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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Crazy Holidays

Well, I finally got my office/guest room back after the kids left on New Years nite! We had a great time in spite of the weather! Here are some pics of my "boys," actually young men,,,,but you know, always your boys,,,,regardless!!

Pictures of Sean and Andrew & Chelsea too-Catching a nap on Christmas day after a long flight from Virginia!

We had a great week, and all enjoyed the snow up to the point that Andrew wanted to show Chelsea a bit more of Washington than the town of Snohomish. In spite of it all, they made it to Seattle (to check out the U OF W for Chelsea), Mukilteo and the ferry,,,,and visited a lot of Andy's friends in the area.

We played some mean games of Uno and went to see "Marley and Me." Laughter and tears and hugs all around!!

It was a great week! But back to California Sean was, far too early to work and Andy and Chelsea were gone before I know it,,,,,,,,but a few more pics on our fun to follow!!

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