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Monday, December 14, 2009

Parlour Tour AND Joyworks Party!

Yesterday was Hopping! Woke up to snow gently falling and thinking, OH NO!
Day of the Parlour Tour AND the Joyworks Christmas Party in the evening.
Fortunately the flakes were few and everything went off without a hitch!

My dear friends Zoe and Kelly helped me welcome the masses (not sure of the counts, probably a couple hundred or so people) some of whom I knew and many out of towners. It was fun to see what people commented on-a little bit of everything! It was a busy 4 hours!

Ahhhh, A breather, a glass of wine with Jana and THEN on to the Joyworks party which was a blast! Kay's home was wonderful, everything so special!
We feasted on Cornish game hens (whose glaze set the smoke detector off at one point, but no harm done.) It just added to the fun when the smoke detector went off! Dinner was awesome!

We played our usual dice game and for a while everyone played "nice" and then the "stealing" began! All is fair in Love and Dice! I managed to hold on to Jana's, and I think Kay cheated because she "hid" her gift from our gaze! (Sneaky!) Jana said Amy would probably go for mine, and she did, because of the polka dot paperchain I put on the outside! Amy got a little "bonus" too, in the sweatshirt "extrodinaire" that we keep embellishing and passing off to some unsuspecting coworker! Enjoy Amy,,,would be cute with Tights and boots on YOU!! : )

Clarice gave us all wonderful goodie bags with treasures old and new! "Lots of 30's" in there too for our 30th year....30 nickels, 30 dollars, and her original receipt books and dough art! Not to mention an old Beanie baby for all! Too fun!

We all chipped in and bought Clarice a pearl embellished long chain and earrings to commemorate the year and a new handbag!

And we finished off the evening with Jill's wonderful almond/cranberry/pair torte and a peppermint cordial from Sandi!!! Wowza!

Fun night ladies! Thanks to all! Here's a quick Slideshow of the Eve

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  1. You girls are all so cute and it looks like you had a wonderful time!

    Love to you dear friend,

  2. Looks like a wonderful time for a wonderful bunch of gals.
    Hugs to the Joyworks gang,
    Linda Q

  3. Great post is so lame...I'm sending them to yours...:)

  4. Shelly,
    Mary Beth and I loved the tour and it was such and treat to visit your home.....who knew!!!! Thanks for sharing.
    your friend who flies from Beaverton

  5. I was at JoyWorks yesterday. I love that shop!!! So funny, I found your blog from someone elses who lives clear across the country, and you are so nearby! Must go see Jana's blog, I see her so often in the shop I feel like we should know each other : ) ~ Violet