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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Snohomish and the Economy

Okay,,,,,,I'm a bit upset. YES the economy is down. Yes we, in Snohomish all wish it was a bit better, but I feel like between the media's Grim Reaper's and a few business folks (you know who you are), saying that Snohomish is becoming a ghost town. BULL-Doo-doo. People are coming here because they WANT nostalgia, they want individual service and acknowledgement, they don't want to head to the Mall or buy it off their computer, because they want to FEEL warm and cozy. At home. Let's stop the negativity and promote our uniqueness..........our charm. Our "retail therapy."

We've got new businesses coming into town, we've got current merchants moving to larger locations and some of us that work in some of the shops are doing well, in spite of the economy. If you're down a bit and a merchant? Suck it up, yes we are in tougher times, but show your creativity, your initiative and your resilience, not your doom and gloom. Work smarter, harder and most of all offer that small town charm and customer awareness that folks just don't get at the Mall or box stores. ......We're a destination town. A happy town, a small community and we have to focus on our strengths and individuality,,,,,,,NOT on the general economy.

(Stepping of my soapbox)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lunch with Lynn and Ellen-Former Nordy girls

Had a great lunch today with my friends Ellen (Left) and Lynn (Middle) from Alderwood Nordstroms. We used to work together in Collectors'-the designer department at Nordstrom. Did I even take a paycheck home then? We had a great time catching up and talking about other coworkers. We went to the Cabbage Patch and lunch was great!!

It's been far too long and we've decided we'd better stay in better touch. Ellen lives in Stanwood and had flooding this winter,,,,36 inches of water in her business!!! Lynn was on "this" side of the Mountains visiting her grand kids (when did we get old enough to be Grandmas?) She is in the Mortgage business in the Lake Chelan area.
Fun afternoon!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

"He's just not that into you".......Movie review and reflections

Went and saw "He's just not that into you" today with my neighbor girl Roche'. She's in 8th grade and I'm sure her take on the movie was a bit different than mine, but we both enjoyed it.
Great Cast, Great info,,,,especially, I guess for moi, since I'm single again. Kicked the BF who has been out of town to the proverbial curb last week.........And it feels GOOD!

Plus, I've been dieting, more of a food lifestyle change than anything, and walking and weight resistance and a bit of Tai Chi.........

So, new year, new Shell..............I'm liking it, and hey, the dogs and kitty still keep me warm at night, and other than kibble and a walk or two,,,they love me unconditionally. I've got great friends, live in a great community and do NOT need a man to make me happy. Still,,,,,,if you know a single man that can swing a hammer, change the oil in the car or give a good foot rub,,,,,I'm open!!!! But ,,,,,I don't NEED him! It would just be nice.

As the saying goes, "I'm Good." And I am. This is kind of fun, the whole single thing again.
And,,I'm good with the Lab and the Retriever keeping me busy and warm!!