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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Great Day for a wedding!!!

Today I helped friends set up for a wedding at Hidden Meadows here in Snohomish. It's a lovely venue and I truly wish I would have taken more pictures, BUT I WAS TOO BUSY!!!! I helped with flower arrangements/tulle/table set up etc. I had an hour to come home and shower change, eat and put my "face" on.!!

The event was spectacular and the weather held at about 93.....Are you KIDDING ME?? Where do we live now???

My "date" was my friend Laura since her hubby didn't attend. She also helped set up today. Here's a pic of the ceremony and the bride and groom singing a duet,,,,,,,and a pic of my bestest bud Laura and I prior to heading home,,,,,,,,,

Lovely day but a lot of work and a LOT of heat!!!!!!!!



  1. Hi Shelly! WOw you are too too kind! However, family photos are precious to the owner and if you get a chance to dig through your collection, you will have such fun organizing them and finding the right spot in your home. They add an authenticity like no other piece of art. Thank you for your lovely comments and it is so good to be back to blogging! Your blog is lovely as usual! Anita

  2. I love this venue at Hidden Meadows. I also helped a friend with her wedding there when they first opened two years ago. (such hard work!) If my girls ever get married I would love to have it there. Know any cute bachelors!