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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wonderful Wedding in Spite of the Weather!!

Yesterday afternoon one of my son Andrew's lifelong friends Nathaniel married a wonderful young lady by the name of Meaghan.

There wedding was held at Tazier Farms in Stanwood. The setting was gorgeous, in fact everything and everyone was. Only problem-we had a brief stint of TRUE Washington weather! The ceremony, held outside was a bit soggy, but lovely. Truly I don't know if I have ever seen a more beautiful bride!!

I sat next to my dear neighbors Bill and Barbara Bates. They are such a delight and have been married for over 50 years. Afterwards we made our way to the dining tent and had a truly wonderful dinner.

I didn't cry during the wedding but when various family members got up and gave toasts I lost it! Truly dear!

And although I made the "kids" a cake topper,which was displayed, they had opted for pie from Snohomish Pie company. I wondered how that was all going to go with berry filling and all, but they opted out of the usual "feeding" routine! Thank heavens!

I'll post a few photos above, but please feel free to visit my facebook site for a slideshow!


  1. I am not on Facebook so I can't see the slide show but I LOVE this pictures you posted. The bride and groom look so happy and your son is so handsome!


  2. I'm going to try and figure out the Facebook link tonight, big sigh. Dang I wish I was more computer savvy!

    Otherwise I'll gladly email the photos to you!