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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Amazing Kindle and great Reads!!

Okay, as many of you know, the Kindle has become my new addiction. What is it, some of you may ask? It's an E-Book. An electronic device offered by Amazon (God Bless you, Jeff Bezos) that allows you to immediately download books,,,,,,,,there's a bazillion of them, books that is and periodicals and magazines and blogs and oh yes, internet access. Anyway, Yes I'm an addict and if you want more info, you can email me, but here is a LIST of BOOKS I've read as of late,,,,,,,and that I wanted to share.

******Third Wish-Robert Fulgham
(Author of Everything I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten...........)

Out next month in book form,
Currently available to only Kindle users,,,,,,,,but I think I will buy the book anyway, because of the beautiful illustrations of locations and artifacts in Europe. (You Artisan types, like Jana and world travelers alike with thoroughly enjoy the illustrations). This book will take you around the globe and the characters will take your breath away. History, Fantasy, Art appreciation, classic literature, religious origins, human nature, insight,mystery, riddles, parables,,,,,,it's all here. And more! Don't pass this one by! ****** 6 Stars!!!

***** 5 Star Author!!Charles Martin,,,,,,Charles Martin,,,,,,,Charles Martin. I haven't yet met one of his books I didn't love and find inspirational. "When Crickets Cry, Where the River Ends, Wrapped in Rain, The Dead don't Dance, Maggie." I'm sure I've read one or two more, but this author is NOT yet well known, although he sells well to the Christian set,,,,,,,he's an author that should be known by ALL. SO many people of various faith could derive SO much from his books,,,,,and they/you would ALL love it!!!! Pick up a book,,,,,,,,you won't be dissapointed. His characters are life,,,,,,and it's tribulations and wonderful enlightenment. I think especially perfect for a grey, wet or cold Winter Day!!!!! He's a vacation on paper,,,,,for the heart and soul!! ***** If you don't love his books,,,,,,,,well then, I'll at least buy you coffee and we'll talk about it!
Animal lover? ***Don't read Edgar Sawtelle,,,,,,unless you're into Oprahs ongoing personal saga, and not so interested in the human/animal connection. Yeah, yeah, it was a "good" book. The author writes well,,,,,,but it'll leave you sad and unhappy at the outcome. And not like Romeo and Juliet sad,,,,,,but darkened by the human condition,,,,,,,,especially if you are an animal lover,or root for the "underdog" in humanity.......There's dogs and quests and alliances,,,,,,,but trust me,,,,,,read it when you are at a REALLY good time in your life and you can just chalk it up to ,,,waste, ugliness, sadness of the human condition...... And trust me, I LOVE good literature and good character development,,,,,
Edgar was great,,,,,,,,,but his life,,,,,AND his family AND the outcome of the DOGS........Leave it unless you really need a good cry and want to feel helpless both in self and in life when you do. . . .
******Instead check out-The Art of Racing in the Rain by Seattle author and NYT bestseller Garth Stein. MY FAVORITE BOOK OF 2008. If you don't fall in love with this book in some way,,,,,,email me I'll send you a refund!!!!
****** Okay, a refund and then YOU tell me why!!
Read, Dewey**** too,,,,,,the true story of a cat's life in an Iowan library......I was skeptical about this one,,,,,but fell in love. And loved ****From Bagdad with love, the true story of Jay Kopelmen and his struggle to buck the military systems and politics and get his beloved dog out of Iraq.
Both **** but you're on you own here..........They're great, but they are not Coffee or Refund great! But we can have a discussion!!!!
*****Also awesome if you can get your tongue around the title: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society-Mary Ann Shafer. Get past the lengthy title and the premise that the entire book is written in letter form and you WILL fall in love with this book, it's characters, it's history and the Isle of Guernsey (off the coast of England) and it's dealings during WWII with both the Germans and the English. Politics are put aside as community and individuals deal with human emotions and humanity in spite of the war efforts. ******Great read!!! Puts a lot into perspective,,,,,,,,,,,,,,And I'm not English in the least,,,,but I'll buy you a cup of tea if you want to discuss it!!
If you're an out of doors type,,,,,,Check out *****Bill Bryson, in "A walk in the Woods." Recommended by a male friend of mine who is quite the outdoorsman and written in a genre, I'll admit, I have little experience with,,,,,,,,but I loved it. His (Bryson's) insight, frustration and histories in the walk up the Appalachian trail..... An out of shape middle-aged man and his somewhat misappropriated reunion with a former collegiate, whose life circumstances allow him to join in the adventure. Enlightening, endearing and at times frustrating, you'll hang on till the end of the 2,100 mile journey. ***** And boy, will it make you appreciate a WARM bed and a good meal!! Did I mention a shower? If you don't like this book,,,,,,let me know and I'll feed you,,,,,,give you a warm bed and even a hot shower!!!!!!!!!!
******And of course not lastly, but for now,,,,,,,,The Shack-William P. Young. We can debate it, discuss it, rebuke it, but we ALL have to admit that it is an eye opener on human enlightenment, experience, spirituality, religion and acceptence. A new perseptive on God,,,,,,the Trinity and Jesus as one man's human turmoil deals with coming to terms with life, death and reevaluating his interpretations of prior conceptions.
You be your own judge,,,,,,,or rather yet, let your Creator judge. Awesome, in my mind. Makes us step out of bounds we have become comfortable with.......
Rating ****** 6 STARS,,,,,,,,,,,OR incredible,,,,,,,,,,,,,I'd like to discuss THIS one with a lot of people!!!!!!
Let's find a quite spot in the mountains or woods and explore the ramifications or symbolism or this one!!!!!!!!
More books to follow,,,,,of course. And yes, I AM writing. Be normal,,,,,,or YOU just may end up a character!!!!
Love to all,
Now, back to my writing!!

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