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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lost a dear friend today......


I got a call today from my friend Annie to let me know we had a mutual friend here in our small community (of Snohomish, WA) had passed away. That's two friends in two weeks for me. One suddenly(heart attack) and one all too fast (Lymphoma). They were both a great asset to this small, historic community. My friend Miles, whom passed away this morning was a true artisan. He was re-using old woods LONG before it was popular. He'd go to an auction or an old building that was being torn down and buy boards/doors/ hardware and turn it into something unique and spectacular. ("Shell, this wood came from a bordello/inn/house/tavern in......." "It's heart pine/mahogany/oak/ old growth cedar."

Miles was funny though- He didn't do well with timetables and you could tell him you wanted this and that and he would take it upon himself to create something in HIS mind's eye----not yours. And, at his own pace, not YOURS!! Andy he ALWAYS had money problems..his mind was never on the bottom line. I have to say that there were people in this community that kept him solvent because of his artistic endeavors and community involvement. They accepted his non payment of Rent/Leases. I'll leave that anonymous, but I KNOW who you WERE/ARE and what you did for him. My God Bless you for your generosities.....

Miles was gay, he was agnostic-denied the total existence of any after life. He was a great historian and had a firm knowledge of architecture and culture. He had an incredible intelligence, a love for classical music and looked like he was either Einstein's or Mark Twain's double with his unruly ringlets and large proboscis (nose.)

He used to bring my mother flowers. And he and she (in her late 80's and 90's) would laugh and share their memories of lives in San Francisco. The affinity and the bond was unusual and yet strong.

He got sick SO fast. I tried to spend time with him and let him know how much he was loved-by me, yes, but also all the members of the community. This is a hard post,,,,but all I can say is what I've learned from this IS let the people that touch your life KNOW how MUCH they mean to you,,,It's corny, but after being suddenly widowed at the age of 37, I'm a firm believer in just letting someone know you care,,,,,you love, and that life is brief.

Sounds like a country song,,,,but let someone KNOW how much they mean to you,,NOW. For yourself those you love and admire.

Hugs,,and admiration to all of YOU that I have gotten to know,love and appreciate.



  1. Shell I am so sorry for you and your community. Miles is someone I know I would have liked and would want to get to know. You are right, we always need to let our friends and family know how important they are to us and never take them for granted.

    I just gave you a big cyber hug! :-)

    Take care and thank you for sharing Miles with us.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. Miles sounds like a great quirky friend. A wonderful asset to your community. Also, thanks for the reminder to tell the ones you love how much they mean too you.
    The other day I was telling my kids I loved them everytime they walked away from me. My youngest daughter asked me if I was O.k. I told her that if anything ever happened that I wanted her to know that I loved her no matter what the last thing I said was.
    Take care of yourself.
    Thanks for sharing a little bit of your fabulous friend with us.
    Cari B.

  3. Thanks for descrbing Miles so gracefully. He was a Snohomish landmark and a great old fart. I will miss him and his silver locks passing by the storefront. It's never corny to tell someone you love them, we just don't do it enough. Darlene was by and I copied this post and she asked if you would be willing to write a obituary for the paper...Call me or Darlene. Love you