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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photos,,,,please enlarge!!

I'm still trying to get all this blogger technology down......I hope that you can click on any of my photos/images as I can to get "the bigger picture." Please click with you mouse on any of my images and they should refine/enlarge........

Hopefully, if you are new to blogging,,,,,,,this will work on other blogsites as well,,,,so you get the "big picture!"


1 comment:

  1. Hi Shell!. This is the cutest. I love the look.

    I can relate to the blogger technology. When I want to post it seems to take me forever! And forget about doing a complicated post with pictures and widgets. I am not sure why it takes me so long. This is why I haven't posted anything for a while. I just need to sit down on an afternoon and work it out. When I can find a block of time that is. I have been pretty busy lately.
    Take care, Sue
    P.S. Sorry I haven't visited for awhile.