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Monday, July 6, 2009

New friends, new opportunities?

I have met such wonderful people (primarily women, but a few awesome artistic or insightful men as well) since I started blogging. It's awesome the people you meet!!!

It is also enchanting to step into someone else's life through the doors of their blogs- Their creativity shines and you get to know someone across the globe that you would never have met otherwise or perhaps even someone a "few doors away" that you were unaware of!! I love the support in creativy and the support in everyday trials and frustrations that face us all!!

I had a friend stop by my new studio today to "see" what I was doing and what she could look for in her treasure hunting to help my newfound passions. It's great fun to see people that care about you and want to help in whatever way they can in your creative endeavors!! I'll take all the help I can get!!

I also had a toothless lady that opened the door to my here to date isolated workshop and asked what I did and I froze initially; then I thought of the old saying that God/Jesus may approach us in a way that is foreign or uncomfortable to us and see how we'd react in that situation.

She scared me by her arrival as I work alone/have no line phone or Cell (I know, I know,,,but I had one for years in outside sales and I LOVE the solitude for the most part) I said I did cake toppers-Mostly for weddings (didn't want to encourage her too much and elaborate or show her more as she stood in the entry to my creative cave) and she then informed me her daughter did cake decorating and did I have a business card??

I informed her the cards were on order (which they are since my new endeavor is so well, new) and she said she'd stop back in, if it was okay....

Now you have to understand, this woman had very few teeth, was in her late 60's or 70's wearing several layers of clothing and a head scarf that reminded me of some gypsy ancestry I have to claim in Ireland..Nonetheless, I regrouped after her inquiry and all of a sudden it turned into a potential business opportunity.......

I don't know if she'll be back-she may be transient. I don't know if I'll every meet her daughter or whether my cake toppers would suit her business,,,,,,,But all I can say is that years ago when I worked at Nordstrom some of my best customers could NOT have been judged by their appearances,,,,,Only by the roll of cash they had shoved in their jeans.........

Thanks to friends old and new and potential outcomes big and small!!

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  1. Anonymous08 July, 2009

    Hi Shelly!

    It is so fun to find new blog and creative friends! We share another thing in common, I am a former Nordstrom girl too! Eight years between Utah, Virginia and Maryland. I love the little boxes in your older posts and see some familiar goodies! Beautiful work and best wishes! Amy :)