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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New workspace for the craftroom today!!!!

I picked up some wonderfulfloral wall panels in "Annies" yesterday and noticed that a work counter/desk that I had been looking at was now GONE! I'd been vacillating between THAT one and a handmade piece I'd seen in an Antique store in Monroe. The piece Mary had had in Annies was Stainless-but it lacked any storage space. I liked the thought of a stainless top-for glue gun/paint, etc. because it would be easy to clean....BUT I loved the one I had seen out at M&M Antiques in Monroe because it had a bazillion drawers, was handmade and had a drop leaf feature on one side.

Well, since Mary sold her piece at Annies, I called M&M and the other piece I was looking at had been reduced to HALF what they wanted for it originally!!! Score!!!I gave them my CC# and Andrew, Chelsea and I headed there late this afternoon to pick it up in his Explorer. (aka the Exploder)

I'll show some pictures soon-it is NOT a gorgeous piece of furniture, but as mentioned, was handmade out of hardwoods on casters and is PERFECT for holding tons of supplies with a large tabletop!

My New Years resolution/vision is to get that craft room so G-Darn cute I can invite ANY and all of you (Y'all) to partake in creative endeavors there!!!

Exciting new addition,,,,,now, how do I partition or curtain off the OTHER half of the unfinished basement????????

Happy New Year and happy Crafting!


  1. Dont u love when that piece u have been eyeing finally is affordable. Good for u. Can't wait to see it and the drapes. mishelle

  2. Have a big heap of fun styling and organizing your creative space. I am always tweaking my studio as my interests shift, so I keep the supplies I love the most closest to me. I look forward to seeing a picture.

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    Happy New Year wishes to you!

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