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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Really fun day w/Beth in Snohomish!!!

This was the first time Beth and I (from the famed Salvage Studios and her awesome co-publication of the book of same name) had met face to face! I had followed her blog and she made regular comments to me on my blog or through emails,,,and it was just SO fun to finally connect!! I'd love to do so with more of my Blogging friends, but
Beth doesn't live far away, so this was an easy (and fun) connection!  I had never made it to the Studio in Edmonds,,,although Jana (Joyworks) sung her praises long before I had the opportunity to read her blog or know of her abilities....but I just kinda followed Beth's blog and knew that I wanted to meet her. She's a take charge- why not kind of gal, so I KNEW I'd enjoy meeting her! And she is delightful, articulate, knows her own mind/direction, and I SO enjoyed giving her a view of my little world of Snohomish!

So, hopefully, today ,she got a "bigger" taste of Snohomish ,,the shops, the vendors and I think we both had an awesome lunch at Collectors Choice,,,,,,She had the "Timilicious" Special created by a mutual friend of ours, Timi (of "Come Junk with ME" fame),,,,,,,AKA Timi's fave creation ala John- Collector's proprietor and illustrious owner. I had the Halibut, salad and Salmon chowder,,,,,,,Hope Beth enjoyed our lunch faire as much as I did!!! Yumm!

Fun day,,,,fun to meet Beth in the "flesh" although we have many blogland and local connections. I'm looking forward to getting to know each other better in the future!!!Gotta love this Blog Venue,,you never know who you will meet or connect with!

Hugs to Beth for getting to know her better and all of hers, hairballs and otherwise! And to ALL!.Love to you and all of yours!  A loving Valentines Day,,,,,,whomever,wherever and however you find it! Romantic love is great and be thankful IF you have it, but friends and family are consistent themes in our lives!!


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  1. Sounds like a fun time - Snohomish is such a fun area to explore!