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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Life and crafting in Snohomish Continues. . . .

Monday, June 29, 2009

Shell in Snohomish: Meet Marla, it's her Re-Birthday!!

Shell in Snohomish: Meet Marla, it's her Re-Birthday!!

Meet Marla, it's her Re-Birthday!!

I had a fun and busy day! I made some Birthday hats (See ) for all of them, but I set up a fun display using an old spiral staircase plant stand I had, but hadn't used for a while. I added some tulle I had on hand and set up the hats.

Then I added "Marla," she's my new "roomie" Mannequin Head at the shop. I named her "Marla" after Marla Maples, since my new studio is on Maple street! Marla comes from a company in Port Townsends who restore and handpaint mannequins. She's a "Landfill Lady," although I keep wanting to call her a "Dumster Diva"--Has that phrase actually been coined yet? Because I know (and love) a few of you that THAT may apply to! You go girls!!! I've got your back,,,,,or your ankles! (I'll hold, you dive!!

I also went to Annie's on First today and bought a few vintage flowers for a project (top secret) that I'm working on and some really fun burlap bags to store my larger stemmed pics I use for crafting....too cute!! I never get out of Annie's without something!!

Busy and fun day! Marla and Me are calling it a nite!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hoping to get it all together soon!

The new blog is coming along with my crafting stuff. I'm getting help with a header for this one, some horns and whistles for the new site and working out ALL my kinks, I hope!! I get impatient studying the blog how-tos, so hopefully, I'll get it all worked out soon!

New shop is great, loving it! No interruptions and lots of space. It's cozy now, but still could use some decorating, after all, we're talking a light industrial building. But it's clean and fresh and I'm blessed to be there and I can actually FIND my stuff!!

Here's a couple of little boxes that I made this week for Birthdays. I worked on some other stuff too,,,,but it's top secret! (Hmmmmm who IS having Birthdays soon?)

Have a good weekend! Hugs,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Working in the New Studio and Lovin' it!

I worked for about 5 hours today in my new studio and it was awesome to have room to work in and see all the stuff I have to work with!! And I haven't even gotten into my sewing stuff yet!!

Couple of the crowns and a Bday box are a secret (For friends/coworkers having Bdays) So no pics yet of that, Or the studio, which is a work in progress,,,,,,

Here are some lovelies in my garden, the Calla Lillies are my favs!!

I feel like a piece of my youth died today with the deaths of both Farrah and Michael Jackson. I used to love Charlies Angels in High School! And although not a big Michael Jackson fan, he was still apart of my youth and young adult life! My wishes to them and their families!!

Hugs to all,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Have the key, movin' in!

I woke up at 4:30 this morning! Does that give you any indication as to how my mind is spinning?

I bought plants for the planters by 8:00am and started moving my stuff in! Holy Smokes, I'm going to have lots of room! Even for friends to drop by and craft, do a few workshops at night and hooked up the espresso machine! I am SO there baby!!

Here are a few photos of the empty site,,,,and hopefully soon I'll have made it a bit more cozy, inspiring and inviting! I've already been told I'm going to have an open house to show off the new space,,jeesh! Now I have to move/ make it cozy, craft AND entertain!! Life is rough, eh?

Anyone have any good ideas to do with all my PAPER? I've go card stock, poster board, vintage sheet music, scraps, etc. etc, etc. Still not sure how I'm going to store them and yet have "eye" contact for ideas!! Lemme know if you have ideas!!!

And, I am REALLY excited to have a place where I can start Sewing again!! I used to make everything. For me, and for others. Suits, Wedding Dresses, curtains/pillows/Quilt, you name it, So I'll have room to do those things as well! Score! Life IS Good!!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Getting a NEW workshop

I am SO excited-I am getting a New Workshop. About 4 blocks from my house in my BF's building. I'm going to have a drafting table and my own entrance in her light industrial building.

For those of you that know me, and those of you that don't, I'm not a particularly religious person. I have however, always thought of myself as spiritual and truly believe that things happen in this life for a reason. As of late, when working on custom Wedding Cake toppers I have asked for spiritual guidance in creating pieces that express the couples love and devotion for each other. I truly wanted to be in touch with their personalities and their commitment to each other. Because marriage and commitment should be sacred.

And I've gone on to craft other items and wondered if this was what I should be doing, or whether my time and my dollars would be better spent elsewhere. But ironically-one thing lead to another. I got requests, I got inspiration and all the while thinking that if this is a path I'm meant to take, it would happen.

So now, I'm looking at doing some classes and although I longed for a working space, my home wasn't really and option (Small and on a City lot with my little rental in back) and I have supplies and samples of new techniques EVERYwhere. . And today, my dearest friend offered me a space, close by and free of charge. I'm thinking that this is something I am really meant to pursue. Wowza. . Life is good. . New blog in the works, new camera for future projects and NOW a workshop.

I feel truly Blessed,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New blog site, rough, but need help/comments!


Shell here. Im keeping my main blog, http://ShellinSnohomish as my most active comment and posting blog, BUT- I'm starting to sell more custom pieces! I've sold at the shop where I work, (Joyworks aka and at Funky Junk Sisters Event and am starting to take on some more custom orders for cake toppers for birthdays and weddings! (Did I mention I do things other than weddings??? ) It's exciting and yet overwhelming! I'm getting requests now from folks I don't even know who found me and even had a business proprosal today! Fun and exciting stuff!! ( I MAY lose some weight I'm to jazzed up to eat much! I eat sleep and drink glitter-literally!)

So, I created a ROUGH,,,,and I mean ROUGH new blog that shows some of the things I've created and hopefully giving people ideas so that I can make items for special events/personalities/themes to suit them! My new blog is...."tada".........Bungalow Bling ( I thought it appropriate because everything (and everyone) is covered in glitter,,,,,ask my son the former Marine about that,,,or the poor animals!(One of my cats had glitter on her nose this week! ) And of course, I live in this cute little Bungalow house in the Historical District of Snohomish. Hence,,,,,Bungalow Bling. I'm liking the name,,,,,,this Bungalow has never been "traditional," I've always done my own thing! But the "bones" are strong,,,,as I hope any future endeavors I have will be.

I'm going to have a new header soon, both here and there! And get some tech support to make my blogging entries a bit better and easier. (I get so frustrated trying to create a nice looking blog and hey-I took classes in College for programming,,,,,okay, so that WAS a while ago! ) My "helper" has family issues, so I'll gladly wait for her awesome creativity and computer savvy!

I'd love any comments or suggestions for my new blog. I DID buy a new camera so my future pictures should be lot clearer. But fire away,,,,I'd love some more insight/ Comments!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where Women Create

We sold the original book, Where Women Create at Joyworks, where I work. Now one Blogger is posting and event to share creative environs. I responded and laughed, because all MY crafting stuff is all over the dining room table and my breakfast nook right now because my office/crafting area is occupied by my home-again 24 year old son.

Andy, my former Marine and 2 time Vet in the Iraq War is back home. I love him to pieces. Although I've called him "Hurricane Andrew" for years, you can't currently see the influence of the Marine Corps on his domestic domain. But, as I formerly shared, I'll gladly put up with the mess, until he gets his own place and returns to College this Fall, it's great to have him home.

So, the Creative space is more than a bit jumbled-my breakfast Nook, the diningroom table, and when I'm testing new materials and new techniques, the coffee table isn't even immune.

But I'll dream and plan for the space and wish all the while that he was still home. Creating HIS Chaos.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Critters

Here are some of my babies

Friday, June 12, 2009

Deb loaded down with her goodies and mine!

Deb's on the road to the Funky Junk Show in Puyallup loaded down with so many incredible goodies!! Today is her second trip loaded to the max (table strapped to the top)!

She took some of my boxes and crowns to sell. I hope they find some good homes too!!

Good luck Deb!

I'm sure she'll have good pics to share next week. She's incredible! Be sure to look on her blog soon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crown Day today!

Vintage Bella Studio declared today Crown Day! Too fun! I'm putting a couple of older pics up here because I had lots of hits from others on her site,,,,,,DO check out the Blog at Vintage Bella Studio today, it's tons of fun!

Happy crafting! Glitteringly yours,


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crowns and Boxes for Deb's Funky Junk Show....

My friend Deb called me this morning and asked if I wanted to provide her with some things for "Funky Junk" in Puyallup this weekend! So, of course, I've been going nuts with the glitter and the glue gun creating things. I have started some more boxes and toppers, which I hope to have done for the show. Here are a couple of "funky" and fun crowns I made I'm sending with her as well!

Deb brought me some fun vintage pieces to incorporate into some of my little projects and I'm really excited to finish them! (Already Started!)

I think I have a new disease,,,,,that's a good thing, I think. Although my house may never look the same. Got Glitter?



Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweet 16 Crown and fun at Molbak's Nursery!!

I had a great afternoon with my friend Laura. We had lunch at OUR favorite-Taco Time,,,,,too funny, but we both love it there. Then we went to Molbak's and I found a great topiary obelisk for my perennial Nastursium. Laura's daughter will be 16 tomorrow and had a pre-celebratory occaission of getting her driver's licence today. So after we got home, I made Jessie, Laura's daughter a quick Sweet 16 crown. They were out for the evening so I left it in their Smith brother's milk box on the porch! Hope she gets it before the milkman comes!!!

Prayers and well wishes going out today for Rita (whom I ran into at the grocery store) and my friend and Icon in the community Miles. Thinking a lot about both of them.

Hugs and good wishes for all!


Friday, June 5, 2009

What a GREAT week!!!

Yesterday I finished a cake topper for our wedding display at Joyworks. I had a lot of fun making it! Hopefully it will find a good "home."

Today I went to a bazillion garage sales, or so it seemed around Snohomish and found some awesome finds to repurpose and craft with ,,,,,,,,,,,I'm so excited with my finds! A TON of great ribbons for 2Bucks!! A Singer pedal sewing machine base. etc. etc. And Cathy, a gal from our family owned hardware store, Mc Daniels had an awesome barn sale and I came home from there with a iron base from and old pedal Singer sewing machine that my son Andrew and I are going to turn into a table, probably with mosiacs/bits and pieces. And Cathy presented me with a beautiful bouquet of her Pink Peonies that smell like HEAVEN! My Favorites!!

But I think the most fun was finding out about new "cubbies" of homes in Snohomish and meeting some new folks! Sans makeup I got quite a few inquiries-"you look SO familiar" if I mentioned Joyworks they went, "OH YEAH! I love that store!" Okay, I'll "represent" better next time!!! Geesh, you can't even garage sale!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Camera fav's?

Hey Gals,

I'm thinking of buying a new video camera for all the fine detail I've been working on lately,,,,,I would really love any input on cameras YOU have that you are pleased with or someone you know that may have some input! Thanks! Appreciate any and all comments!!

Daisy's Topper

Wowza! How hot can it get for the 1st part of June??? I couldn't take the heat outside this afternoon, so I finished a wedding cake topper for Deb Bock to give to her nephew and his wife Daisy,,,,,,so of course the topper had to have a lot of daisies on it!! I still need to add a banner at the top for the bride and groom at Deb's request,,,but,,,I kept looking at this one and thinking of the old song, "Daisy, daisy, give me your answer true." Of course I'm sure she's heard THAT one!!
Okay,,,,,out to water those thirsty flowers, right after I wake Andy up to mow!
Hugs and Take care,
P.S. Thoughts and prayers for my friend Miles and my dear friend and co-worker Rita-who I "want back" with all her stories and laughter!