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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jill's 50th,,,,,,Part Deux

So, Jill arrived at her 50th party, to a beautiful venue and a lovely meal consisting of:
Various appetizers
Shrimp Coctails
Herb Seasoned Chicken Skewers (Sandi)
Home made to die for rolls (Luanne)
Seasoned Spinach and strawberry Salad (ala Clarice)
Pasta Salad (Moi)
And Glorious Fruit and dip from Kay,,

It was awesome!

We had a brief respite while Jill opened her gifts (Including both thongs and pink "big girl panties" from an anonymous giver........)

We had great laughs and then as our food SLIGHTLY settled, Amy brought out cupcakes extrodinare from our friend Lisa at "New York Cupcakes" Redmond, WA AND homemade coconut ice cream Created by Rita using Jill's mother's recipe. completed with toasted fresh coconut,,,,,,,,,OMG,,,,,I think we were all in a coma, when all was said and eaten/done!!!! I tried to Blog a bit when I came home,,,,but come on!!! This was Uber extravaganza!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the photos!


  1. Oh My Goodness!! Everything looked so beautiful and Jill looked SO happy!!! She really doesn't look 50. She must have taken very good care of herself. How wonderful that she's got such lovely friends to do this for her. I loved the decor....totally amazing!!!! You did a fantastic job on her crown!


  2. Forgot one thing......I am DROOLING over those cupcakes!!!!


  3. A big thank you Shellee for the beautiful crown and cake topper. Although a little brick-brack would of made it even better! It was a beautiful night and so much fun right down to the BIG girl panties. What better way to bring in the big 50, but with friends. Love, Jill

  4. Shell!!
    I always love the photos! Thinking of you !