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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Even the dogs are tired of the rain and grey skies!!

Today I slipped into Faded Elegance and ran into a friend,,,,,,geesh, WHY didn't I put any makeup on?? Okay,,,,,,I looked like cra... but had to get out a bit. Bought a few Valentine's and a mirror and schleped back home!

I need SUN,,,,,,,,I need Light! Heat,,,,,,okay,,,,,, a bit, us "Mental Pause" gals don't need to much of that,,,,,,,,but I'm headed for sunshine sometime in February-Palm Springs (good friend there),Hawaii-know a person or two with time shares, or Bora Bora is sounding appealing!! Economy be damned there is only so much a native PNWesterner can take! I figure you can only complain if you are a native,,,If a transplant, button your lip or head,,,,,,,,,,,oops! Sorry, but still!

Take care and have warm and sunny thoughts!!



  1. Well I was not going to say anything but,,,, i saw you today at Faded Elegance and i noticed you did not have any makeup on . I did not go up to you and say hi, because i was to imbarassed to talk to someone who did not have a makeup on. You know me. I always put my facepaint on no matter what!!! Just kidding..
    Actually i was down there today but i did not see you. Maybe i did not reconize you without makeup. They say makeup can do wonders for people..... lol..... God i am terrible huh? Doesnt it figure when you just throw yourself together you run into people you know.? It has happened to me too. And somehow they recongnize me. I just want to hide.... I agree with u about the weather and i can complaint too. I have lived here my whole life to.. mishelle

  2. Actually she was with me and I would have said Hi Shelly just so you know that I do come to Snohomish other times than just Sunday, LOL.

    Linda Q

  3. Hi Shelley,
    Great site...It's so much fun to see how creative everyone is with their blogs. Mine is still a work in progress...See you soon

  4. Hi again,
    It's me, anonymous Annie, let me know how the mirrors worked.

  5. Pffffffffft!! You did NOT see me at Faded Elegance but a hah! I saw you and Linda leave as I was walking in!! But you know, the whole no make up thing and HAIR!!!!!! I was trying to be invisibile!!!!!!!!

    Friends can be horrid,,,,,,,,well,,,as you know,,if they catch you off guard!! I stepped into Joyworks once without my face on or hair done and Jill said, "you know, I really admire people that can go out in public like that"...........Well hell, heck,,,,,,I worked at Nordys for years,,,,,,I was a Warpaint goddess,,,,,,and there are times,,,,,,,,that I LOVE to just be MOI!!!!!!!!!

    Have a good one all,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Love Shell