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Monday, December 21, 2009

Sick and Tired of being sick and tired!


Saturday at Joyworks I think I sneezed more in 8 hours than I ever have in my life. (Allergies,, , at least I thought!)

Then I woke up around 4:00am Sunday morning from some bizarre fever dreams and realized it WASN'T allegies after all. I've been "one" with either the bed or the couch for the last two days and I truly am SICK and TIRED of being sick and tired. There are only SO many books you can read after your nap(s) and only so many Hallmark movies you can watch (and I don't advise it, If you were/are as plugged up as I am anyway and THEN crying at the end- either happy OR sad tears...just something you might want to consider)

I wanted to attend a concert tonight at Belle Chapel-the Historic Church/turned Wedding Chapel, where I used to help out my friend Laura when she owned it. Now owned by a lovey family that have the equivalent talents and cute factor of the "Von Trapp Family Singers" aka Sound of Music Family. The St Marie's are SO talented and their son Andrew who is truly a self-taught piano virtuoso married his sweetheart and my family friend Lauren. (They, the newlywed couple, not the whole rest of the family, live in Nashville now and are as pianist and vocalist repectively,pursuing their musical and vocal dreams.

So here I sit-the perfect candidate for either a Cold or Flu commercial and stew!

Hot bath, warm tea and bed for me! Stay healthy all!



  1. Shell, I am so sorry you are sick. It is frustrating to be sidelined.

    Hot, bath warm tea and bed. That will make you feel a little better.
    xxoo, Sue

  2. Thanks Sue for your well wishes! I posted a comment to your Etsy site,,,since my email/blogsite doesn't allow me to post directly to ANY Microsoft mail,,,,,,,and again
    (Lulu, Sue, Lisa, et al. who have dealt with this "glitch" in our correspondence for some time, I WILL figure out why that is a direct problem of MINE very soon)-aka,,,,while SON is on break and what "said" son DID to make said communication a problem!)

    Love and hugs to ALL,,,,,,,and I'm sure I'll post before Christmas,,but thanks, for the well wishes,,,,,I SHALL get healthy! Ackkk!

  3. Bless you...Bless you...Bless you...
    I'm sorry you are sick...:(

  4. Hey Ya'll!

    So sorry you are sick! Stay snug and warm and get better!!


  5. LOL Jana,,,,I have NEVER sneezed SO much in my life! I'm feeling quite a bit better! Went to drop of a Gift Certificate for dear Jen at "Mc Daniels DO it Center" today,,,,my first outing!
    Sharon, (Garden Center Mgr) had it too, one course of anti-biotics down and another one she thought to come!
    I'm still stuffy and sneezy, but no fever today! Yeah!
    Stay healthy all! (Virtual Hugs in case I'm still contagious!)