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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Valentines Day, A Month Away!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Cake Day for Clarice Today and Great night at Annies swap!

You ever have one of those days where it's just So much fun that you think that LIFE is too good? Well, Today was one of those days!

We all got together for Clarice's belated Birthday celebration. Gorgeous weather again and tons of fun and yummy food!

And,,,,,I managed to get this ONE photo of Clarice at the party loaded and then Andy tried to help me figure out the program/transfer of the new camera and it isn't, so far, as easy as the last.......maybe tonight he will help me figure it out so I can post the rest of Clarice's Party pictures. Which are at LEAST
Safely ensconsed in my camera!

We had a great lunch and Jill made awesome Citrus Cupcakes from the "Martha" cupcake book! Dang, I hate it when I have camera problems,,,,,,,but come back and I'll either post them here,,,or at a NEW post!

Annie's function was awesome last night and Jana (see Joyworks Blog) took some awesome pics,,,okay, I am camera illiterate,,,,,,,my batteries were dead AFTER Clarice's party. We had awesome food, desserts,  and I came home with some lovely items from Annie and her partner Mary~ The giveaways/swaps were awesome! Thanks to ALL the gals involved,,,,,I can't wait for our NEXT one at Penny's home!

I'm telling you though,,,,,it was sunny and delightfully warm considering it's Feb (Sorry, friends on the East Coast) and it was one of those days where upon arriving home after festivities you just said, "Wow." Annie inspired me to make a few changes to my decor and I actually got my BUTT going and did some organizing and clean up in the craft room, a bit of garden clean up and tweaked a few items in my home! Thanks Annie,,,,,You're the best and I love you madly! Well and Mary is no slouch either and I'm trying to figure out how to acquire one of her Grandaughters,,,,since she now has 3,,,,,,,could they miss just one????

Lovely day ladies,,,,,,and I love you all! (Hope to have Andy help me figure out this new camera format and post more of Clarice's pics of her party tonight,,,,,,,I'm plying him with food, no more than you'd do with a 4 year old!!! "Eat your carrots and I'll take you to Enchanted village."  Only now it's more like, "Help me with the computer/painting/yardwork and I'll cook you a meal that doesn't come out of the box/freezer/can!"

Hopefully more pics soon! (I'm pulling out the BIG guns for dinner!)


  1. Hey Shell!!!

    So glad to hear you're having wonderful fun days with sweet friends...Happy Valentines Day my friend.

    Happy Spring Fever!
    Deb @ Garden Party

  2. Hey, I thought I was missing something.@!#@...Thanks Shell, it really was a fun night and I enjoyed everyone's company. I can't wait until Penny's..