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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Penny & Bill- doing okay & My take on Cell Phones and Texting

First and foremost, Our dear Penny's (newest and loved addition to Joywork's) hubby Bill, is in the Hospital for testing following chest pains. He appears to have great care and was a smart man for acknowledging the chest pains and getting medical help. I spent a couple of hours with them in the hospital today, he's scheduled for more testing tomorrow, an Angioplasty (sp?) I think, and my thoughts and prayers are with him/them. Spirits were good but it's still a scare! They are utmost on my mind!

Okay,,,,back on my soapbox! Put your cell phone, your texting device down and live in the moment. I have BIG opinions on cell phones and texting, so listen up and if you delete me from your "favs" whatever-YOU need to hear this and if you are of the same mind, please paste/copy/forward this message on to others you love!!!

1) It has been determined that texting while driving is the equivalent to having 4 cocktails/drinks. (Do you text while there are other loved ones in the car?) HANG UP and DRIVE!!!!

2) It has been determined that even if using a EAR Piece while driving your vision/brain decreases the radius of site by at LEAST 20%.......That means that even though you have no device in your hand, your BRAIN decreases your view of vision to perform driving/talking into a handfree device by 20%. Who/WHAT is NOT in your line of vision while you are talking????

3) And, on a personal note, It was NEVER determined if my Husband Karl's deadly accident back in 94 was due to the fact that he was on his cell phone to me-while driving home.Police and cell phone records have since become more accurate, but I will never know,,,,,,,,,,,,nonetheless, he died.

So,,,I guess you could say I have emotional  issues with people talking on cell phones but please-read on.

Today I visited a shop in downtown Everett (after ordering lunch to take to Penny at the hospital) of a merchant friend I've known for years. Her shops-J. Matheson have descreet signs posted on both her shop doors, about shutting off or leaving the shop if you get a cell phone call-to make the experience relaxing and pleasant for all  concerned.

  Now, I haven't been in Judy's gorgeous tasteful shops for a while, but had previously witnessed her policy with a customer. And, last weekend at Joyworks she came to mind-when I had at least two people "texting" while I was checking the women's orders out at the counter and at least two people speaking quite animated and loudly into their phones with the callers, again while they were directly in front of me checking out.

I'm going to sound like an old fart-and you know what? I don't care!! Unless it is an emergency- TAKE YOUR CALL outside!! Frankly, I don't want to hear about the kids fighting, I don't want to hear about your marital spats or the lists your spouse gives you for the hardware or grocery store. Live and act in the moment-with the person and situation that is directly in front of you!!!!

I'm not speaking for the "Management" at Joyworks. This is MY message and my beliefs. I will abide and act accordingly to our store's policies. It is NOT my place to instill or act on my personal beliefs in the workplace. Therefore,  I'm speaking as any individual  in a public workplace and I'm sure that my opinion doesn't differ from others-at the grocers, the hardware store, the "clerk" at the Mall, that tries to make your shopping experience or your retail therapy fun/relaxing/theraputic in it's own right!!WHO IS serving you, how are they serving you and what on the electronic device (if NOT an emergency) can't wait until AFTER you have a pleasant personal encounter with your "service person"??? Think about it!!

Of course it's not limited to Retail interactions. I've cried "foul" with my own son and friends when we've all been seated for a meal at home/ movie theatre/playing a game, whatever. "Talk to them Later!"

We ALL need to interact face to face. Whether it is the woman at the fast food counter that is being ignored, the family that is in the room with us, the friends that are all PRESENT and yet ignored/discounted because of course, the test message or the cell phone is MUCH more important than what is going on directly in front of us!!!

THINK about it!! Safety (not while driving) -Courtesy (interact and acknowledge those in your daily presence) and Live/breathe/touch engage with those in your current sphere. THAT is living. I hope you implement these practices yourself in the New Year and teach your kids and remind other family members as well. Safety is at stake while driving and  interpersonal relationships will grow and be much healthier without an electronic device trying to emulate or demonstrate  emotions.

Be safe, be in the moment and advise others of their actions!!!



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