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Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby it's COLD outside!

Okay, so I'm sitting in my house wearing long johns under my clothes top AND bottom and the thickest socks I own. It's so chilly sitting here in the office my fingers feel like popcicles ready to break.. Oh YEAH and trying to craft in my studio (in the old drafty basement today was a challenge, although I got a few things done).

The house is getting there for the Parlour Tour. I'm just tweaking this and that and so I finally had time to do some crafting and finish a crown I'd promised for my dear friend Lulu for her new turquoise decor on the landing of her gorgeous old home. She hasn't seen it yet, but here it is... I had it almost done, but it wasn't quite what I wanted and then it came to me during one of my many hormonal/insomniac epiphanies at about 3:00am,,,,,anyone else familiar with those??? Anyone?    So I took one of my vintage Ballerinas that I use on cake toppers and birthday hats and cut her in two!!! I then proceeded to sculp a mermaid tail out of paper clay/glue/glitter,,,voila! She looks a bit like Bette Midler though with that red hair!!!

So,anyway,,,I worked down in the basement for a couple of hours after I thought I could tolerate getting by with my space heater down there and when I came up to check on some guys doing yard cleanup for me, I found a package!!! Lulu's sister Lisa, sent me the CUTEST Mermaid pic for my hot pink and green bathroom! The pictures don't do it justice, because I kept getting glare off my light fixture,,,but I LOVE IT!

I tried to buy one from the Coastal sisters shop but everytime I tried to talk to her about doing custom colors and size for me and/or payment, she ignored me!How rude-NOT!  So,,,I thought I might not ever get one of her darlin' Sea Maidens and then today...TA DA,,,,I got a box in the post that she drew the cutest Mermaid on, I think I may have to cut THAT out and put it down in the studio....Too cute!!!

(You can go to to see more of Lisa's and Lulu's lovely creations-artwork, blog banners, faux cakes, gorgeous jewelry, and more!) Thanks Lisa, SO MUCH!

 And Lulu your aqua crown will go in the mail on Monday!!!

The warm Southern climate sounds pretty darn good, Ya'll!!
Hugs and love,



  1. Oh my goodness gracious! Lisa did a fabulous job on the Mermaid painting! It looks wonderful with your decor in the powder room!

    I am drooling over my new crown and can't wait for it to get here. I am SO excited!! YOU are amazing, to say the least.

    Love you!!!!

  2. Hey Shell, Lisa "Miss Rude Manners" :o) here. I am SO happy you love her, she was painted just for you and there won't be another one like her...she's yours and yours alone. Thanks for the post...and your patience! I am sure Lu has told you how hectic my life is, working full time and taking care of our Mom. I am so excited for your holiday tour and I only wish Lu and I could be there! Much LOVES!! Lisa

  3. Lisa my dear, I have to let you know that my ability to respond to Microsoft posts is nadda,,,,,I shared that with Lulu some time ago. My son Andy did something back when he was looking for work that make it impossible to respond/email directly to and Microsoft emails......LULU and I have worked around it,,,and I apologize for my inability to reply to your Microsoft email,,,,,I hope my son will work it out soon,,,,
    Nonetheless, thank you SO much for my lovely Mermaid,,,I'll have to give her a name soon,,,,,and You can always talk to me in the meantime through my blogs,,,,or Lulu.....I'll get the "glitch" figured out soon!! Promise! Thanks again,,,,I love my wonderful Sea Princess/Mermaid,,,,,,she is lovely and it is OH, so special as a gift from you!!!

    Love and hugs to you and yours!!