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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm exhausticated!!!

Not my usual Blog post....

Andy and I spent the last 8 hours hauling/bagging, cleaning and shaking our heads at the absolute chaos/filth in my rental cottage in back. I cannot imagine that anyone could be that dirty or live in that mess! And she'd only been there 6 months.

I'll spare you all the details...because it wasn't pretty. Let's just say we found drug paraphernalia and it wasn't for Marijuana. Thankfully they weren't actually "cooking" the stuff back there, smoking it and apparently "shooting" the stuff. You give someone a break because they are down in their luck and you can be taken advantage of,,as I was in this case. But I haven't/won't harden my heart, because I think there are STILL people that need a hand up. That said, I'll be a little less naive the next time about the legalities of things. But for now, I don't have to worry because THIS time it will be my son and his good friend.

Where did my happy little community go? WAIT, I think we reclaimed it.I'm feeling the weight lifting. I love this town and I love my neighborhood. And although feeling violated and used, I feel extreme relief that this negativity is gone.

Tired mentally and physically, but by tomorrow night, Andy and I will have it clean as a whistle and bright and shiny. No more tenants,,,,just Andy and Frank. Thank you Jesus.


PS,,,,Sorry, this isn't a very upbeat post. And I AM an UPbeat person as most of you know. But sometimes you have to live with the hand you've been dealt.


  1. Sometimes you just need to let it out. And what a shock. I don't blame you for talking about this. Thank God it is over.

    How exciting that you have your son back home. I have my Kevin back home, just a few days a week though but what a blessing.

    Take care ~Sue

  2. Even in the relatively short time we've lived here (16 years) the town has changed so much. Back then, such a scenario as yours wouldn't have been dreamt of in the historic district. Such a pity it's a sign of the times; such a real pity it happened in your own backyard. Thank God it wasn't any worse than a mess to clean up. Any thought to turning the cottage into a studio/shop after Andy moves out... in the far and distant future, of course?

  3. How disgusting that someone could leave a place in that state! I hope you didn't give the security deposit back.

    Now you can relax knowing that Andy and Frank will be out there and no more squatters!!