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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Friday, June 5, 2009

What a GREAT week!!!

Yesterday I finished a cake topper for our wedding display at Joyworks. I had a lot of fun making it! Hopefully it will find a good "home."

Today I went to a bazillion garage sales, or so it seemed around Snohomish and found some awesome finds to repurpose and craft with ,,,,,,,,,,,I'm so excited with my finds! A TON of great ribbons for 2Bucks!! A Singer pedal sewing machine base. etc. etc. And Cathy, a gal from our family owned hardware store, Mc Daniels had an awesome barn sale and I came home from there with a iron base from and old pedal Singer sewing machine that my son Andrew and I are going to turn into a table, probably with mosiacs/bits and pieces. And Cathy presented me with a beautiful bouquet of her Pink Peonies that smell like HEAVEN! My Favorites!!

But I think the most fun was finding out about new "cubbies" of homes in Snohomish and meeting some new folks! Sans makeup I got quite a few inquiries-"you look SO familiar" if I mentioned Joyworks they went, "OH YEAH! I love that store!" Okay, I'll "represent" better next time!!! Geesh, you can't even garage sale!

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