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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Celebrated 9-9-9 in Snohomish Today!

I really planned on getting a lot done today! But, instead, I had a lot of FUN!! My dear friend Laura called me to go have lunch and we had a great time catching up -since we see each other often 2 weeks was a LONG time!!

After lunch, I THOUGHT I was headed for the grocery store, but instead the car just headed down the hill to Annie's on First. That darned car! I swear it has a mind of it's own!
Well, I always, always always find something at Annie's. She and Mary have "my number," I swear!! I found a couple of fun birds (shown in the picture above)- a quail and a pheasant, I think. But they look really fun with a vase I found at an estate sale and some vintage Italian candlesticks I bought awhile back. I think it all looks pretty cute on the runner I found at Pier 1 a couple weeks ago! I'm liking it all on my dining table! Annie and Mary always have fun new stuff!! (

Before I left, I ran into the wonderful Penny, our newest addition to the Joyworks crew doing her Historical society duties-for the home Tour (Sept 20th). After giving Eddie, Annies adorable Yorkie his due, I headed a few doors down to.......

see Kimberly at Faded Elegance. (Hey, I was having a good hair day and sporting my new Tribal sweater, a girl has to take advantage!) Kimberly is having an even on the 19th, "Girls night Out, complete with massages and chocolate martinis! I'm going to try and swing in, if the wedding I have up north on Saturday doesn't run too late!
(For details on Kimberly's event, go to!

Okay,,,time to make dinner for the guys! I've been trying to take advantage of the Farmer's Market here on Thursdays and use that to help create dinner for my son Andy and his roomie Frank, while incorporating a cooking lesson or two into the mix. Frank leaves for biz tomorrow though in Oregon, so we're doing something impromptu tonight. (Okay, the salad will be fresh and we'll make our own garlic bread, but the Entree' is Stouffers, can you BEAT the price/prep on their lasagna?)

Happy 9-9-9! Hugs


  1. I love the birdies! Great finds!

    I am so glad you had a wonderful day my dear. It's getting chilly here so time for me to start pulling out the long sleeved shirts :)

    Love to you,

  2. Hi Sheeley,
    So glad I found your blog I live in Redmond and shop in Snohomish often especially at Annie's and Faded Elegance, in fact I taught a class there earlier this year and still have some things there. Small world. Hope to visit your blog often. I will be at Haleys Cottage this weekend for the big French Flea market. So much going on here in WA the next few weeks. Maybe I will run into you :)
    Kind Regards,