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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A "Golden" kind of a Day!

This is my favorite time of year, and it was truly a "Golden" Day, in more ways than one! Once again, the day was gorgeous. As I ran around town I saw bushes and trees that have burst forth in color from the crisp morning and evening air and although distressing the plants, provides such wonderful colors! Indeed, Golden and spectacular!

It was also "Golden" because my Golden Retriever Kodi went to the vet today, a new office here in Snohomish. I'd heard wonderful things about this guy and because my previous Vet retired and the clinic was further away, I thought I'd try this new one to treat "The Code Man's" hotspots. (He's a purebred and doesn't want to talk about the unsightly bare spot above his "exit only" sign,,,,,aka his rump! So we went and saw the new vet and Kodi fell in love. And well, I did too, I mean in an animal lover kind of a way. This guy HAS Golden's and Kodi couldn't stop wagging, even when he got his cortisone shot-he wagged the whole time and gave appreciative sniffs on the way out. BIG fun! Man, I wish I got that excited when I went to the doc!!!

This afternoon while headed for the grocery store (And I've commented before that my car has a mind of it's own and doesn't always drive me directly there) I stopped at Kusler's Pharmacy and Gifts where I also used to work PT to see my dear friend Zoe (who herself is pretty Golden, come to think of it!) And low and behold, Janet (Kusler) and her partner Mary Pat have two new Golden Retriever pups that were up in the offices in their Kennel (of which they will be outgrowing VERY soon) and I had a love fest with these adorable new golden fluff balls.

And, in closing, shortly before this post I enjoyed several more flocks of Canadian Geese winging their way across the Golden Sky.

I think before the night is through I may just need to get out the glitter and well, spread a little more gold!!!

Although tomorrow may have to be a "Black" kind of a Day, because my Black Lab Shadow was pretty bent when she had to stay home while Kodi got a car ride and his breath smelled of doggie treats when we got back home!

Hugs and love,


  1. Shell... I have to ask... you can email me the answer if you want, but... do you walk your dog Kodi in the neighborhoods near Blackmans' Lake??

    We used to live in a Cottage on 19th Street just off Blackman's Lake, and I would see a woman walking with her Golden quite often. He looked exactly like your Kodi - and our sweet Sam. Every time I saw her (you?)and her dog, I cried. It was like watching our boy walk down the street again. We said goodbye to him at the vet office behind Safeway in 2006... another kind of golden day.

  2. I'm so glad you had such a "Golden" day. I have a gigantic golden retriever named Tiger Lilly. She is such an amazing dog.
    I did a blog post all about YOU!! I even used a picture of one of your lovely crowns. I hope you don't mind.
    Enjoy your week sweet lady,
    Cari B.