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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Fantastic Find Today.........

There is an Antique Store in Monroe (WA State) on their old Main street (Geesh, I just dug through my purse for the name and my receipt) where I ALWAYS find something when I visit. I am SO going to have to post the store name,,,,,,,

At any rate, I went to Ben Franklin out there (Monroe) to buy a few supplies and decided to cruise down "Old Main" and take the backroad home. I found the MOST awesome cabinet for storing graphics and papers for my crafting!!! I have to go back and get it because I had compost bags in my car.........Ugggh!!

Pics and explitives to follow! It is SO cute!!

And, as I may have lost my creative space this week (due to either the selling or leasing of my pro gratis location) of which I am SO delighted for my benefactor/
Benefactriss??? and best friend sitting on a HUGE building, and alas no income as a result of her generosity towards MOI.... I have been looking for another location.......stay tuned, I have at least a month to move........

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