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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Somethimes I think I'm in Blogger Hell!

I attempted to post earlier today, okay it was around noon, so maybe the system was too busy, but neither my post nor my pics surfaced, so, once again, I'm going to give it a try!!

It's been a busy week!! I've been gathering bits and pieces for a Wedding Cake topper for Lauren and her betrothed Andrew (not MY Andrew, but Andrew, nonetheless). I'm going to attempt to make them a mixed media topper with piano/music paper/vintage scrap paper and the likes! I'll attempt to share a visual as it develops. BUT I've learned a lot in the hunting and gather process and at the very LEAST I'll share some fun sight and online stores where I got my materials............more to follow.

As the weather permitted I worked in the yard and fixed up my sitting porch on the front of the house,,,,,,,,,here are some pics of the fun, the pretty and one poor plant that ,,,,,,,,God help us, might still pull through!!

Also, I'm going to post a picture of my sad arbor,,,,may she rest in peace! She's done her darndest to hold up Hysteria,,,,,,,,my Wisteria!! But she's not looking so good after Snow and an over abundance of Hysteria. My friend Doug is going to build a new pergola and SOON before Hysteria starts to sprout her wings!

Hang in there as I refine this blog, it's starting to get better,,,,,and I'm hopping to work out my quirks!!

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  1. You r getting better. now practice taking pictures of each rooms of your house and post and i will let you know how they turned out.. lol... mishelle