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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cake Day for Penny at Joyworks Today!

Today we Celebrated our Fabulous Penny's Birthday at Joyworks! It was a festive occaission and her gifts gave glimpses of warmer Spring days ahead! Lovely blooms and blossoms adorned her luncheon -Provided by Clarice (Thanks again Boss for all you do!)

Jana jazzed up a clock face that Penny had admired! Too cute~

Penny got TWO crowns today, one I had made her (wearing in some of the shots) and a DARLING mini crown from Jana, "Penny's Crown" -of course, decorated with Pennies.  Too clever Jana girl!! Oh, and Jana attached a little tag, "For the Queen of Cents"
I don't know where our dear Jana comes up with some of these things,,,,,,Very clever indeed!!!
As mentioned, tons of Spring flowers and greens in various vessels....Lovely!
And Sweets for our sweet Pen!!

And, speaking of sweets our dessert maker extrodinaire Jill made the most wonderful cupcakes! For Christmas she scored the Martha Stewart Cupcake Cookbook from Kay and this delightful cupcake stand.
Penny got to pick her "cupcake choice" and chose Boston Creme!
Oooooooooh La La!!!
Thanks Jill, your desserts are always a BIG Treat!

Hope you made a fantastic Wish for the New Year Penny Girl!!!


  1. Thanks for all of the kind words and party pictures...
    I crown you the Queen Party Photographer!

  2. yum. Happy Bday to her. mishelle

  3. Shelly--You're right--we do have the same taste in blogs! I live in Northern CA, and when I saw that you get to go to all those cool barn shows up north I got a little green (with envy, of course!) I'd love to visit more!

  4. Love the crown!

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters