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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fancy meeting YOU here! (Fun Day!)

Wow, today went fast!!! Penny and I had a girl date. We headed to Calico Corners to peruse the yummy fabrics and trims. (Penny had a Chamber connection that she needed to make and I was on the prowl for fabrics for a chair I'm going to have recovered.) Great success there for us both!

We putzed around Mill Creek for a bit and then headed to lunch at L' Artisan ,,,,oooh la la! Wonderful lunch and desserts! Guilty pleasures.

Then swinging back into town we stopped at Annie's (Honest, it was a Chamber mission as well) and ran into a sucession of friends and neighbors there! My dear Kelly  stopped in too. I've decided that Annie should just host a luncheon in the shop once a week so we can dine while we drop our cash!!! I'm thinking Annie had a pretty good day too!



  1. Hey Ya'll~

    I need a girl date! I have been cooped up in the house for 8 days now, snow, snow and more snow! Ughhhhhhhhh! Shopping online just ain't cutting it....pfffffffft!

    I am SO glad you got out and had a good time.

    Did you get my email?

    Love you more than my luggage,

  2. A SHS Graduate here. Many years ago. Class of 64. Been to Joyworks many times. Love the store. I really enjoy Mill Creek too. Have not been there in a while. Remember when that area was all woods and there was a sign on 164th that said Future Site of the Town of Mill Creek. Things do change don't they?