My Giveaway for One World One Heart

My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Valentines Day, A Month Away!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Again,,,,,,,,,,,,,Please be Advised,,,,,,,,,

Thank you for the responses and Emails,,,,,,,,,I don't think that I will post on THIS blog anymore. Please post or comment on my other two blogs"
Which will serve as both my general blog and crafting blog

If interested, you may link to my memoir/life blog at:
Your choice! Or you can follow both...........This is my memoir, to family, friends, community. If you'd like to follow, you are welcome!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Major blog Change,,,,,,,,But I think it's right! Please read on!


I had several people that during the One World One Heart Event truly explored all 3 of my blogs and emailed me. Did you know, I actually have 3 blogs? Well, I started one a while back while musing and journaling I guess, called "Willowbrook Lane." There is actually only ONE post on that site to date,,,,,,but it's a site I've decided to develop. Starting with my childhood and growing up in rural King and Snohomish County,,,,,or in my case,  for the majority of my memories: Alderwood Manor, WA. It's part of my family story. And as some of you that know a bit about me,,,,,,it's a LONG and involved story, involving my adoption, my mother's immigration, family secrets, legacies and such.

Therefore, I made a decision. My heart, my stories, my history is important to me. You need not follow, but you are welcome to do so if you would like! It IS an interesting story, I think. One of change,courage, adveristy, romance, strength, growth, spirit and much more.

That said, here's the deal. I'm going to gradually eliminate "ShellinSnohomish"- My blog about life and times here and now,,,,BUT I'm going to incorporate ALL the activities, events, the friends, the community, my Joyworks happenings& coworkers/pics and ties onto my BungalowBling Blog. I KNOW its a mouthfull!!! Sorry!

And, I'm going to give new life to my
because I'm interested in writing about my childhood, my amazing and mysterious heritage and the community that I was brought up in. Life in the PNW,,,,,,Families from Germany, Ireland, Holland and the likes.......I'm excited to write about it, but it may not interest you in the least....Okay,,,,,and I may even write about former marriages/divorce/widowhood and relationships........

So,,,,,You are welcome to "follow" either blog in the future if so inclined. Thanks to those encouraged me to share more of my family and community histories. I think I needed the "nudge."

 And, as said my major blog will continue as "Bungalowbling." But again, you are welcome to follow my personal history blog as well.

Life changes, WE change or grow and I know this is the direction I want to go! If you follow this blog and not "BungalowBling",,,,,,,,I'd love for you to follow there!Or Check up on future posts, that I hope will be of intrigue on

Hugs and love  thanks for your patience AND Insight!! I'm excited about the changes!!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wowza,,,two more Prizes from OWOH!

Hi all,

I posted yesterday that I had won 3 drawings in the One World One Heart Giveaway. But I was mistaken, I won 2 more,,,,for a total of 5! Wow!

Martha from Toronto gave me a prize just for visiting her other blog (because I don't think any of the others did) and commenting on her darling kids! I saw her pics of working in her classroom and told her I'd love to help IF I lived nearby.
I don't care if she sends me a handmade print with all those little hands stamped in Paint,,,,,,I feel so honored. Martha's blog is lovely,,stop by and see her if you can at
Too fun! Thanks Martha!!!!!

I also got an email message this morning from the lovely Ann, from Scotland!!! I loved her blog, and I'm glad I found it! Ann is sending me an altered dominio for a key fob or necklace.......Too fun! Her creations are great and so fun to have a new crafting friend in Scotland!! Stop by Ann's fun blog (and I SO need to ask her the meaning of the blogs name,,,,I KNOW what haggis IS!)

Thanks again! Shoot too fun!

Oh,,,,and if you don't know Karen Valentine,,you SHOULD!!! She is posting a lovely giveaway over at her Desert Cottage blog in recognition of 500 followers!!! 500 in her first year! Karen is lovely, her blog is lovely, her home is divine and she has a heart of gold! Stop by and peruse her lovely blog and say "hi" to enter!! I will post a link in my sidebar that you can click on to visit!

Happy Fat Tuesday!


Monday, February 15, 2010

I WON, I Won, I won! Goodies times Three!!!!

Wowza! I had a great time participating in the One World, One Heart blog event and Giveaway sponsored by Lisa Swiftka! This was her 4th year of doing this event,,,,,and my first real giveaway over on my other blog "Bungalow Bling."

Although the participants numbered over 1000 and the giveaways were incredible,,,,I had a hard time with folks either stopping in MY blog giveaway or others and just basically saying while visiting other blogs, "Pick ME, Pick ME" and leaving their blognames to enter. I think what the coordinator/hostess of this event was basically attempting to do was to truly encourage people to travel around the globe and meet new and interesting people, see new blogs, new creations and say hi and leave a comment that was truly directed towards the giver or in reference toward their blogs!

In all honesty, I found blogs whose nature of their blogs or the giveaway just truly didn't suit me. And I'm sure there were those that looked at my little giveaway and blog and thought, "No thanks." That's okay.......I didn't want to enter blog giveaways that didn't interest me anymore than I'm sure there were those that past on my giveaway and moved on to something that did inspire or move them.

That all said, I met a LOT of wonderful bloggers around the world. It was fun to see artists in Europe, South America, Asia participate and visit a little corner of their map and see their creativity AND their reaching out to others. What fun!

As a result of the event I've already formed new bonds and friendships with fellow bloggers near AND far!
I'd highly recommend the event for anyone NEXT year, if you missed it!!!

Also, I was privledged to win 3 giveaways as a result of the event!

1) A book from RavenousReader- a blog dedicated primarily to reviewing books.......and as most of you who know me, I read about 100 books of various genres a year,,,,,so this is a great treat/prize! I'm now following the blog to read books of the reviewer's! (If an avid reader, check out my Safari bookshelf on my other blog, to see what I've been reading, I should actually add that list/shelf to this blog as well!

2) I also won a lovely pair of earrings hand crafted by Nancy Markosky,,,,of
Nancy is a quiet Marvel.....She works with special needs kids, a Christian, wife, mom, artist and dog lover. I've gotten to know a BIT about her by visiting her blog during the event, and perusing it a bit more after my winnings, but I truly look forward to learning more about her through her posts.  She seems a dear,,,stop by her blog and say hi!

3) And Finally, and happily,  a giveaway/prize from the lovely Jill Cooper of
Jill surprised me with an awesome handmade pin/brooche which will be SO fun to sport on a sweater or Jacket!!! This woman is crafter extrodinaire! And I was SOoooooooo glad to find her site! I'll be following up on Jill's activities and I'm sure she and I will share some laughs and smiles in the future!

And my own Contribution, my little mixed media box was won. The winner of my giveaway was posted right next to my blogger/facebook friend Lori Anderson! But I stuck to the random counter and it went to Beth (aka Elizabeth) Holcombe,,of Words and Whimsies,,,,which was rather ironic. . .

Just like Googling for a website, during the OWOH the color would change in Lisa's sidebar AFTER you had visited/commented......and well, at the beginning of the event I could tell WHERE I had been because the color(s) of the posts change. Well, for me a day or two into posting that color definition went away and I could NOT tell where I'd been and where I had NOT been,,,,,

So,, I scolled Way down and I'm sure I missed some awesome sites. Nonethelesss, Beth stopped by my site on HER journey and said hello and low and behold she was the random winner. Well,,,,,when I looked at her site it was awesome! She is SO creative!!! I love her goodies!

 And, when I looked in her blogs that she followed my dear and lovely Lulu from Coastal Sisters was in HER blog list!!! So,,,,,,I'm SO glad I found her blog and so glad that I saw her lovely creations,,,if she had NOT won, I would have missed her,,,,,,at least in the immediate future! So, congrats Beth,,,,,,,,,and so glad we found each other in this crazy and wonderful blogland!!!

Hugs to all and if you didn't participate this year as a blogger,,,,,seriously consider it next year! It was a fabulous event!!!!I'm excited to watch and follow and participate with all my new blogger friends,,,and thanks for the goodies!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Really fun day w/Beth in Snohomish!!!

This was the first time Beth and I (from the famed Salvage Studios and her awesome co-publication of the book of same name) had met face to face! I had followed her blog and she made regular comments to me on my blog or through emails,,,and it was just SO fun to finally connect!! I'd love to do so with more of my Blogging friends, but
Beth doesn't live far away, so this was an easy (and fun) connection!  I had never made it to the Studio in Edmonds,,,although Jana (Joyworks) sung her praises long before I had the opportunity to read her blog or know of her abilities....but I just kinda followed Beth's blog and knew that I wanted to meet her. She's a take charge- why not kind of gal, so I KNEW I'd enjoy meeting her! And she is delightful, articulate, knows her own mind/direction, and I SO enjoyed giving her a view of my little world of Snohomish!

So, hopefully, today ,she got a "bigger" taste of Snohomish ,,the shops, the vendors and I think we both had an awesome lunch at Collectors Choice,,,,,,She had the "Timilicious" Special created by a mutual friend of ours, Timi (of "Come Junk with ME" fame),,,,,,,AKA Timi's fave creation ala John- Collector's proprietor and illustrious owner. I had the Halibut, salad and Salmon chowder,,,,,,,Hope Beth enjoyed our lunch faire as much as I did!!! Yumm!

Fun day,,,,fun to meet Beth in the "flesh" although we have many blogland and local connections. I'm looking forward to getting to know each other better in the future!!!Gotta love this Blog Venue,,you never know who you will meet or connect with!

Hugs to Beth for getting to know her better and all of hers, hairballs and otherwise! And to ALL!.Love to you and all of yours!  A loving Valentines Day,,,,,,whomever,wherever and however you find it! Romantic love is great and be thankful IF you have it, but friends and family are consistent themes in our lives!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Looking forward to spending some time w/Beth from Salvadge Studios!

Tomorrow, I am meeting up with the Fabulous Beth,, from Salvage Studio. She co-wrote the book about re-purposing items into something new and spectacular!!

We're "doin" Snohomish,,,,starting, of course, at my beloved Joyworks a 10:00am and visiting shops around town and we'll settle in for lunch at any one of our wonderful cafes/bistros!

I've always love Beths' posts and her whole philosophy on making something NEW and unique out of something you have........

Hopefully, I'll get some fun photos and memories of our day tomorrow!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Soup, Shepards Pie, a dog that was "ackking" all day! Andrew and Red Cross

Soooo, I woke to the sound of my Golden Retriever Kodi, "hacking up a hairball", or rather a grass ball, in the hallway at  around 6:30am. He's never gotten sick and I cleaned up the mess,,,,,grass and all.  (Dogs eat grass when they don't feel well.) Then, he "lost his breakfast" and well, the morning was just NOT fun and he concerned me greatly! I called the VET and they asked me if he was lethargic and if he wasn't drinking water....Well, the "Code Man" aka Kodi, was interactive and drinking water and so, I just monitored his actions per the Vet..

At noon, I got a call from Senator Patty Murray's office,,,,(I'm bi-partisan but I've always admired her work), I met her personally at a fundraiser for her back in the late 80's when she was running for the Senate. I truly admire her work with Veterans (Such as my son), Healthcare (I'm paying a King's Randsom for private healthcare and basically get nothing) the Economy, local jobs, local transit alternatives, banks- both local small banks and bailout's for larger banks by the
Feds, you name it,,,,her phone call, aka, " Town meeting" was awesome and she actually offered a lot of insight. While she was answering my personal question (regarding long term care and services for our Vets)- my Kodi love, started to vomit (sorry) and actually produced a portion of a black dress sock,,as Patti was personally talking to ME (and a group listening to the forum via their phones...,,,,,,,,,Well I don't know whether to be most thankful for Patty for her polictical actions or Kodi for "hacking up" part of a sock! I'm sure there is a metaphor here. I'm somewhat at a loss.,,,,,Kod's timing was impecible, and well,,,,,,,was it TRULY because he had a sock to "hack up" or whether he was not totally in line with her political rhetoric or her ideals....I'll never truly  know!

I was thinking afterwards, ("Excuse me Ms. Murray, but my dog was hacking up a sock while you offered me your introspect and actions towards Veterans benefits".....Should I take that as affimative and devoted actions from YOU or should my dogs actions be reflective of our whole political system??? Just curious,,,,,,,,,)
It's been a dogs day,,and I DO truly appreciate our local Advocates participation for reform! In retrospect,,,,I wish i would have asked  ALSO - about the importance of  Animals effectiveness in healthcare issues! ......For a LOT of us, they ARE our therapy,,,,and their presence influences many~ whether hospital patients, nursing homes, and even inmates training dogs and the reformation process.. Private organizations training dogs for therapy, companionship OR sniffing out bombs and other threats....Our furry friends DO a lot and are also capable of a reformation for others...... Hairballs (swallowed socks and ALL),,,,,,they are great therapy and an important part of our daily lives!  Give a "furry friend thanks for cheering the elderly on, for providing comfort to the wounded, for sitting steadfast by the ill, affirmed, disabled or dying. Unconditional love and affection....There IS a rainbow bridge for our furry companions giving them Carte Blanche in the kingdom of Heaven!

And, I thank Patty for her political involvement and concern,,,and maybe just a bit for helping my dog wretch!!!

And thanks to the Powers that Be for leaving me with a healthy, exuberant Retriever once again! ( I bought about 60$ worth of dog toys today to appease him and the black lab, and throw away all the severed socks and shredded toys,,least I could do since I didn't have a Vet bill in the multiple hundreds!!! And, for their cohorts sevice to others!

That said,,,,,
Son Andrew (former Marine and two tour Iraq Veterean) made an awesome  Shepards Pie tonight which I supplemented with organic veggie soup. He announced that he has decided to involve himself with the American Red Cross, in whatever capacity they deem worthy! I couldn't be more proud!

Love to you all and BIG hugs human AND furry friends!!!