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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tomorrow is MY cake day ,,,,,as my dear Lulu would say!

Hi all! Tomorrow, Wednesday is my Birthday, or "Cake day" as my dear friend Lulu would call it. It's not a "notable" year,,,,,,,I'm not 50, I'm not 60 , I'm somewhere in between, and that is OK!!!!

So, If you live in the area, you can stop by at 7:30pm and have either a drink, or a yummy dessert at Collector's Choice here in Snohomish! My treat! It's my Birthday and I get to do what I want!!!

Or,Thursday, Rita Sima, one of my Joyworks partner's and I will have our joint party, complements of Clarice, and the Joyworks gals for the both of us. (Our birthday's are a week apart to the YEAR and I'll have you know we'll both be 50 AGAIN!! (We're going to KEEP doing it until we get it right! Or, I guess, till we turn 60!!)

Hugs and loves, truly to all my Joyworks and Snohomish friends, and IF you want to stop by Collectors Choice tomorrow around 7:30, I'm springing for a drink or dessert!

Shell (Dang, hot flashes, insomnian and joint pains,,,,am I REALLY 53???)


  1. Have a Wonderful Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Shell. I hope you have a very special "cake day". Looking forward to celebrating on thurs. I'll try to keep up my record of bringing a fabulous dessert.
    Much love, Jill

  3. Happy Birthday ! mishelle

  4. Happy Birthday, Shelly! Hope you are having a great "cake" day! Yum! We'll just continue on with the celebrating tomorrow. See you then! Best wishes always! Kay