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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Busy Internet!!

I tried to upload more pics of vignettes and the snow,,,but apparently the internet is swamped!!

Shopping? Weather checks? You name it!! More later. Going to a local concert at the Belle Chapel tonight where a family I know is perfoming. The St. Clair children sing like angels and play music to boot!! Bringing my camera,,,,,only wish that you could all HEAR the music and the instruments. It is glorious and such an inspiration for the Christmas Season!

Stay warm and thankful for heat, WATER, family and friends good health!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frozen Pipes in Snohomish!!!!!

No Pictures yet, but I may have some geysers to share soon!! My PIPES are Frozen!!! I may be a bit late getting to the store today!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

Gorgeous, but Freezing cold!! Stay warm everyone!!

Deb's Creations

Deb Bock brought the cutest hostess gift made with vintage ornaments and then I scored big time when I snagged her ornament with the roll of the dice!!
Too cute!

Ornament Party

Geesh, Zoe went overboard on the desserts!!

My dear friend Laura

Do these two look like trouble or what? Suzanne and Deb,,,,Kusler cohorts with creativity plus!

My dear friend Zoe and our friend Shari. The 3 of us worked together at Nordstrom about a bazillion years ago.

More pics, Christmas

The Spam tree! All ready for the ornament party!
Cute Angel from Luanne.

More pics

Janas Hostess Gift,,,,,,a cherub che embellished. Too cute!!

Chandelier I bought at Annies,,,in my bedroom.

Okay this snow thing is getting a bit old!!

More Photos:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Listening to my Josh Groban CD and lovin' it!!!!!!

Between Celtic Woman Christmas CD and Josh Groban,,,,I'm in Heaven! Snow is falling! And the tone deaf gal that I am is singing loudly,,,,,neighbors beware!!!

Okay, Jill,,,,,,I'm new to this and the Spam tree will come eventually,,,,still working on the other photos,,,,,,,

More photos 2

Okay,,,,,,until I get the slideshow figured out,,,,,,this is all, the "old way." Geesh,,,,,,I used to program computers,,,,,,and new my way around,,,,,,,,do I feel old OR WHAT?????????? Ack!

More Photos

Christmas Party Part 3

More of the Joyworks Gang..........

The mantle all aglow,,,,,,,

My new mantle,,,,,,,,,Created by Doug Huntington,,,,,,Love it!!!!!!

Joyworks Part 2

We all ate well,,,,,,,can you tell?????

Picture 2 dangit.......

Joyworks girls

Let there be light

Okay, don't have this slideshow thing down yet,,,,,HELP Jana! but here are a few more pics from my house .......My $37 Euro (US equivalent) chandelier from a thrift store in France,,

Snowed in ,,,,,,set up a blog??

Okay, first attempt at this,,,,,we'll see!! It was a busy last couple of days. Monday, the snow delayed JOYWORKS party! All arrived chilly but safe! I had a great time getting ready for this!
Always lots of laughs, good food and oh yeah, the DICE game!! All is fair in love and dice!

Jana embellished a cherub for me with a crown and rhinestones!! Too cute!! All the hostess gifts I got were wonderful, geesh you guys ARE too much!!

The food was awesome guys,,,,thanks to all of YOU!! Lots of leftovers, well,,,,,,,left over HERE too! Dang it Jana those potatoes are good!! And the dessert? Not a bit left!! Probably a GOOD thing for us all, thanks Jill.

Great night,,,,,,,,great gals! Love you guys!!

Party Deux..........

Tuesday Ornament party hosted here with my good friend Zoe and lots of others, thanks to a break in the weather!!

Again,,,,,,awesome food and oh yeah! Another Dice game!!! Did I mention I have some of the most creative friends????????? Deb Bock (of Kusler's and her own creative endeavors and event planning) gave me the cutest hostest gift with Vintage ornaments. THEN I scored again because I managed to Steal her ornament from Johanna- of Johanna's Jewlers, Snohomish, so I got both of her lovely creations.

Zoe out did herself with awesome desserts and a killer salad,,,,,,,,of course Zoe never does anything half way!!! ( I asked her to bring a few tea lights and she brought enough to light up all of Snohomish.)

Anyway,,,,,,a great couple of days,,,,,,,,,can you say awesome leftovers for dinner tonight! Let the snow fall where it may!!

Shell in Snohomish