Great Northern Beans (un-drained)
1 can Garbanzo Beans (drain these)
2 cans Chicken broth
approx 3 cups chopped cooked boneless chicken (I just use breasts, but your call And sometimes I cheat and just buy the pre-cooked Deli breasts or a whole deli chicken-a bit more $$$ but a time saver!)
1 small can green chilies
about 1/4 teaspoon Chili powder (your call, how spicy do YOU and your family like it?)
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves (Weird huh? But it adds a certain something!)
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
1/4 teaspoon pepper (white if you have it, otherwise fresh ground black works fine)

Simmer for about 3 hours.

HERE IS the Killer-it tastes fine without this BUT, prior to serving add 3 cups shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese. (I know, I know, but this truly makes it!)

Serve with Corn chips/salsa/ sour cream, whatevva!! But tasty just on it's own!

My family (and friends) fav! Bon Appetite!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Celebrated 9-9-9 in Snohomish Today!

I really planned on getting a lot done today! But, instead, I had a lot of FUN!! My dear friend Laura called me to go have lunch and we had a great time catching up -since we see each other often 2 weeks was a LONG time!!

After lunch, I THOUGHT I was headed for the grocery store, but instead the car just headed down the hill to Annie's on First. That darned car! I swear it has a mind of it's own!
Well, I always, always always find something at Annie's. She and Mary have "my number," I swear!! I found a couple of fun birds (shown in the picture above)- a quail and a pheasant, I think. But they look really fun with a vase I found at an estate sale and some vintage Italian candlesticks I bought awhile back. I think it all looks pretty cute on the runner I found at Pier 1 a couple weeks ago! I'm liking it all on my dining table! Annie and Mary always have fun new stuff!! (

Before I left, I ran into the wonderful Penny, our newest addition to the Joyworks crew doing her Historical society duties-for the home Tour (Sept 20th). After giving Eddie, Annies adorable Yorkie his due, I headed a few doors down to.......

see Kimberly at Faded Elegance. (Hey, I was having a good hair day and sporting my new Tribal sweater, a girl has to take advantage!) Kimberly is having an even on the 19th, "Girls night Out, complete with massages and chocolate martinis! I'm going to try and swing in, if the wedding I have up north on Saturday doesn't run too late!
(For details on Kimberly's event, go to!

Okay,,,time to make dinner for the guys! I've been trying to take advantage of the Farmer's Market here on Thursdays and use that to help create dinner for my son Andy and his roomie Frank, while incorporating a cooking lesson or two into the mix. Frank leaves for biz tomorrow though in Oregon, so we're doing something impromptu tonight. (Okay, the salad will be fresh and we'll make our own garlic bread, but the Entree' is Stouffers, can you BEAT the price/prep on their lasagna?)

Happy 9-9-9! Hugs

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday, Empty Nest Contest, etc.

I tried to post last nite repeatedly, but I could never actually send my post. My computer/internet/blogspot whatever just froze at the final sending!

Anyway, I drew a name out of a bowl (no hat was handy) and the lovely Anita of won the drawing for my empty nest giveaway!!!!

Anita's blog is lovely. She's a Franchophile of sorts, teaches French, is finishing her Master's degree and has a gorgeous blog complete with beautiful graphics/pics/music and muse! I highly recommend you stopping by to see it for yourself!!!

As for the prize, I'm still comprising it, because, if any of you have actually been following my activities of late, it's been a bit hectic around here!! So Anita, my dear, it will arrive shortly.

I haven't been able to even get to the studio with Andy moving/cleaning the back cottage/his having transmission troubles (me no car for 4 days) So,,,,enough already back to the workshop tomorrow to finish some projects and fulfill orders, finish gifts and giveaways for friends !

Bring on the Rain,,,,,I'm ready to settle in and Glitter to my hearts content!!!

Hugs and thanks to all that commented. I'll have another giveaway in Late October or early November,,,,,,Angel related!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Feathering His Nest!

Well, we got the house back in shape today and Andy is moving his things into his new home! It's CLEAN and tidy and except for some of the pink paint, ready to go! (Real men can live with a bit of pink for a bit!)

It's fun to watch him move things in that were just previously in storage when he moved home. In spite of his former Marine status, he really does have an "eye" for design/color/form.

And,,,slowly but surely, I'm getting my space back!!! Not quite ready to do my "naked" dance....but getting close!! (There are certain things you can ONLY do when you KNOW you are alone!)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm exhausticated!!!

Not my usual Blog post....

Andy and I spent the last 8 hours hauling/bagging, cleaning and shaking our heads at the absolute chaos/filth in my rental cottage in back. I cannot imagine that anyone could be that dirty or live in that mess! And she'd only been there 6 months.

I'll spare you all the details...because it wasn't pretty. Let's just say we found drug paraphernalia and it wasn't for Marijuana. Thankfully they weren't actually "cooking" the stuff back there, smoking it and apparently "shooting" the stuff. You give someone a break because they are down in their luck and you can be taken advantage of,,as I was in this case. But I haven't/won't harden my heart, because I think there are STILL people that need a hand up. That said, I'll be a little less naive the next time about the legalities of things. But for now, I don't have to worry because THIS time it will be my son and his good friend.

Where did my happy little community go? WAIT, I think we reclaimed it.I'm feeling the weight lifting. I love this town and I love my neighborhood. And although feeling violated and used, I feel extreme relief that this negativity is gone.

Tired mentally and physically, but by tomorrow night, Andy and I will have it clean as a whistle and bright and shiny. No more tenants,,,,just Andy and Frank. Thank you Jesus.


PS,,,,Sorry, this isn't a very upbeat post. And I AM an UPbeat person as most of you know. But sometimes you have to live with the hand you've been dealt.