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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miles's Service and I want Darlene to adopt me...

I spent this morning at my friend Darlene's finalizing a "Celebration of life" service and obit for our mutual friend, Miles.

Darlene lives on multiple acres, with a view of the Snohomish Valley, a comfy and beautiful home, and gardens/ landscaping extrodinaire. (Featured in various magazines and newspaper spreads) Complete with a pool, designer chickens, and a Golden Retriever to match my own.......

It was a reflective and enjoyable morning,,,,replete of the HOT day in store for us once again.

On reflection, I think I want Darlene to adopt me,,,with her gardens, pets, wonderful abode and oh yeah, the AC and the pool!

Take care Washingtonians in the heat,,,,,,And the REST of you pray for our usual onslaught of rain!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hydrangea request for Locals- Wedding This Sunday......

I'm attending a wedding for a couple-Lauren and Andrew and we're short a few Hydrangeas for their wedding (50 tables and white/blue/purple hydrangea's with hot pink roses). So,,,if you are a local as a gift to them I will most certainly pay for blooms,,,,,,,Call or email me........

Shell or Call me (and then print and eat the number,,,,,,,,)

Really Hot

I worked in the studio as much as I could today,,,,,but I went to have my eyes (head?) examined and left there with them not so much of an opportunity to go back and do detail work......Damn, it's 95 somethin' and there is "Air" there and none at home....
Commiserating with the animals---oh swell my cat Holly is between the monitor and the keyboard,,,,,,,Nothing like cat hair/heat!!

We're going to break record tomorrow or Thurs,,,,,,,,,I'm going to come and see some of you back East, if this keeps up!!!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lost a dear friend today......


I got a call today from my friend Annie to let me know we had a mutual friend here in our small community (of Snohomish, WA) had passed away. That's two friends in two weeks for me. One suddenly(heart attack) and one all too fast (Lymphoma). They were both a great asset to this small, historic community. My friend Miles, whom passed away this morning was a true artisan. He was re-using old woods LONG before it was popular. He'd go to an auction or an old building that was being torn down and buy boards/doors/ hardware and turn it into something unique and spectacular. ("Shell, this wood came from a bordello/inn/house/tavern in......." "It's heart pine/mahogany/oak/ old growth cedar."

Miles was funny though- He didn't do well with timetables and you could tell him you wanted this and that and he would take it upon himself to create something in HIS mind's eye----not yours. And, at his own pace, not YOURS!! Andy he ALWAYS had money problems..his mind was never on the bottom line. I have to say that there were people in this community that kept him solvent because of his artistic endeavors and community involvement. They accepted his non payment of Rent/Leases. I'll leave that anonymous, but I KNOW who you WERE/ARE and what you did for him. My God Bless you for your generosities.....

Miles was gay, he was agnostic-denied the total existence of any after life. He was a great historian and had a firm knowledge of architecture and culture. He had an incredible intelligence, a love for classical music and looked like he was either Einstein's or Mark Twain's double with his unruly ringlets and large proboscis (nose.)

He used to bring my mother flowers. And he and she (in her late 80's and 90's) would laugh and share their memories of lives in San Francisco. The affinity and the bond was unusual and yet strong.

He got sick SO fast. I tried to spend time with him and let him know how much he was loved-by me, yes, but also all the members of the community. This is a hard post,,,,but all I can say is what I've learned from this IS let the people that touch your life KNOW how MUCH they mean to you,,,It's corny, but after being suddenly widowed at the age of 37, I'm a firm believer in just letting someone know you care,,,,,you love, and that life is brief.

Sounds like a country song,,,,but let someone KNOW how much they mean to you,,NOW. For yourself those you love and admire.

Hugs,,and admiration to all of YOU that I have gotten to know,love and appreciate.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Arghhhhhh, computer froze while posting!!

Here is one of the other photos I wanted to share of my new cabinet for clip art and Dresden in my workshop/studio. I love it!! I have thing organized a lot better now............

Friday, July 24, 2009

My fun new cabinet didin't make it in the last photos........

More where Blogger's Create

Here is my fun new cabinet where I Store my dresden and clip art,,,,,,,,,I love it!!!

Wowza! What a week!!!

Here are pictures from my workshop, it's not fancy and I am constantly moving things around! Someday, maybe I will have a cover spread in a magazine,,or not. This is me, and what I do,,,,,and it keeps evolving. The biggest change I will most likely make in the near future is being in a permanent or semi-permanent location close by. I LOVE my space and I am delighted to use it, especially that it is pro gratis from my leasing friend. BUT IF I move again soon, I WILL lease a space that I can be in for at least 6 months..

So, here are a few shots of my workshop for "Where Bloggers Create." I am certainly not book or photo worthy,,,,,but it IS where I do what I do.......

One of my racks is an old shoe rack that I repainted and use to hold Vintage Crepe paper/fabric garlands and Cricut supplies,,,,,,I bought it at an estate sale and painted it light green.....It is awesome for holding and SEEING things!!

The most important tools that I have are my "Cans of air" for blowing excess glitter off of pieces and Wax paper which is great for glittering and painting.

I have a lot of materials and equipment, but my "mini" glue gun is my best friend and I LOVE ribbon and Vintage papers-Wallpapers, Dresden/German scrap and old sheet music........

I keep evolving and moving my crafting supplies around and learning new techniques!!
It's finding yourself,,,,and what makes you happy that counts!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fantastic Find Today.........

There is an Antique Store in Monroe (WA State) on their old Main street (Geesh, I just dug through my purse for the name and my receipt) where I ALWAYS find something when I visit. I am SO going to have to post the store name,,,,,,,

At any rate, I went to Ben Franklin out there (Monroe) to buy a few supplies and decided to cruise down "Old Main" and take the backroad home. I found the MOST awesome cabinet for storing graphics and papers for my crafting!!! I have to go back and get it because I had compost bags in my car.........Ugggh!!

Pics and explitives to follow! It is SO cute!!

And, as I may have lost my creative space this week (due to either the selling or leasing of my pro gratis location) of which I am SO delighted for my benefactor/
Benefactriss??? and best friend sitting on a HUGE building, and alas no income as a result of her generosity towards MOI.... I have been looking for another location.......stay tuned, I have at least a month to move........

Monday, July 13, 2009

Want a widget/blinkie designer for an event!!

Howdy all,

Hope all are well and using their creative forces for the good of all womankind!!

I want to do an event in August or Sept with Angels.......I have collected Angels/Cherubs for some time and want someone to make me a widget/blinkie/ whatever to promote such event,,,,,,,,,anyone interested or inclined contact me!!


Enjoy your day!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Before Shots,,,,,,,,,,

We are repainting the house. My son Andrew has it all sanded and power washed (big job on an almost 100 yo house!) The front sitting porch is already primard and today he started with the new siding color! I am SO excited, but it's going to be a long and tedious job to do TWO houses (my rental in back) the double detatched garage and all the fencing/arbor!!

Here a a few "before" shots and I'll gladly share the "afters" as they become available!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

New friends, new opportunities?

I have met such wonderful people (primarily women, but a few awesome artistic or insightful men as well) since I started blogging. It's awesome the people you meet!!!

It is also enchanting to step into someone else's life through the doors of their blogs- Their creativity shines and you get to know someone across the globe that you would never have met otherwise or perhaps even someone a "few doors away" that you were unaware of!! I love the support in creativy and the support in everyday trials and frustrations that face us all!!

I had a friend stop by my new studio today to "see" what I was doing and what she could look for in her treasure hunting to help my newfound passions. It's great fun to see people that care about you and want to help in whatever way they can in your creative endeavors!! I'll take all the help I can get!!

I also had a toothless lady that opened the door to my here to date isolated workshop and asked what I did and I froze initially; then I thought of the old saying that God/Jesus may approach us in a way that is foreign or uncomfortable to us and see how we'd react in that situation.

She scared me by her arrival as I work alone/have no line phone or Cell (I know, I know,,,but I had one for years in outside sales and I LOVE the solitude for the most part) I said I did cake toppers-Mostly for weddings (didn't want to encourage her too much and elaborate or show her more as she stood in the entry to my creative cave) and she then informed me her daughter did cake decorating and did I have a business card??

I informed her the cards were on order (which they are since my new endeavor is so well, new) and she said she'd stop back in, if it was okay....

Now you have to understand, this woman had very few teeth, was in her late 60's or 70's wearing several layers of clothing and a head scarf that reminded me of some gypsy ancestry I have to claim in Ireland..Nonetheless, I regrouped after her inquiry and all of a sudden it turned into a potential business opportunity.......

I don't know if she'll be back-she may be transient. I don't know if I'll every meet her daughter or whether my cake toppers would suit her business,,,,,,,But all I can say is that years ago when I worked at Nordstrom some of my best customers could NOT have been judged by their appearances,,,,,Only by the roll of cash they had shoved in their jeans.........

Thanks to friends old and new and potential outcomes big and small!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cause to Celebrate!! (Long post, but I hope informative!)

Hi all,

I don't "Do Halloween." I get about 600 kids in my neighborhood and do very little decorating for that- just spend a bazillion on Candy-maybe dress up the dogs and me......

I don't "DO the 4th, or other Patriotic holidays-decoration wise." Other than that I flew a flag when my son was in Iraq, holiday or no. When he was stationed in Iraq, I tied yellow ribbons on the plum tree in front of the house. I "Do" Christmas-big time and Easter as well, but I couldn't be Prouder than on the 4th!

My son Andrew dropped out of college and joined the Marines at the age of 18, shortly after 911. He believed in what he was doing and wanted to fight terrorism. I wasn't sure I believed in the conflict, BUT I believed in my son, with all my heart and soul. I supported him in his every action, was SO proud of him and his fellow commrades. The hardest thing I ever went through was the day the recruiter picked him up and took my Boy, my best friend, and yes, my baby-away. To make a soldier out of him.

Andy (and consequently, I ) did two tours in Iraq. I've never done anything harder. You hold your breath every day. You say prayers and wish that no young woman or man in ANY conflict should have to sacrifice or risk their life. But he did. And they did.

Not just my son. My brother (10 years older) was a draftee in the Army in 1965. Serving in a war without conviction, but obligation. He came home, after serving in "The Big Red One"-the Armies largest and most promenant fighting squad- with 2 bronze stars and a silver star and he never talked about it- from the moment he stepped on terra firma in the US of A. Until my son, his nephew was headed for Iraq. He just said to be safe.

My dad fought in the "WWII." Seeing action in Pearl Harbor on the USS Missiouri.
He survived as well, serving 22 years in the Navy.

And my Grandfather fought in the trenches in WWI. His homeland, under seige. His family had lived there for Centuries. Although fighting as well in a war he didn't believe in FOR the Germans-because he was one. All the while my Grandmother taking in Frenchmen and hiding them in the farmhouse to keep them safe. . .

Little known facts: My son, in the Marines made less than minimum wage. He had to purchase some of the gear/supplies/uniform requirements he needed out of his income to be prepared to go fight for his Country. (Camel Packs to withstand the heat and stay hydrated, for one)

My brother, in Viet Nam wrote home requesting gun oil because our Military did not supply them with adequate lubricants to keep their guns from jamming and blowing up in their faces...My mother and I went to a surplus store to get the gun oil for him and his platoon.......

My Brother was awarded for his service the benefits of the GI Bill, which allowed him to get an education and a small housing allowance. That covered a couple of years of college and housing. But he went on (thanks to a 4pt GPA)to get his Masters and Doctorate-thanks to private funding Grants-NOT the military.

What bothered me for some time after Andy's deployment were the recruiting "Ads" for our young men and women offering educational opportunities and a good future for joining a "Service." Which was decieving-there were basically NO educational benefits prior to what is being currently implemented as a result of a Virginia Senator (forgive my ignorance on his name) that was finally implemented by the Federal government- that, as of next month/THIS August all military personnel serving as a result of 911 or thereafter, are entitled to at least SOME benefits-based on their hours of service-which offers college educational benefits/housing and a small stipend for those who have served their country.

Tomorrow, as you watch the Roman candles and the Fireworks displays, give thanks that we live in a Country that is Free. That acknowledges our family, friends and neighbors for the INDEPENDENCE their service has given YOU. KNOW that Freedom isn't free-there is a great cost paid by all. And most of all, those that fought and served to give you the life you have. America may not be perfect (I've seen and experienced it first hand) but we live in the greatest place on earth. Free to Speak, Free to Dream, Free to Pray and Free to Live our lives as we see fit!!

Getting off of my soap box now, to make room for a Veteran or two.........

Have a great 4th!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

We celebrated Amy's Birthday today!!

Today, we Celebrated Amy's "30 something" birthday. As always, it was very fun, lunch was great and the dessert-(Jills awesome fresh picked Raspberry and Almond creation) was incredible.

What is more incredible, is that I work with such an awesome group of ladies! We are a diverse group-from the neat and tidy to the mildly disoriented creative types. It's so fun to see what everyone adds to the mix!!

I feel truly blessed, and have for some time to work with such an awesome group!!!
That's why we never leave,,,,or if we do, we COME BACK!!! Again, and again.

Stop by Joyworks blog,,,,,and see what Jana and the crew are up to. It's a delightful store and you'll never see another like it!!

Love my Joyworks Gals!!