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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crafting and Doggy Day Care

Dogs on the Run!

I worked on a couple of little craft projects today. Here are the boxes, but the pics aren't great. My Camera is okay, but hard to focus on smaller stuff (these are 4 inches in dia.) But anyway, here they are and they've been good practice for the cake topper I'll do shortly.
This one was made from Vintage wallpaper I bought at the Girls Night In at Faded Elegance last Saturday. In the background it says "Happy Mothers Day."
I also made one with a bit more color. I just put a note on it that says "Garden Treasures."
They've been fun to do and I'm learning a lot!!

We also had a "guest" today, My dog Shadow's brother. His name is Moose, and he iIS one!!! He's been here for about 4 hours while dog started working on the new Arbor he's building. My dogs are going to sleep good tonight!!!


  1. Hi Shelly! LOVE these sweet little boxes!!! They are just beautiful!

  2. Those are gorgeous, and I love the pups! Have you tried using the macro setting on your camera? There should be a button that looks like a flower or tulip, just turn that on and that will help with taking great close up shots.