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Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Nite Madness at Moms! Too funny!

Well, as some of you may, or may not know, my Son Andrew and his friend/roomie have moved into my little rental cottage in back.

They both come "up front" to my house periodically for various finds/favors and FOOD!! So,,,a couple of weeks ago I decided to create an event that I would HOPE would put a damper on their attempting to forrage through my kitchn or expecting regular meals from moi,,,,,,SO, I told them we would have "Monday nite Madness/Mayhem" at "Moms." I would provide them dinner and they MAY get a cooking lesson or two in the works,,,,they clean up and take the "hounds for a walk.

It's worked well,,,,,for the most part. Although they still pop over to my house for TP, a pan, my pepper mill, etc. ,,,,,But they are learning. . .

Here are some fun pics of the "manly men" helping and learning in the kitchen,,,enjoying the "fruits" of the labor and some doggie play time..How CUTE do they look in their aprons??? Only REAL men can wear ruffles and florals and still get the job done!!!


  1. These boys are too much! Is that a DUKE t-shirt Andy has on? Woooooooo Hoooooooo, my alma mater!

    Thank heavens for Moms, right? Especially when you run out of hockey tickets! (that's what I call tp!)

    Love you!

  2. How funny. What a great job you have done.. You know... not just any guys can "pull that look off"... I will try to not let my boys see if as they may want to move into the cottage too... LOL.. I am pretty sure that an apron wouldnt keep my guys from food either...