My Giveaway for One World One Heart

My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Monday, February 15, 2010

I WON, I Won, I won! Goodies times Three!!!!

Wowza! I had a great time participating in the One World, One Heart blog event and Giveaway sponsored by Lisa Swiftka! This was her 4th year of doing this event,,,,,and my first real giveaway over on my other blog "Bungalow Bling."

Although the participants numbered over 1000 and the giveaways were incredible,,,,I had a hard time with folks either stopping in MY blog giveaway or others and just basically saying while visiting other blogs, "Pick ME, Pick ME" and leaving their blognames to enter. I think what the coordinator/hostess of this event was basically attempting to do was to truly encourage people to travel around the globe and meet new and interesting people, see new blogs, new creations and say hi and leave a comment that was truly directed towards the giver or in reference toward their blogs!

In all honesty, I found blogs whose nature of their blogs or the giveaway just truly didn't suit me. And I'm sure there were those that looked at my little giveaway and blog and thought, "No thanks." That's okay.......I didn't want to enter blog giveaways that didn't interest me anymore than I'm sure there were those that past on my giveaway and moved on to something that did inspire or move them.

That all said, I met a LOT of wonderful bloggers around the world. It was fun to see artists in Europe, South America, Asia participate and visit a little corner of their map and see their creativity AND their reaching out to others. What fun!

As a result of the event I've already formed new bonds and friendships with fellow bloggers near AND far!
I'd highly recommend the event for anyone NEXT year, if you missed it!!!

Also, I was privledged to win 3 giveaways as a result of the event!

1) A book from RavenousReader- a blog dedicated primarily to reviewing books.......and as most of you who know me, I read about 100 books of various genres a year,,,,,so this is a great treat/prize! I'm now following the blog to read books of the reviewer's! (If an avid reader, check out my Safari bookshelf on my other blog, to see what I've been reading, I should actually add that list/shelf to this blog as well!

2) I also won a lovely pair of earrings hand crafted by Nancy Markosky,,,,of
Nancy is a quiet Marvel.....She works with special needs kids, a Christian, wife, mom, artist and dog lover. I've gotten to know a BIT about her by visiting her blog during the event, and perusing it a bit more after my winnings, but I truly look forward to learning more about her through her posts.  She seems a dear,,,stop by her blog and say hi!

3) And Finally, and happily,  a giveaway/prize from the lovely Jill Cooper of
Jill surprised me with an awesome handmade pin/brooche which will be SO fun to sport on a sweater or Jacket!!! This woman is crafter extrodinaire! And I was SOoooooooo glad to find her site! I'll be following up on Jill's activities and I'm sure she and I will share some laughs and smiles in the future!

And my own Contribution, my little mixed media box was won. The winner of my giveaway was posted right next to my blogger/facebook friend Lori Anderson! But I stuck to the random counter and it went to Beth (aka Elizabeth) Holcombe,,of Words and Whimsies,,,,which was rather ironic. . .

Just like Googling for a website, during the OWOH the color would change in Lisa's sidebar AFTER you had visited/commented......and well, at the beginning of the event I could tell WHERE I had been because the color(s) of the posts change. Well, for me a day or two into posting that color definition went away and I could NOT tell where I'd been and where I had NOT been,,,,,

So,, I scolled Way down and I'm sure I missed some awesome sites. Nonethelesss, Beth stopped by my site on HER journey and said hello and low and behold she was the random winner. Well,,,,,when I looked at her site it was awesome! She is SO creative!!! I love her goodies!

 And, when I looked in her blogs that she followed my dear and lovely Lulu from Coastal Sisters was in HER blog list!!! So,,,,,,I'm SO glad I found her blog and so glad that I saw her lovely creations,,,if she had NOT won, I would have missed her,,,,,,at least in the immediate future! So, congrats Beth,,,,,,,,,and so glad we found each other in this crazy and wonderful blogland!!!

Hugs to all and if you didn't participate this year as a blogger,,,,,seriously consider it next year! It was a fabulous event!!!!I'm excited to watch and follow and participate with all my new blogger friends,,,and thanks for the goodies!



  1. Congratulations, how exciting. I felt the same way, it was absolutely wonderful to travel the globe and find new and exciting blogs to follow and friends to make.
    You are such a lovely person, you deserve many more prizes than 3.
    have a fabulous week.
    cari B.

  2. Cari,

    You were right above Beth, and Lisa was below....I drew that random number and it was really really hard NOT to give it away to someone I had come to know and care about in Blogland! And yet,,I stuck to the counter......

    I'm glad you had fun too,,hope you met some interesting people and I'll be glad to check your new list of favs,,,,,as I no where near got totally around!!

    Hugs to you Missy and your participation,your inspirational comments, your creativity and YOU KNOW you will always be in my little corner of the blog world!


  3. A big congrats to you Shelly!!
    Have a wonderful week,

  4. Look at my blog, you're the winner!

    I sent you an email!