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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amazing Little Mouse,,,,Clarice you might want to skip this one....

When my mother passed away almost two years ago, I "inherited" her Kitty,"Tuxie." She's a slight little Tuxedo-the runt of the litter of a ferral momma kitty, more skittish than any cat I've ever had,but finally adjusted to sharing her lair with a HUGE Golden Retriever (Kodi) and a Black lab that loves her to pieces, amazingly. Tuxie, was also a fierce hunter-always bringing my Mom "presents." Lovely.

When she first came to live in my household however, she must have protested the move and the other occupants (human AND animal) so her hunting stopped for quite some time. But once she adapted to the new environment (and ME) she started bringing me "presents" in ernest, much to my dismay!

Now, being an animal lover, and also knowing the nature of cats, I had a hard time with this. I know she was trying to please, but OH, how my heart wrenched for those cute little birds. The other varmits,,,not so much, but still!

And then ....On Sunday night I went to bed and the Golden (hey, I'm single, okay??) weasled his usual way onto the bed, but when I looked for my Black Lab she was MIA and there was activity under my bedskirt. I didn't think too much about it but it was a bit odd for Shadow to be under there. So,,,,when I got up, She-Shadow the Lab, was still under the bedskirt and I heard squeaks which I originally qualified as a dog toy! BUT after a brief investigation I discovered Shadow was sharing this skirted enclosure with none less than a mouse!!!

I rallied the "troops" from the back cottage (aka my Son Andy and roomie Frank) and Frank captured the mouse and although I shuddered, he showed it to me in a box and it truly was a cute little thing. I told him to take it outside and "set it free" IF it survived. (I'll pause here to say that the mouse showed NO battle scars, but it was WET-it appeared Shadow, in her interest may have lavished it with doggie kisses (her tongue)but hadn't apparently harmed it.

So, Frank took the mouse out and as I was leaving on an errand he was sitting on the lawn and rubbing the little creature and I inquired as to whether or not he was doing "mousy" CPR...... Well, eventually he left the mouse alone,and told me he thought it would survive.......

Okay,,,,,Day two, or I'll say Morning two, I kid you NOT-I'm watching the Today Show and Tuxie (the huntress) comes in to the livingroom and starts acting strange and before I know it, she's chasing a MOUSE around the room- Again!!!! I go get Andrew in the backhouse and he comes and rescues the thing from behind my bedroom door! It is STILL apparently okay. Come ON!!!

Andrew takes the mouse and releases it in the Alley, apparently unscathed. Well, I NEVER!!! This brings a whole new meaning to the term "Mighty Mouse." And although I'd prefer that these escapades never happend,,,,I'm rooting for that little creature of God!



  1. LMBO Shell....this would ONLY happen to someone like me so now that it's happened to YOU, now I know we are kindred spirits! This was HYSTERICAL...I have laughed so much I almost pp'd in my brits!

    Love you!

  2. Can you believe it? I swear after the TWO incidence I almost thought we should KEEP that little mouse as a pet. Apparently the cat didn't harm it nor Shadow,,,,,,,they both seemed after TWO visits in the house to accept it. If it DOES come back a third time, I am building that little mouse a Shrine/Castle,,,,,,,,,what a little trooper and survivor!!