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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here kitty kitty! Tubby where are you?

My son Andy was off work today and we spent the majority of the afternoon (I'd planned on working in the studio) in search of his roommates cat-Tubby,who has recently left the confines of an apartment and has been missing on and off, even prior to the guys moving to my little cottage in back. Apparently Frank (Andy's roomie) saw his former next door neighbor feeding his cat and has subsequently said that he took said cat (Tubby) to a shelter. What the???

So. Frank being out of town,,Andy and I went to local shelters in search of Tubby (Hey, I am a sucker for animals, so everything else went the wayside.) No Tubby and a hefty donation to PAWS, the non-kill shelter and I found myself back home early evening, angry/frustrated and saddened. If I ever win the lottery, I'm buying a remote property and adopting them ALL!!

Accccckkkkkk I have so much to do in the studio! I have to make a Bday crown TOMMORROW for a birthday THURSDAY, finish a crown for a dear friend (you know who are and whom I love) finish my giveaway prize for the lovely Anita and, and, and!!!!
Show in a couple of weeks, Vendor display the whole month of November. This ALL started with one cake topper!

I made a decision last week, now that I have my house back to myself to move my "studio" back home soon,,,so I can work at whatever hours I want. It's tough when you get creative or inspired at 10:00pm and the glue gun, paper, whatever are 6 blocks away! I have my space back, so back home I come!!! After I finish,,,,,,x,y and z and maybe I can do a, b and c while I'm enroute!!!

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  1. What does Frank's cat look like? I live only two blocks from you and would be happy to keep a look out.