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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Woof and Roof(s) and Poofs-blog of note Today! Check it out!

Today is the Kodman's, aka Kodi/Kodiak/""THE CODEMEISTER, CODERAMMA, CODEALICIOUS,,,BUT I DIGRESS,,,,,,,The Codeman's" Birthday! He is 5! I think that equates to 35 in dog years.......I sang "Happy Birthday" to him several times today, he didn't seem too impressed,,,,what, my voice??? He's the first purebred I've ever owned and it was fun finding out when his birthday was! ( He was supposed to be a companion/therapy dog, but flunked out of the program because he was too ADD,,,,they originally wanted 750 for him,,,,but he'd been "marked down" to 500!) So,,,I got a fixed, purebred  2 yo Golden with all of his shots and tests at a discount!!! The "Codeman" is also known as my "Markdown dog." Love him to pieces!!!!

He was truly impressed  today by the can of food that he split with Shadow my female  lab ---80/20 though!


Oh great, leak in my house earlier this year and I've got folks writing a bida for me through today. We're talking:
A) My house
B) The Back house/rental where son Andrew and roomie  Frank live
C) the detached garage in the alley

Good news is even though I had a leak MY house/the front house isn't the worst.
The bad news is the Back house rental is worse
And,,my old detached garage seems to be okay!!!

Ka-Ching,,,,,love these old homes! (Maybe I shouldn't have stopped by Johanna's today to order a string of Pearls for V-Day for myself, since the dogs dont have the means or technology to go out any buy me anything!!! They should KNOW these things!)

Still having camera problems,,,ok shut up, go figure, I bought a new camera today since the old one (ABOUT A YEAR OLD @#$@#$@!!!!) wasnt' working and the memory card I bought YESTERDAY doesn't fit in the G-Darn NEW camera.....
(Clenching Jaw) I WILL get it figured out, I am NOT an old fart and can contiunue to learn new things!!!

Blog of note today: YOU NEED TO Check This OUT!!!!!
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Many of these sites you can just post your email addy to enter to win. It has been extended,,,and there are almost 1000 participants,,,check it out!


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  1. I love Doggie Birthdays. I know what you mean about the roof. We replaced ours last year $$$$$. Here in the Pacific NorthWest you don't dare let the roof go!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet words.