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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pics of House Slideshow and Comments

Last night (Friday) was the Parlour Tour Preview. It's an opportunity for all of us involved in the Tour (Selling the Tickets, helping out, Shops like Joyworks, etc, and extended members of the Historical Society to Preview the Homes actually on the Tour on Sunday. This, followed by a Social Event after the Preview for all of us......

It was a FANTASTIC evening! The homes were over the top in their decorations, their archetecture, everything! The wrap up at Karen and Warner's house was fantastic and the food was great! I did NOT take my camera on the preview for various reasons, but I would HIGHLY recommend anyone interested in visting the various homes,,,it was extrordinary, and my dear friend and co-worker Penny was instrumental in lining up the participants.

If you can, visit ALL the homes. And, if I get links to the others I will most definetly post them in the near future!

I think my house was the smallest on the Tour. But here is a slideshow of my little 90 yo bungalow. I'm sorry but some of the pics got cropped, even though I submitted them in their full format,,,,,,but at least you get the idea, and I hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays and I will post more pics of the actual tour, if warranted, after tomorrow,,,,,and Jana and I, I am sure will both have pics/blogs of our extravaganza Joyworks company party tomorrow night!!!

Again, the pics were "chopped" a bit, but I hope you enjoy the slideshow of my little house!!
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Hope you enjoy!


  1. You did a great job decorating for Christmas. Everything is so very lovely. I was loving the retro Christmas items. They remind me of growing up.
    Take care, Sue

  2. Oh Shelly, thanks, this made my day. Not able to do my usual Historic Home Christmas Parlor Tour Sunday this year. So this makes up for it, darling darling and darling is your little home. So fun to see, I loved it!
    Linda Q

  3. Denise Cosgrove14 December, 2009

    Your adorable sweet home allowed all of us to go back in time when we were growing up...Precious and beautiful in every way! Thank you so much for being on the Parlour Tour. Merry Christmas! Hugs, Denise Cosgrove

  4. I loved seeing pictures of your home. Everything looked so lovely and it was wonderful seeing the little faux cake I made for you on your table! Lisa's painting fit perfectly in your powder room!! What a lovely home you have!

    Hope all is well and now you can breathe and enjoy the holidays!

    Love you!