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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fantastic Party at Joyworks Today!!

Rita (from Joyworks)and I share a "Birthday Week." Mine is the 14th and her's is the 21st, we're born exactly a week apart, And, amazingly we're both STILL 50! So, for the last several years, we've been blessed to share our Joyworks party. And what an extravaganza it was THIS year! My heavens!

Lunch (Always a treat from Clarice) was an awesome "build your own Taco Salad". And Jill, our in-house pastry chef made a wonderful Pumpkin cheesecake Roll for dessert. YUMMY!!!

The gifts and flowers were gorgeous (you GUYS!!!!) Jana made me the "Studio" sign above and I LOVE IT!! Now I have to fix up the studio to live up to the signage!!

Sandy made me a darling little spiral notebook with a darling angel on the front and lots of fun papers and little "catch all" envelopes inside! Waaaaay Cute.

Now Jill, We all know that she is the organizer, the wonderful baker and so much more, but her Sweater Squash that she made me is just too darn cute! And her little sweater pumpkins!! Darlin'! I think she may have found a new crating niche'!

All the gifts were SO lovely and SO thoughtful but most of all, it was a great day to spend with some of the Best Gals I know!!!

Love and Hugs and thanks SO much you guys from Me AND RITA!


PS,,,,I know our dear Luanne doesn't read blogs so much, but you were dearly missed today and are in our hearts, thoughts and Prayers.

PPSS,,,Thanks to all my wonderful other friends for making yesterday so incredible-wonderful phone calls from near and far, visits, hugs and cards, dinners and deserts! Even a bottle of wine from Thomas at the Gas Station! Geesh! I don't mean to gush but, I am SO blessed!

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