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Friday, July 3, 2009

Cause to Celebrate!! (Long post, but I hope informative!)

Hi all,

I don't "Do Halloween." I get about 600 kids in my neighborhood and do very little decorating for that- just spend a bazillion on Candy-maybe dress up the dogs and me......

I don't "DO the 4th, or other Patriotic holidays-decoration wise." Other than that I flew a flag when my son was in Iraq, holiday or no. When he was stationed in Iraq, I tied yellow ribbons on the plum tree in front of the house. I "Do" Christmas-big time and Easter as well, but I couldn't be Prouder than on the 4th!

My son Andrew dropped out of college and joined the Marines at the age of 18, shortly after 911. He believed in what he was doing and wanted to fight terrorism. I wasn't sure I believed in the conflict, BUT I believed in my son, with all my heart and soul. I supported him in his every action, was SO proud of him and his fellow commrades. The hardest thing I ever went through was the day the recruiter picked him up and took my Boy, my best friend, and yes, my baby-away. To make a soldier out of him.

Andy (and consequently, I ) did two tours in Iraq. I've never done anything harder. You hold your breath every day. You say prayers and wish that no young woman or man in ANY conflict should have to sacrifice or risk their life. But he did. And they did.

Not just my son. My brother (10 years older) was a draftee in the Army in 1965. Serving in a war without conviction, but obligation. He came home, after serving in "The Big Red One"-the Armies largest and most promenant fighting squad- with 2 bronze stars and a silver star and he never talked about it- from the moment he stepped on terra firma in the US of A. Until my son, his nephew was headed for Iraq. He just said to be safe.

My dad fought in the "WWII." Seeing action in Pearl Harbor on the USS Missiouri.
He survived as well, serving 22 years in the Navy.

And my Grandfather fought in the trenches in WWI. His homeland, under seige. His family had lived there for Centuries. Although fighting as well in a war he didn't believe in FOR the Germans-because he was one. All the while my Grandmother taking in Frenchmen and hiding them in the farmhouse to keep them safe. . .

Little known facts: My son, in the Marines made less than minimum wage. He had to purchase some of the gear/supplies/uniform requirements he needed out of his income to be prepared to go fight for his Country. (Camel Packs to withstand the heat and stay hydrated, for one)

My brother, in Viet Nam wrote home requesting gun oil because our Military did not supply them with adequate lubricants to keep their guns from jamming and blowing up in their faces...My mother and I went to a surplus store to get the gun oil for him and his platoon.......

My Brother was awarded for his service the benefits of the GI Bill, which allowed him to get an education and a small housing allowance. That covered a couple of years of college and housing. But he went on (thanks to a 4pt GPA)to get his Masters and Doctorate-thanks to private funding Grants-NOT the military.

What bothered me for some time after Andy's deployment were the recruiting "Ads" for our young men and women offering educational opportunities and a good future for joining a "Service." Which was decieving-there were basically NO educational benefits prior to what is being currently implemented as a result of a Virginia Senator (forgive my ignorance on his name) that was finally implemented by the Federal government- that, as of next month/THIS August all military personnel serving as a result of 911 or thereafter, are entitled to at least SOME benefits-based on their hours of service-which offers college educational benefits/housing and a small stipend for those who have served their country.

Tomorrow, as you watch the Roman candles and the Fireworks displays, give thanks that we live in a Country that is Free. That acknowledges our family, friends and neighbors for the INDEPENDENCE their service has given YOU. KNOW that Freedom isn't free-there is a great cost paid by all. And most of all, those that fought and served to give you the life you have. America may not be perfect (I've seen and experienced it first hand) but we live in the greatest place on earth. Free to Speak, Free to Dream, Free to Pray and Free to Live our lives as we see fit!!

Getting off of my soap box now, to make room for a Veteran or two.........

Have a great 4th!


  1. Great post. Plus I did not know about the education reality.

  2. Hi Shell, thanks for stopping by my blog. I pondered for the longest time about choosing just the right name for my blog. It was at least 3 months before the name just hit me (heck it took me 6 months to choose a paint color for the living rm. I don't like to jump out there :) ) I knew it was something we could all relate to! I have great aspirations what my blog will eventually be about, but for now it will just have to be little snippets of "this and that". I work full-time and try to do my crafts in the evenings and honestly I didn't realize how much time blogging takes, but I love it!

    It does feel like you need to take out a loan just to buy a sewing pattern. It is crazy. I just wait until JoAnn or Hancocks has the pattern sales and then I clean up. Oh and thread, is that not crazy too? Again I wait for the 50% off sale at JoAnn's and I start loading up on the colors.

    I will start following your blog. Have a great week. Take care, Susan

  3. I really related to your post. My oldest son is a Navy pilot and has been to Iraq four times. As a mother, you do your best just to keep breathing. He is home safe and sound with his wife right now and a new baby girl. My husband served in Viet Nam in 1967. I met him in 1974, and he still didn't want to talk about it. At the recent Edmonds 4th of July parade, we were so moved by the crowd clapping loudly for all those wearing their military uniforms - young and old. It has been encouraging to me to see the respect now shown for those serving our country. Now to have the supplies and benefits be as bountiful.
    Beth of Salvage Studio