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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

New blog site, rough, but need help/comments!


Shell here. Im keeping my main blog, http://ShellinSnohomish as my most active comment and posting blog, BUT- I'm starting to sell more custom pieces! I've sold at the shop where I work, (Joyworks aka and at Funky Junk Sisters Event and am starting to take on some more custom orders for cake toppers for birthdays and weddings! (Did I mention I do things other than weddings??? ) It's exciting and yet overwhelming! I'm getting requests now from folks I don't even know who found me and even had a business proprosal today! Fun and exciting stuff!! ( I MAY lose some weight I'm to jazzed up to eat much! I eat sleep and drink glitter-literally!)

So, I created a ROUGH,,,,and I mean ROUGH new blog that shows some of the things I've created and hopefully giving people ideas so that I can make items for special events/personalities/themes to suit them! My new blog is...."tada".........Bungalow Bling ( I thought it appropriate because everything (and everyone) is covered in glitter,,,,,ask my son the former Marine about that,,,or the poor animals!(One of my cats had glitter on her nose this week! ) And of course, I live in this cute little Bungalow house in the Historical District of Snohomish. Hence,,,,,Bungalow Bling. I'm liking the name,,,,,,this Bungalow has never been "traditional," I've always done my own thing! But the "bones" are strong,,,,as I hope any future endeavors I have will be.

I'm going to have a new header soon, both here and there! And get some tech support to make my blogging entries a bit better and easier. (I get so frustrated trying to create a nice looking blog and hey-I took classes in College for programming,,,,,okay, so that WAS a while ago! ) My "helper" has family issues, so I'll gladly wait for her awesome creativity and computer savvy!

I'd love any comments or suggestions for my new blog. I DID buy a new camera so my future pictures should be lot clearer. But fire away,,,,I'd love some more insight/ Comments!



  1. Hi-
    I like Bungalow Bling.... Joyworks blog is
    A little tip--change your pictures to Large after you browse and before you post...

  2. Hi Shell~
    I just visited your other Blog. I love your creations!

    As for the is the best investment I have ever made. It really does save time like you wouldn't believe. I had gotten a rotary cutter and it's peanuts compared to the Cricut. I am totally in love with mine!

    Come back to visit me again and thank you so much for your comments on my mini crowns. I love making them.