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Friday, August 28, 2009

Empty Nest and Giveaway!!!

My darling, sweet, protective, artistic, former Marine has been living with me for about the last six months. I love him dearly. He left home all too early the first time at the age of 18 after joining the Marine Corps. I thought I was going to lose my mind! You love them, you raise them, you nuture them, you try instill in them good values and life skills, and then poof! They leave you. They are gone!! One day they are your precious child and the next they are literally taken away by a Marine recruiter to serve their country.

I cannot lie. I wanted to inflict bodily harm on the recruiter, who literally took my son away. No matter where my pride and patriotism stood, I could not fathom someone taking my boy-child away to potentially be killed in the line of duty. And serve and fight he did. Two tours in Iraq when my world seemed to stop and I felt as helpless as a human being could in protecting their child from harm.

Fast forward. He came home safe. He came home unscathed. I thanked God and breathed for the first time in 4 years. I AM so proud of what he did. I AM SO proud to call him my son. A patriot, a servant to his country and my flesh and blood.

Now, that said, and as you can see, I love this young man with all my heart and soul, he's been living with me again. I've loved it. I've re-adapted. I look at the "Shotgun News" magazine on the coffee table placed atop my Romantic Homes.
I've overlooked the milk carton on the kitchen counter, the multitude of towels on the bathroom floor, the guestroom looking like it was hit by a tornado ,,,because you love them, and you are SO relieved that they are happy and healthy and home. You take a deep breath, and step over said-clutter.

I have SO enjoyed having him home. His letting his proverbial hair down and spending this brief time with me. I wouldn't trade this time for anything!!!!!! And yet, I am SO doing the party dance to have my space back and let HIM create his own!! It's only a door away,,,he's moving with his bud Frankie to my cottage behind me and starting back to college next month,,,,SO,,,he get's his space and I get mine back! Thank you Lord!! Bring on the party dance!!!

If you've made it this far in my ranting, please share your "emtpy nest" story. It can be one of having an empty nest, leaving the nest, what you think you'll feel WHEN your nest is empty, or having said nest full again. I'll be giving away a "nest related prize" next friday. Just post your story to my comments to enter and I'll create a random drawing.

Next week, I'll begin "re-feathering" my next with new decor and insights!


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  1. Hi Shelly
    I'm really, really happy for you! I don't have an "empty nest" story to share, but I do have a hubby that served in the Air Force for 26 years. He's home and unscathed, thank God, and we'll have 41 years together later this year. How great you have a cottage to keep your son close to home yet have a space of his own... and give you some space, too. Blessings on you both.

  2. I love this post. I know about a mother and her son. Well in my case, "sons". I have two boys. I have to chuckle a little because my youngest, Kevin just moved back up to Northern Calif. from San Diego. He was just getting caught up in all the lay-offs down there. All is good with him though. He is now living in the bay area and stays with us 3 nights a week here in Sacramento, because he is back in school and attending school here in town. We are so happy to have him back but my oh my, the towels and the guest room. Yep it looks like a tornado hit the room! But I don't care he is my son and my best friend!
    Hugs ~Sue

  3. Hello there, Shelly!!
    What a thoughtful, precious post and I think that I can relate well to the empty nest... almost. For one, my handsome son moved out of the house we all called home for 19 years together~ just as all children should do! I really miss him so, he lives about an hour away. (I know, I'm very lucky, he could be sooo much farther away, but it's still very hard not seeing him all of the time) He's all grown~up now... he'll be 21 next June! On the other hand, my beautiful daughter is 14 now. She is at that stage in her life when all she wants to do is hide-out in her room listening to music or hang out with her friends. Mom's gotten pretty lonely these days! :( I could go on forever about my children.... but I can never really put into words how much I love them. I'm quite sure that there is no word powerful enough to express a mother's love. Hugs to you and I know how your heart must be at ease, now that your baby boy is home safely! BTW, I can only imagine the feeling... wanting to take out the person responsible for influencing decisions in the mind of our babies! (the recruiter) May God bless your son, we are all honored by his courageous decision~ thank you from the bottom of our hearts! He's quite the man. You have done well!
    Big hugs to you,
    Christina :)

  4. It's almost time for the nakkie dance!!


    p.s. I am supposed to be in my bed but I snuck downstairs while the Commander went grocery shopping. I must NOT leave a trail of crumbs back up the stairs as I am snacking on some cookies :) Bad LuLu

  5. Hi Shelly,
    What a great story!! It sounds like you have the perfect set up for both of you. How nice that you can have your son so close by, but still have your own space too. Lucky you! Our nest is bursting at the seams these days. My oldest just moved back to school yesterday for her junior year, but we have two others that are living at home while going to community college and one in high school. It seems like their friends are constantly running in and out of here, and everyone is on a different schedule. A bit crazy but thankfully I have my office to hide out in!!
    P.S. Your welcome to grab whatever you like from my blog, to use for your giveaway button!

  6. Hi Shelley,
    I have a not so easy story of my oldest sons return. He has always been my 6'7" son who is loved by all. He is one of those slow to anger, big hearted people that others seems to take advantage of. They borrow, don't pay back, use him and leave him. Since he was little he would always befriend the underdog. Children from broken families, one with a missing limb, one from another country the middle school kids were teasing. The one that did not make the football team, or the one that dads died. Jared graduated and took a wrong turn into drug addiction. My story of his homecoming was to bring him home to get him well. Today, he is a manager for a large corporation and drug free. Having him under my roof was so painful and scary, but God turned the mess into a blessing and healed him. Thanks for letting me share.

  7. Dearest Shelly,
    Good morning! How nice to see you and may I say, I love your background of shabby chic chipped paint and florals! I want to thank you so much for visiting act 3 of my play and YES, YES, I invite twists to the story! That what I am all about! I enjoy setting up the stage per say, for others to start thinking about how they would get the hero out of the mess they are in! Please, if you are up to it and are willing, please submit any ideas you might have! I have let go of this and I am giving everyone out there a chance to write and finish, and by no means does it have to be long, or even in poetry form! Just send it to my email address that I provided on the post. All the details are there. Oh, I hope you decide to do it. I will work with you to edit or tweak if you wish. Hope to hear from you! Anita