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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The ADD thang,,,,,,,Artists Delusional Denial.....

Today was one of THOSE days! I worked on a bunch of stuff, including setting up and Etsy account, working a a crown for my dear new friend Lulu, working on some Halloween items-such as a "Boo!" Banner, and some Christmas houses- but I finished NOTHING! Nadda, nix, no. I looked around the studio at the various projects I had going and thought if anyone walked in it would look like I was on some designer class of pharmacuticals,,,

There was glitter and paper and ribbon and tinsel and paint and brushes everywhere!!!! Ackkk! I think some of it is good,,I think some of it has potential,,,and I think some of it will end up in the trash heap......It was one of those weird days.

Last night was great fun. I made dinner for Andy's buddy and future housemate. Dinner was good- I made them Steak Oscar (Steak with crab and Hollandaise) with sides of baked potatoes and broccolli and mixed green salad. I used the good china. The pic above is of Frank enjoying his meal wearing the crown Chelsea (my son Andy's GF and I made LAST week-tongue in cheek for Andrew's 25th) Heavy on Camo with a bit of bling to make it funny. My camera was dead when we went to show Andy in the crown,,,,but at least we got Frank!!! "Bon Fete Francious!"


  1. Don't worry, tomorrow everything, craft wise, will be clearer and all come together.
    You are a fabulous artist and wow!! Steak Oscar. Yum.
    Get some rest, have a super day tomorrow.
    Cari B.

  2. Hi Shelly! Do you work at Joyworks? Are you the person that does the cute paper vintage crafts on the front table...I've got my thinking cap on tonight...Putting 2 + 2 husband was in Snohomish today, for a speeding ticket...uh oh.

  3. Oh my.....he is handsome thing, isn't he?

    Sounds like you are having fun too. Naked dance is coming up soon, right? The Princess will be here until Saturday at lunch so I can do my naked dance after she leaves *giggle*

    Love you dear one,