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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miles's Service and I want Darlene to adopt me...

I spent this morning at my friend Darlene's finalizing a "Celebration of life" service and obit for our mutual friend, Miles.

Darlene lives on multiple acres, with a view of the Snohomish Valley, a comfy and beautiful home, and gardens/ landscaping extrodinaire. (Featured in various magazines and newspaper spreads) Complete with a pool, designer chickens, and a Golden Retriever to match my own.......

It was a reflective and enjoyable morning,,,,replete of the HOT day in store for us once again.

On reflection, I think I want Darlene to adopt me,,,with her gardens, pets, wonderful abode and oh yeah, the AC and the pool!

Take care Washingtonians in the heat,,,,,,And the REST of you pray for our usual onslaught of rain!!!!!!!

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