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Friday, June 12, 2009

Deb loaded down with her goodies and mine!

Deb's on the road to the Funky Junk Show in Puyallup loaded down with so many incredible goodies!! Today is her second trip loaded to the max (table strapped to the top)!

She took some of my boxes and crowns to sell. I hope they find some good homes too!!

Good luck Deb!

I'm sure she'll have good pics to share next week. She's incredible! Be sure to look on her blog soon.


  1. Good luck to the both of you! :) Love that big, glittery star crown.

  2. Anonymous13 June, 2009

    Hi Shelly!

    Gorgeous and glittery crowns! And your boxes have such beautiful treasures! I am so excited to see your designs and blog! I will make sure to visit again to see what you do with the items you bought from my shop! Hugs! Amy :)

  3. dearest Shelly, What a lovely visit from you today; I could write a book about fathers, myself. It is good that you at least had a father figure that took care of you, but when you find out about your real dad, it has to be painful. My husband went through that about 15 years ago when we were living in Boston. He found out, like you, that he had another half sister in New Jersey with whom he shared his biological dad. One day she arranged for us all to meet him, but he thought he was just meeting some of her friends; we go down to Jersey to meet the man and the rest is history and a memory that no one will forget. Tears, hugs, regrets, moments of forgiveness, it was unreal. I don't know if fathers know how big of an impact they make on us; moms too. I did lose my momma about 21 years ago, and it still hurst. I am sorry to hear about your beloved mom. All we can do is carry on in memory of them and be grateful for all the good times. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your story. You are a lovely human being! Anita

  4. I wanted to let you know that I'm passing along the Lovely Blog Award to you! You can stop by my blog to "pick it up"!

  5. Amanda, thank you SO much, I'm honored! But you're going to have to coach me a bit on HOW to pick it up,,,,,I'm still learning. LOL

  6. Hi Shelly! For the picture of the award, you just right click on it (on my blog), go to "save as" and save it somewhere on your computer, I usually save mine on the desktop so it's easy to find. Then to put it in your blog you just add it like you would a photo. I'm still learning this stuff too - hope that helps a little! :)

  7. Hi Shelly,

    Thank you for taking interest! My email is:

    Love to hear from you! Anita

  8. Shelly, Deb's booth was DIVINE (as usual) and your pretties were just the cherry on top. STUNNING work! Hey, sweetie, can you email me? I have a friend I want to introduce you to because I think that the two of you could cook up something FAB....

  9. Anonymous20 June, 2009

    Looking forward to what Debi has cooked up!