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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Electronic and Computer Challenges -I want to scream!

Okay,,,,so here's my day (After a nice morning at the hair salon and getting a FREE vacuum at the local hardware store because I spent so G-Darn much money there this last year on their "rewards" program (can you say gallons and gallons of Benjamin Moore Paints for "This Old House" Exterior ??)

Anyway, I came home and started spiffing things up in the craft room-new cabinet and all and organizing my crafting tools in the bazillion DEEP new drawers, starting a few Valentine items for Joyworks and/or Etsy and:

A) I could not-did not (will not?) find the cord for my battery charger for my camera to take any friggen pictures of the new cabinet. Frustration #1....I have the actual battery charger but NO CORD to plug it in to charge. Where in the world did I put it??????????????

B) Then,,,,my printer was acting weird and I asked Andy to help and low and behold,,,,,,,all the graphics I found/bought are trapped somewhere because the Printer is NOT allowing me to access my files/download/print. Thank you SO much HP!

COME ON!!! So,,,I have no artwork to modify/alter-No printing of text to do, Obviously NO pics here of my new work station, but that is the least of my concerns.

I think there is a reason why Clarice still has us using receipt books WITH carbon paper/hand writing everything at Joyworks. And, going to pick up actual photos somewhere instead of having them "virtually" delivered sounds pretty good right now!

Okay,,,,,here's a scream and I'm sure you're glad it IS "Virtual" instead of live!!! I'm hating technology right now!!!!!! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"