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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet Marla, it's her Re-Birthday!!

I had a fun and busy day! I made some Birthday hats (See ) for all of them, but I set up a fun display using an old spiral staircase plant stand I had, but hadn't used for a while. I added some tulle I had on hand and set up the hats.

Then I added "Marla," she's my new "roomie" Mannequin Head at the shop. I named her "Marla" after Marla Maples, since my new studio is on Maple street! Marla comes from a company in Port Townsends who restore and handpaint mannequins. She's a "Landfill Lady," although I keep wanting to call her a "Dumster Diva"--Has that phrase actually been coined yet? Because I know (and love) a few of you that THAT may apply to! You go girls!!! I've got your back,,,,,or your ankles! (I'll hold, you dive!!

I also went to Annie's on First today and bought a few vintage flowers for a project (top secret) that I'm working on and some really fun burlap bags to store my larger stemmed pics I use for crafting....too cute!! I never get out of Annie's without something!!

Busy and fun day! Marla and Me are calling it a nite!!


  1. What cute hats! Aren't they so much fun to make? :)

  2. It is so curious that these Mad Tea Parties are still going strong! I've yet to clean mine up, so please feel free to follow me back down the rabbit hole to Haute Whimsy before life goes back to simply mundane!

  3. Mary from Annies.30 June, 2009

    I just missed you yesterday at Annies. I brought in a large group of vintage velvet florist ribbon you might like.

  4. I'll be in Mary! Thanks!

  5. very nice work on Marla, I'm sure she appreciates her new place.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty you created.
    Cari B.

  6. Hi there,
    Thanks for your sweet comments.
    I don't think I will get to relax much on the 4TH, but I will try!
    I love your party hats, I make party hats too. They are so fun to make. Can't wait to see your top secret project.
    Have fun!!